Reasons People Should Stop Discriminating Against Muslims

Hate me all you want anti-Muslim people but I don't think Muslims should be discriminated over one big event and terrorist attacks. Here are some reasons why.

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1 Just because a few Muslims caused 9/11 doesn't mean everyone who is a Muslim is a terrorist

Dude seriously? Such a large scale incident involving planes and the important buildings in the country if you think about it it is NOT a small thing how America destroyed the middle east in a jiffy. The smoke in the aftermath of 9/11 had probably not even dissolved into thin air yet president Bush was busy CONTINUING his plan to bomb the middle east. This means that obviously there is FAR more to 9/11 than Muslims this and Muslims please, get a grip. Whilst I appreciate this fully, it is definitely not a fair statement overall.

You've kinda contradicted yourself there. You are fully saying that Muslims did 9/11 (dismissing all other theories having nothing to do with any muslim), and also I feel the wording of your sentence - is kinda implying that the majority of terrorists are Muslims, but hey not all of them are - but most. Maybe I'm wrong. But I disagree with this first statement.

I respect that you are respecting another faith and are not ignorant like the masses. However 9/11 has several conspiracy theories and there are theories that make sense too, given that what america did to the Muslim countries soon after. So to say Muslims did 9/11 and the hand of the american govt wasn't in it at all is silly. Sane people would agree that it was all an inside job ffs

9/11 isn't the only terrorist attack that Muslims have committed. - bobbythebrony

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2 It's not fair for Innocent Muslims to be turned down by society because of their religion

Maybe you should bash the extremists and terrorists who tarnish Islam and twist it so much yet if you look at Isis they can't even recite the Quran. You should know that in Islam these kind of people were warned about and is what billions of Muslims condemn. Yet idiots like you are calling out Muslims and not the terrorists, big clap for you

Well, if their religion wasn't barbaric and stupid, maybe we wouldn't be bashing them. Plus, Muslims are idiots anyways.

3 It makes them ashamed to be Muslims

I hate to see this kind of statement but to an extent its true. Perhaps for some, not ashamed but just afraid. Today, because of hate rhetoric and people like Trump, Tommy Robinson and EDL and even terrorists who do bad in the name of MY religion, I admit I feel conscious in public especially in areas where there's little or no Muslims around. So to the people hating people like me, or my religion on here please take it out on the terrorists and try not to give us slack. That's where we have a common ground - we all condemn terrorism regardless who does it.

Yes. True. - njalabi63989

4 Muslims are not always the terrorists

Completely false - bobbythebrony

Bobbythebrony ku klux klan not terrorist?

5 Muslims don't encourage violence

This is entirely true, the Quran never condoned killing people. - MrCoolC

Read the quran

Muslims don't encourage violence... UNLESS YOUR NOT Muslim! This list is as logical as needing to reassure its cult members with " prayer " 5 times a day... BRAINWASHING!

Islam is against all forms of violence and in Islam men and women are equal Islam is a religion of PEACE

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6 Just because they are Muslim doesn't mean they are violent people

Most of then

I agree, not all Muslims are terrorists that want to attack America, Muslims are some of the nicest people I have met.

Yeah it does - bobbythebrony

7 They can commit suicide from being discriminated against

I like how you didn't put in ten items. Pathetic!

If you can't think of ten items then you probably shouldn't make the list. - bobbythebrony

8 Primarily because people shouldn't discriminate against any group or person

That about says it all - Billyv

9 It makes them lose their faith in humanity

Many people was saying: All Muslims must die. I hate everyone who wants all Muslims to die. - njalabi63989

10 They are the top givers of charity

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11 Because discrimination is not cool.
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