Top Ten Reasons People Should Stop Hating On Japan

In the list most hated countries, Japan's getting a lot of hate. Is Japan really that bad?

The Top Ten Reasons People Should Stop Hating On Japan

1 Just because the government is bad doesn't mean the citizen is bad

Wait, you mean there are people who hate Japan? I don't believe you.

I detect a persecution complex.

Yeah, at least Japanese citizens don't deny war crimes unlike their government - SirSkeletorThe3rd

To be honest, no one is right in war. The Allies did as much intolerance (seriously, go watch a 1940s propaganda cartoon and then tell me the Nazi Germans were the only intolerants) and damage as the Japanese and Germans did, probably even more if you count the bombs. - Swellow

2 It created anime

How could I possibly hate Japan when they are the gods of anime! - Pegasister12

Talking about death note or boku no pico?

It also created many other awesome things. Plus they have the best instrumental music. - RockStarr

That's what got me interested in japan.

3 The beautiful culture

You mean the culture that stole their alphabet from China and the Katana from Korea? - KimJongFun

True. Very nice culture in Japan:) Their language is beautiful,people say that it's the worst sounding language in history:( but I think it's the most nicest sounding language in history. It doesn't sound bad,it sounds good and nice. How is it a bad sounding language? You hear no rough harsh sounds:(

4 They have good customer service

Nobody hates Japan except for North Korea.

5 Polite Japanese

Belive Me When I Tell You Japanese Are Much More Polite Than The British. A Couple Of Years Ago I Went To Japan And Even Though I Was Only 16 I Was Respect By Even 70-80 Year Olds! - 12cc

6 Nintendo

It's a shame that many of these 8-12 year old Call of Duty fanboys see Nintendo as a joke... :(

I love nintendo. I have the GameCube and the NES and the 3DS and the original Gameboy and DS - TheRemixr

7 The health Insurance
8 Studio Ghibli

I honestly think Studio Ghibli films is better than Disney films.

I don't know how many dislikes will this comment will get,but I need to say this. - SamuiNeko

9 The technology

Many of today's most used technologies originate from Japan.

At least for sustainable peaceful purpose.

10 They had a lot of sacrifices in WWII

"Long live the Japanese Empire! For the Emperor! " That's what they usually say. This proves Japanese soldiers are loyal and will die for their country - SirSkeletorThe3rd

Although of course, they started it.

So gassing Chinese people and using Korean women as sex slaves is justifiable? Huh. - KimJongFun

I like Japan but I will say they did some questionable things in the late 1903s and early 1940s

The Contenders

11 The attractive girls

Looking at Hitomi Tanaka over here.

Top Hitomi Tanaka videos

Haha Weaboo added this entry - SirSkeletorThe3rd

12 Many great video game composers hail from Japan
13 Hating it is racist

Not really. People hate the country North Korea, and that's a good reason.

14 Sega
15 Pokemon
16 They have good music

Maximum The Hormone, Aural Vampire, Kotoko, X Japan and as a bonus: Kero Kero Bonito

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