Top Ten Reasons People Should Stop Hating On Japan

In the list most hated countries, Japan's getting a lot of hate. Is Japan really that bad?

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1 Just because the government is bad doesn't mean the citizen is bad

Wait, you mean there are people who hate Japan? I don't believe you.

I detect a persecution complex.

Yeah, at least Japanese citizens don't deny war crimes unlike their government - SirSkeletorThe3rd

To be honest, no one is right in war. The Allies did as much intolerance (seriously, go watch a 1940s propaganda cartoon and then tell me the Nazi Germans were the only intolerants) and damage as the Japanese and Germans did, probably even more if you count the bombs. - Swellow

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2 It created anime

Talking about death note or boku no pico?

That's what got me interested in japan.

How could I possibly hate Japan when they are the gods of anime! - Pegasister12

It also created many other awesome things. Plus they have the best instrumental music. - RockStarr

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3 The beautiful culture

You mean the culture that stole their alphabet from China and the Katana from Korea? - KimJongFun

True. Very nice culture in Japan:) Their language is beautiful,people say that it's the worst sounding language in history:( but I think it's the most nicest sounding language in history. It doesn't sound bad,it sounds good and nice. How is it a bad sounding language? You hear no rough harsh sounds:(

4 They have good customer service

Nobody hates Japan except for North Korea.

5 Polite Japanese

Belive Me When I Tell You Japanese Are Much More Polite Than The British. A Couple Of Years Ago I Went To Japan And Even Though I Was Only 16 I Was Respect By Even 70-80 Year Olds! - 12cc

6 Nintendo

It's a shame that many of these 8-12 year old Call of Duty fanboys see Nintendo as a joke... :(

I love nintendo. I have the GameCube and the NES and the 3DS and the original Gameboy and DS - TheRemixr

7 The health Insurance
8 Studio Ghibli

I honestly think Studio Ghibli films is better than Disney films.

I don't know how many dislikes will this comment will get,but I need to say this. - SamuiNeko

9 The technology

Many of today's most used technologies originate from Japan.

At least for sustainable peaceful purpose.

10 They had a lot of sacrifices in WWII

"Long live the Japanese Empire! For the Emperor! " That's what they usually say. This proves Japanese soldiers are loyal and will die for their country - SirSkeletorThe3rd

Although of course, they started it.

So gassing Chinese people and using Korean women as sex slaves is justifiable? Huh. - KimJongFun

I like Japan but I will say they did some questionable things in the late 1903s and early 1940s

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11 The attractive girls

Top Hitomi Tanaka videos

Looking at Hitomi Tanaka over here.

Haha Weaboo added this entry - SirSkeletorThe3rd

12 Many great video game composers hail from Japan
13 Hating it is racist

Not really. People hate the country North Korea, and that's a good reason.

14 Sega
15 Pokemon
16 They have good music

Maximum The Hormone, Aural Vampire, Kotoko, X Japan and as a bonus: Kero Kero Bonito

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