Top Ten Reasons People Should Stop Hating Taylor Swift


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1 She is an awesome singer

Her voice is okay, but everything about her is so basic. - 3DG20

Are you really comparing her to a rock singer?

She is amazing

Not really Chad Kroeger from Nickelback can actually sing higher notes than she can and look how much praise he doesn't get - christangrant

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2 She has a good personality

No, her personality is nothing but fake. - 3DG20

Excuse me but how the bloody hell is her personality ''fake''? How is she fake while she is being only and ONLY herself? Why are there so many people who consider her as a role model for people? None of it is a matter of luck fam. Yeah sure, I'm not the biggest swiftie out there but don't because make this stupid assumption just because you ain't a fan.

She sure has a good personality. 🙃

Not really - christangrant

3 She is good to her fans/swifties

No she isn't she removed her songs from Spotify which a lot of her fans use - christangrant

4 She writes and sings her own songs
5 Her songs are awesome
6 She is cute and beautiful

Not really. I’ve seen a lot better. - 3DG20

7 She has a large fanbase

So? - 3DG20

So by this logic if a band has a bigger fanbase they are automatically better than than others so that Means Led Zeppelin is better than AC/DC and The Beatles are Better than Pink Floyd not because of their talent but because of their bigger fanbases - christangrant

8 Her song Blank Space is awesome

Yeah, one song which isn’t even that good in my opinion... - 3DG20

So 1 good song doesn't mean shes a great musician - christangrant

9 She respects everyone

Only except for her 80 boyfriends. - 3DG20

10 She is a good songwriter
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