A Response to the Creationist's Comment

In case is gets removed, here is the comment I am referring to that was clearly left by someone who doesn't understand evolution and is the type of person that makes people think Americans are morons:

"I laughed at the fact of how idiotic you guys can be. If we evolved from animals, then why are there still animals? And why do human females give birth to other humans? You tell me. Even science is slowly closing in on the fact that there IS a force out there that created the universe. And if the Bible is an untrue book, then how has it lasted for millions of years and still manage to be the best selling book in the world today? You tell me. If you want to know why America is becoming stupid, it is because there are evolutionists in our government. America was founded by men of God, and it stayed that way until a couple of decades ago. Read this and understand, that there is a Being watching you right now, and even though you make mistakes, He still loves you. And He loves us all the same. Thank you."

First, perhaps it is a complete lack of understanding about Darwin's theory of evolution that leads one to believe what you believe. But then again, since when is ignorance an excuse for ignorance. We didn't evolve from all the animals and the animals we evolved from are no longer here... because they evolved. Creationists love to use this argument like it is some sort of grand truth that completely unravels the entire thewory of evolution - "If we evolved from monkeys, why are there still monkeys" (say it in a dumb New Jersey accent, it will sound more like I hear it in my head). If you are still using this argument, I suggest you go to Google and type in "if we e" and Google will fill in the rest because there really are that many people asking that stupid of a question.

The second point is just another example of the comment author's complete lack of understanding of evolutionary theory. No, a human mother isn't going to have a child that is suddenly the next step up the evolutionary ladder, a human being 2.0. Instead, each offspring has little variations, some of which may be beneficial, some not. It's little tweaks in the formula to see what happens. Some kids may be taller, some stronger, some with shorter fingers, some with bigger heads. And if we still lived in a society where the strongest and the brightest were more likely to breed and pass on these traits (insert creationist joke here), then you would notice over time a very gradual change in the population. The population would... uh... what's the word... evolve.

Third, let's conceed that there is a higher power that created the universe. Doesn't matter because that same power could also have created evolution. Just becase some scientists believe in a higher power doesn't mean they believe in the Zeus derived Christian God in long flowing robes who loves us all and blesses us with natural disasters and cancer.

Next, nobody with any inderstanding of anything believes the bible is millions of years old so no need to debate that point. And as for best selling, that means nothing. According to Wikipedia, the second best selling book of all time is The Lord of the Rings and while there are always exceptions, most people don't consider that book to be an accurate depiction of the history of the world.

As for the rest of the comment, the only thing I'll point out is that while the United States may have been founded by men of God (to what degree is certainly debatable), even they realized that they were fallible and that religion needs to be kept in check. So while they may have been slave owners who still felt that women were the property of their husbands and anyone whose skin was a darker shade or did not own property were lower class citizens, at least they recognized that separation of church and state is a good thing and the rules they put in place may not forever be applicable so it made sense to create a system in which they could be revised.

I'll be happy to find out there is a God that loves me when my days are done. And I think he/she/it will be happy to know that I have tried my best to make use of the intelligence and reason he/she/it has blessed me with.


Dear God... People that say things like this are idiots. I mean, I'm a Christian, but at least I understand the Big Bang Theory and evolution, this is way people hate religious people so much. Grah, I'd really like the people that I share my ideas with to stop being such dumbasses. - MoldySock

I'm a Christian to, and believe in God, but I agree with you 100%. People like this are giving them a bad name. :( - visitor