American arrogance


In this list of top 10 we are referring to people in the United States as Americans. This is a prim example of the arrogance we have about ourselves and why other countries hate us. No person in the United States says, "I'm American" and is referring to the fact that he is part of two large continents including many other countries that are American also. They are referring to the fact that live in the United States. We not only thing we are the greatest at everything, we are so narcissistic that we don't even care to know about about other countries. "We're just the greatest and that's it, everyone else might as well be Kenya." stupid people we are!

Yup. the arrogance of the average patriotic zombie pretty disheartening. To think parents are actually willing to send their kids off to die in the army and actually be proud when he does is pretty alarming. Total arrogance. , stupidity and gullible populace needs to wake up. Allowing the government to use your children as pawns and then boast about how proud you are is beyond arrogant. that's just plain old retarded.

Americans keep calling America the best country in the world, but when you ask them 'in what? ' they won't answer you and call you jealous. While America isn't even the richest, the most healthy, the most peaceful or, very important, the most happy country. It isn't even a official democracy, The elections are only a show, the normal people can't even choose the president. Compared to Europe, it's quite a violent and dangerous place.

Most of us white Americans don't know much about other countries and a lot of us are racist. For example, people may be racist to an Indian or Asian because they immigrated but 99.99% of "Americans" are immigrants themselves. I hate American arrogance and racism. I like to treat everyone equally and I think that it is unscientific to classify people based on skin color. Again: Most of our families immigrated here at one point or another, whether it be in 2000, 1900, 1800, or even 1700. Stop being arrogant and racist please.

It's not just arrogance, it's institutionalized arrogance. I was taught that America is the greatest country in the world before I could even read. It's drummed into us from our earliest memories that America is best, and that everyone in the world wishes they were here. For some reason a lot of Americans seem to have blinders on when it comes to this point. Otherwise intelligent people spend their whole lives proclaiming America to be the very best, never once having lived anywhere else.

I went to America and started talking to some citizens there I said I was from Canada and many of the ones I spoke to said "Where is that? " I do realize this doesn't represent all Americans
Many of the ones I spoke to also knew little of other countries too like England or Australia (yes these people have completed grade school)

They think that other countries are bad because of a few of there "products" I.E. some say Canada is bad because Canadian bacon is just ham, the "Canadian" bacon sold in the USA is from the USA packaged in Quebec, the only place to get real fresh Canadian bacon is Canada given its not fake.

I do realize this doesn't represent all Americans and some are very intelligent individuals (very little that I have seen).

So true. As an American I hear daily how great we are but compared to other countries we can't accomplish anything worth doing. All we do is fear change and start wars that we fail at also. We do prove that we can ruin a country. Not just our own but any country in the world we can ruin.

If arrogant Americans actually went out and visited some other G7 Nations, and saw how much better they are doing in the way of standard of living and how they live longer, are happier, they're not paranoid or fearful about their government, then they would be instantly embarrassed and realize what dickheads they've been. You don't see refugees fighting to get in the USA from any of those nations, in fact the number of Americans emigrating to G7 countries increases every year. I have friends that moved to Canada a few years ago, and they say they'd never come back (to live) here, because they're too busy enjoying life now.

I think Russia, China and India will grow to be better than the US - FerrariDude64

They are very arrogant and think they are gods. Look around, Americans. Other countries are laughing at you!

For some reason Americans think they are so awesome. They also do not ever take note of any other things that are going on in the world. If the rest of the world exploded, they wouldn't even notice.

And the resulting American-centralism - the fact that many Americans put in no effort to learn about other parts of the world and different cultures. There are examples I could list of Americans not being able to differentiate between Asia and China, not being able to point out the UK on a world map, thinking that if a culture is so very different to their's, then it's not right.

America yeah... We are just bullies. Nobody likes bullies except the bullies themselves.

American pop culture and humor sometimes depends heavily in making jokes at the expense of other countries and ethnicities but when anyone returns the favor and makes fun of Americans for a change, they voice their complaints to high heaven feeling offended at when others return the favor.

When young Americans visit other countries and they are exposed to different views, some immediately blast the "I'm an American" pride in protest even when they feel bruised or when they don't get their way making demands even if they are not in a position to demand anything from anybody for additional comforts or amenities which give Americans a bad reputation abroad.

I'm American and while I love my country I found the UK to be a nicer place to live.

I like American culture and all, what with all this globalization and stuff going on, but some, SOME Americans like to believe that they are the gift to the world, that they are the best at everything and that they are entitled to interfere in international affairs simply because they can as they have the resources to do so...

Won't accept that us bombing the Middle East is the reason the Middle East hates us so much

Sadly as an American I see the blind religious arrogance fueling the worst in my country, as is the current dominating political structure. America is as corrupt as those countries most criticized & demonized as communist, socialist countries. Americans are brain washed & don't know the differences between political structures. We Americans die for materialism while our children commit suicide out of despair.

Americans are proud about how pretty messed up they are!

The only thing the US comes first in is military spending

Spot on... I'm an expat living in Europe and have have the exact same experiences whenever I've returned for a visit...they have idea at how much better most people have it here and become defensive.. they confuse social democracy with communism and refuse to any information on board that doesn't match their ignorant assumptions.

That's the most annoying stuff that americans do. Seriously guys you need to understand that you're not that great! Of course the United States is better to live in than lots of other countries out there, but NO IT IS NOT THE BEST COUNTRY WITH REGARD TO SO MANY THINGS (like life expectancy, infant mortality etc.). Honestly, some american people are even arrogant when they insist to force people from other countries to accept the lie they believe in.

Pretty sure at last a third of them can't even name all the countries in South America or the provinces in Canada. Heck some don't even know Alaska and Hawaii are part of the United States.

Everything that Americans know is how to brag about their country... why not save their economy or something