American’s scores on standardized tests are falling when compared to the rest of the world


This is really true. As an U.S. citizen, most of our algebra is done in calculators. Our teacher demonstrates to us how to type in the equations to get the answer. This is ridiculous. No traditional work unless it's slope. Needless to say, I'm enrolled in a CHARTER school which teaches primarily STEM and (more specifically) is also a school of SCIENCE & ENGINEERING.

Honestly telling, Americans think that USA is their world. They are very very dumb and have absolutely no idea about other countries. From my experience, I've seen that they have no knowledge about other countries. Also that they think English is everything. I met this girl who thought that only languages on Earth are German, French, Spanish, Russian and English. Lol seriously? What about Urdu, Arabic, Hindi and thousands of other languages?

The grades have to fall if the mental level of people out there is so stupid.

It seems most people don't take their education seriously let alone actually trying. The majority fail to do their work and many fail tests. Even I fail some tests, but this doesn't necessarily mean that I'm "stupid" but I just suck at tests, apparently. Sometimes I feel like parents don't monitor their child's grades. My parents don't because they trust that I'll do well. Point being said, I feel like Americans need to start caring about their education more, and have better teachers.

I am a Korean American and my family before me immigrated from Korea. The East Asian study system is just study, memorize, take test, repeat. The only thing that matters in education to my family, is to get good grades, go to a good college, graduate, all to get a good job. The study, memorize, repeat strategy doesn't work. Because you need creative thoughts. Creative thinking is not encouraged there, and there is "only one right answer," always.

Americans are unaware of the reality, unaware of how third world Asian countries like China and India are progressing. While it's not true that Americans are idiots, it is an undeniable fact that they are allowing their brains to rust. I'm referring to the low standard of education in the US.

There seems to be no sense that in order to become educated, mastery of some basics -- reading and math -- is essential. Failure to do this is disguised as disparagement of test culture. The reality is that people have nor learned these basics and the tests will show it. But like a three year old who runs into a table and blames the table, the illiterate 'experts' blame standardized testing. And dumber and dumber, down and down, day by day.

Because our education system hasn't changed in over 50 years nor have the things we teach. And until we get to college we never learn we are taught things that are lies to begin with also. My fellow Americans with only a high school education are very very dumb people when it comes to facts that others can plainly see.

I live in America and let me tell you something! We are probably more stressed than you (unless you live in India or China). We are all trying our best here! It is difficult to get good scores. I study a lot and have mainly straight As but Bs in some of my AP classes. I am also taking Calculus in 10th grade. It is becoming very stressful and all of my friends feel the same. We try our hardest, but it can get overwhelming.

I HATE how people here are calling Americans arrogant, yet THEY are judging us based on the number of questions someone may have gotten correct on a test. You know what? YOU are the arrogant one if you think that we are stupid because your test scores are a little better! We are all trying our best and you should respect that!

They torture us with its homework because China was doing better, and the children don't even know anything else other than what they are thought. That is why they are easy to troll. - rockcityboy

Just saying, I do not do any American curriculum because they all SUCK! Maybe the Americans who invented all these things listed in the description were great, but this generation is going to be a disappointment. In fact, hundreds of 'American' inventions were made by immigrants. Immigrants come here because it's really safe in America.

2.2 Percent of the world are genuises. All A+ on tests is a genius. Well America had some smart people, like Steve Jobs and Bill who knew a lot about the Internet and computers, Microsoft and Apple. If your thinking Donald Trumps an idiot, think again. How would a person be a billionair and be known all over the US for being a super popular candidate? Yes he can be racist but dumb people actually win polls in even states like he just won New Hampshire, which I'm pretty sure dumb people who fail tests wouldn't. - FerrariDude64

Okay I'm Mexican and I once was in San Diego and I met this group of boys and girls who actually didn't know where Mexico was located, they thought it was located inside New Mexico. I can't judge though.

Here's why we let everyone in school while Japan and most other countries on the top they make everyone take a test you make a certain grade you go on though school and college while America we keep everyone. - 2storm

I hope America soon realizes that throwing more homework on us isn't going to make us do better on these tests. Take it from Finland! - keycha1n

Not really anything to debate here. American's may not be getting stupider per se, but they are getting relatively stupider.

Yes, this is because most schools are in poor places with many students don't have very good teachers and resources so the kids do horribly on tests. I get in the 99 percentile on all my standardised testing and have only ever gotten one B in my whole life. It is just the kids with bad schools or no support that bring the scores down.

That's because we keep lowering our standards on stuff to make people feel better. And plus, who cares about standardized testing? It only makes one feel like they are being criticized on their thoughts. - Slayerite

It is by design that the institution of public education in the United States develops such an endemic ignorance.

People like me can accel in standardized tests, but suck at art. Everyone is different.

I find that this is very concerning, as America is supposed to be a rich and fairly prosperous nation.

I'm American and I think we the kids are spoiled and stupid most of the times. - MrQuaz680

That's quite a conclusion to get from a single, little grammar mistake... - keycha1n

They are. I would be getting 99 on 8th grade tests. That sounds fine right? I was in 5th grade. - SoccerFan

Due to things like fidget spinners, stupid memes, and brain dead cartoons most americans are idiots, (I'm the best at math in my former class) also some american schools are too easy for me and they don't have advanced classes, which is stupid, it ruines the purpose of learning when you know something well but the teacher still keeps teaching it - bjinmaro64

It's not just the school system, though they really could do better. American culture relies on convenience, and texting has given Americans the convenience of quickly talking through a screen without self-checking grammar. Once it happens enough, the way Americans talk through text and on the Internet pervades normal language use. Americans also somehow view grammarians as "Nazis", which is crude and offensive, especially to language. As a side note, English doesn't have a governing body that tracks linguistic changes (such as Académie française for French or KOTUS for Finnish).