Americans don't know much about countries outside of America


A lot of them don't. They can't even point out Australia on a map. To be honest I don't think their education system should be entirely blamed for their lack of knowledge. It's up to the individual to make an effort to learn. Some Americans probably believe they don't need to learn or get an education because it is their "right" to decide what they can and can't do. - OMFGserioisly

I'm African and I've been asked by Americans if I spoke African. They did not realize that Africa is a continent where about 2000 different languages are spoken.
They think that in Africa, we keep tigers and monkeys as pets. They also asked me if we had cars in Africa.
They also think that the middle east is a complete war zone even though only 3 of them are.
This guy even tried to claim that America invented the first bomb, forgetting that the Chinese invented the first bomb and gun with black powder.

Americans are so full of themselves that it makes them the most ignorant people on the planet. Their stupidity is absolutely overwhelming.

Americans can be pretty darn spoiled. Especially when you're a teen growing up here (yes I am American), people make up certain standards you have to live up to. It's like people have no clue what other countries are going through, we've got all the resources and everything other countries could only dream of, but people here just take it all for granted. 50% of food(which isn't even that healthy in the first place because of all the fats) gets thrown away. While a hungry person, not even an adult, a CHILD from Africa would do absolutely ANYTHING for a loaf of bread, and us Americans are just throwing most of the "luxury food" away, which is really disappointing because it only shows everyone how blind us Americans can really be.

They don't even know which countries they are invading, nor about the dictatorial governments they have supported in South America. Plus, they don't seem to understand America is a continent.

Middle school students I asked on the Eastern coast of the US thought that the Korean War was fought between North and South Vietnam.

I never went anywhere outside of America. I guess it's because my parents can't afford a trip to another country for all of us, but I want to learn what other countries are like in modern day.

I know a lot about countries outside America. For example, I know North Korea wants to nuke the crap out of us. The education system isn't f-ed up. It's because all these video games we produce make a lot of our peers think they actually happened. For example, when reading War Horse, when it mentioned tear gas, my classmates thought it was Nova 6 from Call of Duty: BO. First, Nova 6 never existed as far as anyone knows. Even if it was, it wouldn't have been made until WWII. Blame video games for lack of knowledge. - Slayerite

There are some Americans who think that Africa is just one country, the only Asians come from China and Tokyo, and Germans are Nazis.

That is because we need to put more money behind world history and geography. Most of the money seems to go to reading and math, but geography and world history is a lot more interesting and important!

I live in the United States and I know a lot about the rest of the world. That's like saying all people are terrorists because a couple people choose to commit terrorist acts - westofohio

I know a lot about geography, trust me. When in Geography class on the first day of school I was shocked by how much more I knew than my class. To be truthful it was bad. But they sill knew quite a bit.

Remember the crisis in Ukraine a few years ago? An Anerican study asked people if they knew where Ukraine was... Only 30% got it right. Other answers ranged from Australia, to Greenland! Americans simply can't see past the borders of their country, they think they're the greatest. Also, all of them make such a big deal out of their own history...

Americans do not know what the difference is between Great Britain and England. Search up English flag and you'll see

I am an indonesian, and one american girl at my private school asked me if I was chinese or asian. Just think about that... ikr. First of all just because china's a big country doesn't mean all asians are chinese. Second, go to school and learn what the continent Asia is.

The educational system tends to concentrate only in American History and British History, everything else is bundled up in World History and only selected topics are approached in that category.

It is amazing. They don't even know cities that they share borders with.

Yeah they think people from England are from Kentucky. And the guy who said Glasgow is in Norway must be very dumb like most americans. Somebody came from America in my class and said he did not what the captial of his state was, he was like I don't know and know the capital myself and I'm British.

Well, I personally think that any native who has been living in their own country for their whole lives and have been learning about their home country would have the same problem as this. This applies to all non international people of different countries.

They know nothing about the world. Or about what's happening, because the teachers always teach them what's happening in their country. Declaration of Independance, war of 1812...teach them something about the world for once

They don't know much about their own country!

Look at me I'm look at me I'm one of the smartest kids in the world yet I still make a stupidly unfair test for your argument
You can't just use one example you have to use say a million Americans from all ages sexes part of America then find the average then do the same with all other countries and then you can have a truly fair test

Even the receptionist of the White house doesn't know a country like the Netherlands. She thought it was a place in New york.

To the individual who mentioned many people who have learn about their country and never left it, you are incorrect I a Meer teen can probably name a city of two in about 50% of the worlds countries and most people my age could too.

Agreed, for example, Some Americans think that New Zealand (my country) is a pretend country because LOTR, The Hobbit and Narnia was filmed there... I'm so mad now. Let's just vote for Hillary Clinton so she can screw over the country.

I know every European country and african country and I'm Mexican american - bjinmaro64