Americans elected George W. Bush, TWICE!


Read this fool below me. So typical. Gets worse here daily here yet poor little fellow is so arrogant he thinks his generation will fix things. Our education system is same as 50 years ago and a lot of it is outright lies. We teach almost no science or math. Our younger generation are one of the fattest laziest and ignorant in our history. Funny how this non arrogant and informed American lacks or more likely just refuses to see these facts. He actually just proves how correct this statement really is. Poor lil kid

Once. We voted for Al Gore, but the electoral college decided that George W Bush would be president. - Songsta41

Thanks America for killing millions of innocent families in Iraq, leaving millions of people across the western hemisphere poor, and increasing mass shootings across the country, when other countries don't even have to deal with these issues. We were very close to keeping an era similar to the clinton era going in 2000, but America just HAD to make the stupid decision like they always do!

Not only that, these all american retards actually BELIEVE that JET FUEL fure can melt steel! , even though it has been PROVEN to be SCIENTIFICALLY IMPOSSIBLE!, and these " highly intelligent "idiots even believe they landed on the moon yet we can clearly see their IDIOT FLAG WAVING IN WIND which is IMPOSSIBLE on the MOON, the FOOLS don't stop there, they blindly & stupidly start WARS all over the world & bomb anything with a heartbeat all in the name of democracy, then cheer the murders as an achievement. IDIOTS

Most of the facts that are placed on this website are false. First, after recounting the votes for bush many times, they found that Bush beat Al Gore Florida by several hundred votes. If one knows anything about voting, and how they are counted, one would know that Jeb had no chance of changing the vote in favor for his brother. As well, Obama has made the crisis in the Middle East far worse, along with increasing the national debt instead for cutting it in half. As well, Obama has been using Bush as a scape goat for all the problems that he himself made. George Bush was not the best president, I understand that. However, he was fR better then Obama is right now.

This guy was the absolute worst president in history, yet the guy that comes in and fixes his messes is considered worse? And now, somehow the most egotistical liar to ever walk the planet is supposed to be better than any before? That is why people think we are stupid.

Before you end up wasting your time reading on about how idiotic america is and how we are too patriotic, and how we have horrible education. Just know that the younger generation of Americains is much more well informed and is going to uncorrupt america, mostly because a lot of us do not like the way our country has been run, the presidential elections being had presently which honestly looks like a circus, and the wealth of knowledge we take advantage of from many different sources not just bias T.V. news channels. We know how corrupt our government is and it is going to change, so make fun all you want just know that a new generation is coming to establish a intellectual way of running a country and progressing its development to make it what you all think that boast about it being. Honestly this author of this article has no evidence for their accusations. WHERE IS THE WORKS CITED PAGE?!?!? tool face. Get a new hobby other than ripping o Americans, in 10 years you will be eating ...more

He wasn't elected the first time. He was installed by the supreme court with the help of his brother. You know, the one who was Governor of the state where it was contested that votes weren't being counted properly? How convenient!

So his first term he made up a excuse to invade Iraq so he can steal oil and continue to make the Middle East unstable. I mean seriously. He is the reason why we have terror groups like ISIS today! - SirSkeletorThe3rd

You should check out the voting system here! That's even more flawed! Go check it out, but long story short we didn't really vote for Bush. A small group of people did. If you don't believe me check it out. - Icantbelieveitsnotbutter

Bush killed the America. He is the worst president ever. - 05yusuf09

Some american idiots are even proving the point by defending this bastard, nobody, not even hitler is worse than Bush, this demon bush is something that was spawned in hell

This isn't just an example of why people think we are dumb, it is an example of how we (or the majority of us) ARE dumb, or at least dumb enough to to elect this infantile dumbass into our nation's highest office. Bush did almost nothing good for our country. He stripped Americans of they're rights by signing into office the loathsome patriot act, which violates the first, fourth, fifth, sixth and seventh amendments in our constitution by giving the government the right to spy on all Americans. The NSA can now spy on our phone conversations, E-mail accounts, text messages and internet histories. On the surface, this is to prevent terrorism, but it is likely that there is a far more insidious reason for all this surveillance that even Snowden didn't know about. There is no reason why any democratic government should wield that kind of unregulated power, least of all from the so called "small government" party. He used the 9/11 attacks, which killed 3000 innocent Americans, as ...more

Two wars wasn't enough, it took a financial crisis to finally get rid of him.

Technically, we didn't vote him once. Gore won the popular vote, but our system still had Bush win.

He should be rotting in prison right now

Dumbest leader of all time, rom any county on the entire planet.

I didn't vote for him in either election. You can blame this stupidity on the Republicans who love him and the Democrats who didn't vote.

9/11 was a dark day for America because if it hadn't happened Bush would never have been re-elected abd the world would have been at peace

I wasn't even alive so does that mean I am still stupid? Also, my parents and family voted against George W. Bush. Are we still stupid?

The votes were messed up. States were confused as was the Government. Then they said, "Ah, we probably think it's Bush because everyone loved what he did when the attacks of 2001 occurred! "

Obama paved the path for ISIS by taking our military out. He also openly supports Muslim terrorists like the Muslim brotherhood, not to mention how he has destroyed our country by race. Completely agree with this guy below me.

It wasn't so much Stupidity as Congenital Insanity.

Just stupid, Stupid, stupid. Might show that we like to be entertained more then we care about policy.

Yes keep them home during November election