Americans like rap and pop more than rock and metal


This really isn't a dumb argument, I mean think about it, the music is a reflection of and an influence to our culture. There are hundreds of thousands, probably even millions of people, from second grade to mid twenties, that use, practically another language of rap slang, dressed bizarrely, and pretty much make rap there whole life. Plus you know, way more than 9 times out of 10 these kind of people that get straight f's in school. Guess what studies show higher iq students are attracted to rock and metal, there aren't many metal heads, so I'm pretty sure that there are many more dumb rap fans. There is way more to this reason than what meets the eye

The first comment asks how rap and pop can be in the same category. Pop comes from popular. Americans are listening to rap for such a long time now that it became the most popular style of music. I just hope it will fade away because it's becoming boring to hear a style that doesn't change. There's no progression in the music field anymore. America has stopped to become inventive in music.

I am an avid rap listener, and I am an American. But it's ridiculous to try to put an iq evaluation on music preference, to be honest when I study or do work for college I listen to smooth jazz ans classical music, And in my free time when I am alone and need to occupy myself I write raps and when I do I study a dictionary to broaden my vocabulary and increase my understanding of the words I choose to put in my raps. And if anybody was wondering I run a 3.5 gpa at a private jesuit college in the northeast. Honestly any person who shames any art form is a under-educated human being that is too close minded to accept and appreciate someone elses culture. Sure in high school I was a C student because of the conventional ways of teaching and assigning work. I am now a B+ A- student because I know how to teach myself better than letting someone else teach me how to do something. Please tell me how my preference in music determines me and all my other peers IQs. Whoever posted this ...more

Can you at least get Rap and Pop out of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame? That's the stupidest thing of all! There is simply No Excuse for Pop in any country! We are all guilty. Do you ever watch those Russian car-crash videos on YouTube? They are listening to music so horrible that it probably causes the crashes! It makes something hideous called American pop music sound like Beethoven! Those poor people.

Rap endorses violence in my opinion and spreads a bad message. I am not saying rock doesn't however the songs I listen to I feel the message is better from other genres. I do listen to all genres however the message and meaning of songs has gone as now its all about money and drugs.

Every other point on this article is correct. A person's choice in music shouldn't be an example of how smart or stupid they are.

Ever since I returned to the US after 3 decades away, I find this true. Everyone wants the idiot look with their ball caps, and weirdo music. It gets on my nerves.

This is the most stupid thing on the internet by far to be honest, if you hate someone for their music tastes you don't deserve to judge people.

That doesn't mean anything those are just musical tastes, Italians too listen a lot of rap and hip hop, me and almost of all my friends listen Italian rap and hip hop

I hate rap and pop, and I'm American. I don't like metal but I love Punk. Do I pass? And European music is vomit-inducing, it's horrible. They don't even know what metal is! We are Bad, but the rest of the world is Worse, LOL!

This is the downfall of society. - RiverClanRocks

I do agree with you, pony because I don't like rap and I listen to a very small percentage of pop music

Not all Americans. I love rock, metal and alternative. However, you can't hate a person on their taste in music or if their taste isn't the same as yours.

Seriously? Why is this even a thing. Our music reflects out culture and your going to start an argument because it's not rock or metal, it's rap and pop. So what? Who cares? Not us!

It's the reverse for me. I love rock and metal, but pop and rap, not as much. - Pony

Well that's an opinion. I don't really care as long as it sounds good. I kinda like songs from all genres.

Screw you stupid metal heads ( expect for the TopTenners). Stop judging other genres just like don't judge on a book on its cover. You guys are annoying as hell. Just let pop alone. Even though pop is going downhill, doesn't mean you have to put your spit all over it. SOME metal fans are real immature - JaysTop10List

Yet rap and pop are the highest selling genres of music throughout the ENTRIE world. Also, rap music can be rather conscious and contain social messages not often found in rock and metal. The farther I get down this list the more I feel like the person that made the list is in fact.. a hater.

Why does this matter. This list is so stupid. It makes non Americans look like idiots - westofohio

That may be racially and socio economically dependent. Age is also a factor. Working class whites prefer metal. African American Rap. Rock and Roll is preferred by Baby Boomers. Turn on your car radio in the south, half of it is rap, half of it is country.

I like it like this. I hate when stupid people like good music. Man, stay with your pathetic, poppy-trash.

I'm American 11 years old actually and this is true but I don't listen to rap and pop. Why does this even matter anyways?

What's wrong with pop? I mean rap is really crappy but come on. Pop is kind of good.

I am obsessed with rock and metal, and am a straight A student in all my classes but one, so somehow everyone thinks that my C+ is because of my music taste, but studies show that students with higher IQ's prefer rock and/or metal. But the class is accelerated, and my weakest subject, math. And all the idiots at my school like pop, and other forms of shallow love songs.

Haha! Guess what... THEY CALL IT 'MUSIC' HAHA. There is a reason most famous musicians, composers, even instrument makers are not American. Because believe it or not, the east made and still makes some of the most meaningful music, and Americans have used good old sacred Music and turned it into bull they call beauty. The way they perceive the word beauty is associating it with looks not what something or someone can bring out or what something gives or does. Americans have no hope. -a fellow 'American'