Americans shoot each other at an alarming rate


The one thing I don't understand about America, and I say this with all affection, because I love your country and your people. I am Canadian, and although I think our country is the best model to follow in the world, I have visited America several times and can appreciate what you and the generations before you have built. My question is this: if you expect every single citizen to be armed for the purpose of personal and national defense, and for those arms to be equivilant to those available to your armed forces---why do you need your armed forces at all? Isn't that their job? It seems to me (a simple Canadian) that the amendments to which the NRA refers to in your constitution were written and intended for a time when there was a very real threat that the British Empire was going to "come back". When taken in this context, the need for armed militia's ready to fight at moments notice makes sense. 300 years (give or take) pass, and just speaking for myself here, I'm pretty sure that ...more

What's the point of owning a weapon, to defend yourself?!?! Guns are used for killing and destroy a family. Terrorists killing people is completely wrong but shooting someone because your defending yourself. Countries without guns have way less crimes and killing being done. I know that there are dangerous people in the USA and their mostly poor people who are in need of money because they can't get a good job because the completely failed school because they didn't care, their parents didn't care or the parents just don't have enough money because they or their parents didn't care

I got myself a gun when I was fourteen but...I don't think that's a good idea.

As much as I really love it, I don't want gun ownership rights to be abused by people. Hell, I wish gun ownership was only used for professional purposes, not for random civilians who just want to look cool.

Look what happened. A few years ago, about 20 kids in our school got shot. Plus, everyone used to tease me and also this lone kid back at school because everyone else has a gun of their own.

Even if my finger will land itself on the trigger for the first time, I still think gun ownership isn't really necessary.

If, instead of continually amending your constitution you would instead bin the rag-earred monster then you would no longer have over 50% of your country shouting they have "the right to bear arms", when in fact, that was so over 300 years ago. Then, see the NRA off to Ireland where they can glorify guns all they want to and have a bit of a shoot-out with the IRA now and again to keep everybody's aim in good nick. What parent can feel good about rearing a child in the US knowing he or she has a 50% chance of being shot in class (and that is during the first 5 years of school), an additional 15% chance of being shot in upper levels of school (if they weren't killed the during first 5 years), and nearly 100% chance of being shot in the home of a gun-owning family member...even if "I don't know how they found my gun". Yes, you guessed it, I'm pulling those percentages out of thin air but sadly, they are probably somewhat close to the mark. You lot go on about "change"...start changing at ...more

They think owning a gun is a right. Guns are for killing. They think guns protect them. All they do is make it even more unsafe. They also seem to take pride in buying bigger and more powerful guns. I was in American and went into a shop that sold hunting rifles, in the centre of the rifles was a pink rifle and matching hunting knife. If that ain't stupidity of the highest degree than what is?

Americans are so obsessed with their constitution that they worship their second Amendment when shootings occur on a regular basis. They also have the stupidest reasons for not wanting gun control like "Gun's don't kill people. People kill people." Yet when you look at Australia (where I live) we haven't a mass shooting since gun control was introduced. Oh and the NRA's propaganda that Republicans and dumb Americans just follow blindly. They have their fantasies of how if everyone had guns then how shootings would play out: If a bad guy walks into a bank and says "everyone on the ground", then all the "good guys" pull out their guns and say "NO you get on the floor". It's bloody ludicrous. And Americans are so fearful of their own government they feel that by having an Ak-47 will protect them from a tyrant with drones and tanks. Not one thing has been done to prevent another Sandy Hook from occuring and look what happened a few days ago, the Orlando shooting. The NRA is so stupid that ...more

So where did this gun thing even come from people that have only visited america read the news and think that it's not even safe to walk outside which sounds like something a kid would do after hearing it from his dad that monsters were under the bed I agree america has problems but we keep getting carbon copy's of the same people every 4 to 8 years which makes it hard for change so hard you start to get used to being a what other people from different countries call degenerates

Some people don't know that the reason why we have guns is that John Locke, a man whose thinking influenced our country greatly (natural rights, constitutional monarchy, bill of rights, etc.), is because if the government ever violated or tried to revoke our rights, we can, quoting from my History teacher, "take out the government." This is also for protection. However, with the good, comes the bad. Criminals often take advantage of this right to harm people.

The stupid country that names itself after continents is killing millions of its own citizens by allowing gun manufacturers total impunity and falling to utter disgusting legalized corruptions, while killing tens of millions of people in Middle East to "protect its citizens", aka disgustingly robbing oil and seeking geopolitical dominance.

12,000 gun deaths a year in the US. The next highest First World country is 138!

The right to bear arms appears to include storing guns in diaper bags, taking teenagers with mental health problems shooting, giving away guns when a bank account and ultimately burying small children killed with a gun. Does this make any sense to anyone?

Yes, but if you ban guns then people will at an alarming rate choose another weapon. They won't shoot each other with a gun but they will for instance stab someone with a knife, use a baseball bat, knock or kill someone with a nunchaku etc... It's people that are dangerous, not guns. Does this mean that Americans are a violent people? I really don't know for sure but it seems so.

Too true. Any fight can lead to violence and someone ends up getting injured or kill in the process. It seems like a lot of them are using it to threaten people to get what they want. The purpose is to ensure safety and it's really sad to see that priviledge being abused. I think the government should overlook this, or at least be more strict as to make the rules more strict when it comes to handing guns. You don't know what they can do with it. The whole "business is business" is bs. So you're saying that you'd let innocent bystanders get killed for the sake of money? Pfft.

No Gun-Law... no background checks... no safety - AMERICA is like: safety third! There people who thinks, gun law don't work, but check out Australia, or check out the rest of the world - duo you think the rest of the world are not smart enough? You are wrong!

Yeah... I can agree with that. I hate to say it but some Americans have to much access to guns and fire arms. When the constitution was written, there were only riffles and very primative guns around. This meant that you couldn't, I don't know, WALK INTO A GAY NIGHT CLUB AND SHOOT OVER 50 PEOPLE! *Cough* Sorry, I went a little crazy there! Lol. My family is against fire arms and want more secure policies on them. From the time I was 5, they always said that if I ever was at a friends house and saw a gun, I was to call home and get picked up amediatly. We don't kid around with death machines in my family. It's sad that some people are hurt enough that they will kill inocent people and sometimes themselves! I just can't believe it!

It took 1 massacre in Britain to ban hand guns! How many will it take in the US 2,000 or 3,000 before people realize if take away the instruments that kill so many people then you won't be able to kill as easily in the future!

Opinions are divided on this issue, some think Americans shoot too many other Americans, others believe they do not shoot enough.

There is an alarming rate at this moment in the United States : Donald Trump! Why not shooting at him?

American cinema is considered violent in other countries as a reflection of violence as entertainment and a cultural mirror of the present culture of violence and retaliation.

Recent stats show you're almost 12,000x (yes, 12 thousand times) more likely to be killed by a gun in America than by a terrorist, and yet a heck of a lot of Americans are asking how many more have to die before we realise Islam is the problem. Come on, wake up, put the guns down, step away and smell the propaganda. It stinks.

I totally support putting restrictions on guns, but the bad thing is that all the good people would turn in their guns and the bad people would be the only ones left with guns.

They're too stupid to realize that guns make it easier to kill people, and that more regulation is needed. How purely idiotic.

Why don't Americans ever visit Walmart? Answer: because there's a target on every corner.

Even as I write this, there has been *another* shooting in a movie theater. Netflix, anyone? - BobG

Exactly, the murderers are everywhere. - 05yusuf09