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41 Americans misuse the English language with wrong words and spelling

HEY! It's called a different dialect of language, not misusing. We only use different words. This reason does nothing to prove how we are stupid. - Slayerite

PETROL is liquid, stop calling it gas.

Okay, some but really? Not like every kid out there has never spelled wrong?

Only thing that matters is if you get the point

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42 They idolize bad music artists

They have actually many good music artists but for some reasons those artists never gets the attention they deserving. They stay unknown. On the other hand they have many bad music artists and those ones gets all the attentions. So, yes it's true, they idolize bad music artists. There is one positive thing, that is that not " every " American Idolize the bad artists because luckely a very low percentage of Americans Idolize the good artists.

I know it's all subjective, but I judge people this way too. If I ever have hateful thoughts of America, this is why.

You brought Katy Perry, Justin Bieber, Miley Cyrus, Demi Lovato, Selena Gomez, Jonas Brothers, Carrie Underwood to the world! Dumbasses.

There r no music artist today they all died in the 80's

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43 America thinks they have the right to solve the worlds problems, all while they can't even solve their own.

So true. We stick our nose into every countries business yet our country is a joke. Our government fails badly in everything it tries except starting wars.

I don't think Americans even know how much their country is messing with everyone else's business. And this is coming from Serbia, so I guess you might be able to tell why I have such an opinion. Unless you are from America.

Thanks to our past few crappy presidents, and by the looks of it, we aren't going to have a respectable leader in a while.

So true they have no friends just them lol they joke about other countrys

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44 They pronounce dozens of words incorrectly

It's called an accent, dimwits. We don't have to be exactly alike.

We just speak it differently comment above me

How is this a problem? It's called accents. - Icantbelieveitsnotbutter

So what!

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45 They're jealous

People who don't even have houses? Are you so stupid to believe that only Americans have houses. You think that we in Europe don't have houses? We in Europe are free. You Americans believe that you are in a free country because you don't know better but every time I speak to an American here in Europe they suddenly admid that they're not that free compared to Europe. Most Americans who lived in Europe for a while don't wanna go back to the states because of the European freedom. They're jealous of our freedom but because of their arrogance they will not often admid it.

This. Proves. Nothing. At. ALL! - Slayerite

They sorta are... - Goatworlds

Americans think they are the only country on earth. they wan't to be the center of attention. believe me I am canadian and I hate it that the united states and canada call football soccer. like 98% of the others say it right. why can't america and canada say it right? also americans have stupid politicians like donald trump who is a big fat jerk. canada is better then america. we are like a better version of america. americans say canada is way to cold. we canadians only take the strong. so maybe people in florida texas and california should grow some chest hair and a beard and visit canada for a few days and see how glorious we are. donald trump also has a terrible relationship with muslims and mexicans and blacks. he is a jerk. and I hate it how americans think we live in igloos because we don't up here in canada when it is summer time we look like california in some places of the country. and we live in houses just like americans do. in some parts of canada in the summer it can ...more

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46 They're naive

I am American, many American people actually love to learn about cultures and different languages. We do not all think other cultures are vulger and ours is the only right one. Don't assume that all Americans hate other cultures and refuse to learn about them all because of stereotypes you've heard about us.

They ignore other cultures rudely

They make fun of other cultures with generic stereotypes and dislike when others return the favor.

47 Americans only care about themselves

"They are so dumb, but they think they are the greatest. Only a stupid useless race" -American isn't a race you idiot.

Americans are a very diverse people. In where I live, we are very welcoming to people. - Slayerite

Look at the mess the have made around the world! I think it's the best example.

They think that they own the world and they try to impose their laws in all other countries. They're against countries like China, Russia, S-Korea etc... just because these countries won't accept the " supreme control " of Americans.

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48 Americans believe a corporately controlled federal government doesn't hurt them

The lobbyists influence on Washington is insane. The amount of unchecked money that pours into superpacs undermine, to an extent, some of the founding principles of the US. It gives more power to the elite, not to the people and in the case of people such as the Koch brothers, it promotes their interests and manipulate the public into buying into these irrational ideas. With rulings like, 'corporations are people' and 'superpacs' the amount of influence that large corporations have on the US will only increase and then the real people's influence will decrease. It's a shame.

Because they are brainwashed since baby

Would be better than the last 8 years of Charitable Organization that is running things.

Our government only listens to those protesters. - Slayerite

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49 They value sport more than education

Might as well. Most of our education system is outdated or flat out lies anyway.

"They value sport more than education"... relative to other countries. I think here education is still the highest priority, but that depends on where in America you are.

I care more for education than sport. Sports are only physical. Education is more mental and useful. Still not a dumb American. - Slayerite

Because they make Million of $$ in sports, not many jobs pay that much for an to follow the money.

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50 They can't take care of themselves, when they have problems they need to see a psychiatrist.

This is because the " Healthcare Insurance " allow you to see a psychiatrist the first three times without paying him ( included in your Insurance ). After that the charges will be on your own. Another rip off by the Insurance companies. First three times are ok but after that even if you still paying your Insurance you lose the benefit. Many doctors will stimulate you to see a psy ( that's typical American ) if you have ( even minor ) psychological problems just for the purpose that you come back afterwards at the doctor again with a " professional " evaluation. This come and go benefits the Insurance companies because they can ask you a bigger Insurance to take if they see that you have " psychological " problems.

I'm guessing that the comment about Dr. Phil is sarcasm. But in a way it's unbelievable that many Americans ( I believe a high percentage because of the popularity of that show ) are really believing that they're learning from watching the " media " Doctor Phil. They treat psychiatrists like some kind of gods ( even the media psychiatrists ) thinking that they have the knowledge about the truth of life. They studied for years, we not, so they know what we don't know ( yes! Most Americans believe that! ).

Seeing a psych is common in the United States. Whenever they have a problem, they need to talk to a " professional ". It's like they are not able to solve their problems on their own.

I think that all voters for Donald Trump needs to see a psych. But what if the psychs themselves are voters of Donald Trump? This country will be screwed for needing help.

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51 Americans Made The Kardashians Famous

Not only the Kardashians. Talentless stupid people ( Paris Hilton etc... ) are famous for no reasons. Celebrities ( talented and no talented ) are treated like gods ( for good or bad ) by Americans because they are starstruck when they see one.

The Kardashians are nothing but stupid drama that nobody needs in their life

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52 Americans can't tell that most people perceived as "saints" are really jerks

They adore and look up to the stupidest boy bands and celebrities

This includes the dumb politicians who love to brainwash people.

Incorrect. They adore jerks. They adore narcissists. The louder, the more vulgar, the better. The more sarcastic, the better. They make saints of those they consider "All American" or artists or sport figures, then they turn a blind eye on their imperfections. If they don't see a mirror image of themselves, then they rip them appart for their imperfections.

Just look at their celebrities of reality shows, media doctors, their music artists, their T.V.-shows hosts, their sports celebs etc... The more stupid they are, the better they are.

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53 Americans think that they're Irish

I am from Northern Ireland and there is nothing more annoying than Americans claiming that they're Irish! (American accent) "Hey, my great great great great Granddads best friends older cousin is from Ireland that means I'm half Irish! " < Every American on st paddy's day. - wolphert

So Irish that they don't know Ireland is split into two countries - wolphert

I have every right to say I'm Irish. My proof: I'm 1/8th Irish, my mother's 1/4th, grandfather is 1/2, and not sure which great it is, but they're Irish. So that means I'm 4th generation Irish. The island Ireland is on is situated that most of the southern portion is independent, the northern half is still aligned with UK. That prove I'm not stupid? - Slayerite

Pollock here

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54 Americans like McDonalds

As if people in other countries don't eat at McDonalds? Seriously though, this isn't a reason to call somebody stupid. They just like a certain food for God's sake. I could use the argument, 'Chinese people are stupid because they eat at Hua Lai Shi.'

Really, have you ever looked around and see what it good food?

I am not an American, but I like McDonald's! This is the stupidest reason to call people stupid!

Opinion? - TeamRocket747

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55 They think Obama is a Muslim

My neighbor told me that Hillary Clinton is a Muslim who's telling Isis our plans. Also that she's a terrorist and that Obama was born in Kenya ugh what an idiot

Not true Obama is the best

Just "lol" - idiots.


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56 Americans think all Aryans are supposed to have blue eyes and blonde hair

Funny how this post is criticizing Americans for making generalizations about a country by making generalizations about us in just the same way.

I'm pale, blonde and blue-eyed...and I'm. Slovenian.

Wow, nice knowing about the sea of idiots to shining sea of morons.

That is what Americans can tgink because they can not make the right decisions

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57 Americans are conformists, they don't like progression

The word is a disguise for having someone control you

Make America great " again ". That's not progression, that's regression. Who wants a cold war again? racism like in the sixties and before that? etc... When was America great? To be great, America has to come with progressive ideas and plans and not trying to go back in their terrible history.

What word is a disguise? Comformist or progression? Progression is trying new things, comformism is staying in a zone you are used to without trying or even think about new things. I'm guessing that you mean that as long you stay put without willing to change another is at ease to control you.

You don't even have to look at social issues. Just look at the metric system. They don't wanna change ( and they have thousands of excuses for it ; the cost, the years that it will took, the changings that should be made at tools etc... ). They used to it, so something new ( and the metric system is actually old now ) is out of the question. No progressions should be made if something works for them ( even if the progression will actually benefit them after the changes ).

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58 Americans still haven't outlawed GMOs

Almost all of Europe did it and they are as obese, and are way more healthy, and the poor countries are fighting it off, meanwhile clueless Americans, don't realize unsustainable, and extremely dangerous chemical foods are being made and sold for way less than actually natural healthy foods.

Genetic modified organisms in food will maybe modify your own DNA structure in your body after a long time. That's also maybe the reason why the United States didn't ban it yet. They are still testing the results to see what it does to behaviours in human beings. After that they will be able to control people.

We have been told GMO and all the other world wide banned food additives that have made us the sickest country in the entire world are good for us and most believe! Crappy deadly food and cancer makes the American capitalist wealthier then ever!

What does GMO Stand for, anybody, anybody?

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59 Obsessed With Harley Quinn

Yeah I like Harley Quinn... I'm not obsessed with her though... I like her in the classic Batman the Animated Series. The new one is bad.

They're obsessed not only with Harley Quinn but with everything that comes from DC Comics. Books, movies etc...are for the moment the biggest selling things ( just look at all the DC Comics movies that came out the last five years ). When it's about SUPERPOWER and AMERICA SAVES THE WORLD it really tell us how arrogant the subconscience of Americans is. They think that they are the supreme people of this world and that every other country should follow their imposing ideas. And that's why DC Comics is such an obsession and success for Americans. They can identify themselves in that fantasy ( they think that it is only a exagerated sub-truth of a patriotic United States and for what it stands for ).

60 They idolize same sex marriages

That's a strange comment. That is a recent accomplishment in American History. We have extremists still complaining about marriage equality. It has not been around too long to become an American trademark. As a matter of fact, European countries have allowed marriage equality earlier than Americans have. Unless that is a comment made from someone from a third world country where homophobia still rules, it does not seem like a generalized attitude supported by all Americans.

What's wrong with same sex Marriage?

Here where I live(The Netherlands) same sex marriage is allowed since April 2001.

We were the first in the world and that's something to be proud of. - DUTCHlioness

What kind of a bull reason is this! Grow up you progressive bible Nazis and stop using religion and the constitution to justify the fact that you only oppose gay marriage because it is gross. People like you disgust me. Go move to Russia or something.

Yes, like if you don't think that gays are the most oppressed people in the world and gay marriages are the best thing that could happen to the country, you are a homophobe... even if you are gay yourself.

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