Top Ten Reasons People Think Americans Are Stupid

There are a great many wonderful inventions coming from the United States and many, many brilliant people behind them. Odds are, you found this site after performing a search on an American search engine, powered by American servers, created by students who attended an American University. You're also likely viewing the site using a web browser created by Americans running on an operating system produced by an American company. Even this site is hosted using a US created server operating system in a server room offered by an American company.

But all of that seems inconsequential compared to the growing sentiment around the world that all American are idiots. Just watch a single episode of Top Gear and you're bound to find at least one example of the hosts going out of their way to insult American intelligence.

In all fairness, sentiments like this rarely appear out of nowhere. There are definitely characteristics of the United States that paint Americans in a bad light that are listed below. But before you start spouting off about how "all Americans" are this or do that, bear in mind that the United States is a country of over 300 million people stretching across 6 time zones. For every racist, inbred, obese, Bible-thumpin' nitwit, there is and educated, rational, enlightened, well-meaning citizen to balance them out. Now if we could just get Americans to stop voting the former into office.

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61 They think England and Britain are the same thing

Rrrraahhh this one annoys me. I'm from Scotland, and if I here about how America helped England in the war or here a an English accent described as British one more time I'll explode.

Also to the Yanks, we are not all posh from London drinking tea and eating crumpets.

America...How stupid can you be?

You're quite right mate! Most yanks think the isle is only England...what a pity. Personally I prefer a stay in Scotland more than England. More embracing, more willing to imbibe, in liquor and in gab.
Oh, by the way, your first line of complaint contains 'and if I here about...' it's 'and if I hear about...'
it really is...hear...bide a wee!

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62 Obsessed With Harley Quinn

Yeah I like Harley Quinn... I'm not obsessed with her though... I like her in the classic Batman the Animated Series. The new one is bad.

They're obsessed not only with Harley Quinn but with everything that comes from DC Comics. Books, movies etc...are for the moment the biggest selling things ( just look at all the DC Comics movies that came out the last five years ). When it's about SUPERPOWER and AMERICA SAVES THE WORLD it really tell us how arrogant the subconscience of Americans is. They think that they are the supreme people of this world and that every other country should follow their imposing ideas. And that's why DC Comics is such an obsession and success for Americans. They can identify themselves in that fantasy ( they think that it is only a exagerated sub-truth of a patriotic United States and for what it stands for ).

63 They idolize same sex marriages

That's a strange comment. That is a recent accomplishment in American History. We have extremists still complaining about marriage equality. It has not been around too long to become an American trademark. As a matter of fact, European countries have allowed marriage equality earlier than Americans have. Unless that is a comment made from someone from a third world country where homophobia still rules, it does not seem like a generalized attitude supported by all Americans.

What's wrong with same sex Marriage?

Here where I live(The Netherlands) same sex marriage is allowed since April 2001.

We were the first in the world and that's something to be proud of. - DUTCHlioness

What kind of a bull reason is this! Grow up you progressive bible Nazis and stop using religion and the constitution to justify the fact that you only oppose gay marriage because it is gross. People like you disgust me. Go move to Russia or something.

Yes, like if you don't think that gays are the most oppressed people in the world and gay marriages are the best thing that could happen to the country, you are a homophobe... even if you are gay yourself.

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64 Americans support at-will work agreement

One of the many theories of socio-economic powers used for legal exploitation of people. Brainwashing people that this is helping the economy as a global when in reality it just helps the rich on top ( a minority of greedy capitalists with power in political matter ). In what does at-will work helps you? Working experience? Helping you at a better " real " job? This can all be done without at-will work. If you can create a at-will work it means that you can create the same job as a not at-will work! It helps just the economy with a big E which are gonna say to you that it helps " you ". This is one of the examples that shows how Americans can't think for themselves anymore and how socio-economic powers ( that created and who are brainwashing people to legal slaves ) take advantage of that.

Americans support at-will work agreement for which they can be fired from a job for any or no reason at all, with or without any notice. They can also quit a job the same way, BUT,they believe that they need to provide their employer notice.
Also, they believe that being fired is highly stigmatizing. In fact they may not be able to find another job after having been fired, and yet they adore at-will work agreements.

What does this prove? - Slayerite


65 Religious groups try to control the government

Yep. Even though we say we separate church and state the fools we elect try to force their pathetic myths on us all. And only religious fools run for government office because only religious fools want to control everyone else's thoughts and actions

ALL of These REALLY need to be killed soon by some Muslim or same religion following person as them.

Lucifer/Satan really needs to bash their heads in and get them to think with their brains!

And they don't listen anyway they only listen to aethist

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66 Americans can't think that far ahead

This is completely true...I'm literally asked by people for nearly everything that includes thinking ahead. And then everybody thinks I'm smart...

Yes we can I know when I think I need to go potty

This proves crap. - Slayerite

agree 100%

67 Many Americans display homophobia

Just tune in into your favorite hip hop station. Just listen to a few rap records and you will have a full display of misogyny, racism and homophobia.

Just check out Rapture Ready.

And they are dumb

They even hate straight couples even the smallest bit of pda (public display of affection) they get easily get very offended by it so much I would rather live in a different country other than the America and I think not respecting others relationships/marriages fail no wonder is in a deep decline and higher divorce rate and it's all because of greedy immature white republican men are to blame to the decline 😤

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68 They believe propaganda

They believe everything they hear on Fox News and for some reason are afraid of Middle Eastern people

They believe in propaganda means actually in other words that Americans are brainwashed without even knowing.

Not true. I am not racist. Hey by the way did you know that Germany before didn't tell about the Holocaust? They said that it was propaganda from the U.S. They believed.

I think that the winning votes for Donald Trump speaks for itself. His capitalist " muscle " campaign was propaganda.

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69 Focus too much on social issues to see the economic issues

America is all about power and the allmighty Dollar. If a social issue can't give them money in return, they leave the " issue " for what it is. Why do you think that a clown like Donald Trump wants to be president? More power ( so he can change laws for his own purposes ) and more money ( he is so drunk on that ). But do you really think he's gonna change the social issues for people who has to go to work everyday for a minimum salary? They will be in the same crap ( if not worse? ) if he becomes a president. Don't get me wrong because if the other clown, Hillary Clinton, becomes president, nothing is gonna change either when it comes to socio-political issues.

I care nothing for social issues? ( one of the comments ). Like the old political saying ; " If you don't care about us we will care for you ". Meaning, if they decide that you have to pay more taxes they will be happy that you don't care. If you had cared on the other hand with a majority you would have be abled to stop their " more tax " idea.

It's all about Hollywood and their 15 minutes of fame!

Money comes first, everything else will follow

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70 Americans get too drunk

Maybe that is because they have laws about underage drinking. This laws don't exist in Europe ( parents have the common sense to teach their children about it who in return understand their parent's common sense ) and there's very rarely problems with that. Because of the restriction in America it's like suddenly you open a Pandora's box. What they couldn't get before they will take in overdose what they can at once getting.

I'm not American and I love getting smashed. - wolphert

And a couple of oxy's and who cares what happens

I don't get drunk because I'm underage. But even when I get of age, I'm gonna be moderate with my drinking. - Slayerite

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71 General Anti-American sentiment

When you look for the negative, you can usually find it. Especially in a large enough population. If you go to the United States and seek out people who can't find their own country on the globe, you'll find some. But the same can be said of any country.

It's just that with the United States, people are more likely to look for things to reinforce their existing stereotypes, which then feeds into them even further.

But let give them some more money maybe they will like us

Still not stupid here. - Slayerite

72 Because non-Americans often fall for logical fallacies

To the list of fallacies...

Overgeneralization hurt!. I am glad at least one US resident gets that. You have been doing that for over a century, all over the world, but it seems to strike a chord when it is addressed to you:?
What is that called, a double standard?

21 should be, "Many of us read this."

What does this have to do with anything? - Slayerite

Here are the list of fallacies they often use.
- Hasty generalization: Americans are stupid. Insert a small group of Americans who said idiotic things.
- Anecdotal fallacy: Americans are stupid. They score lower than some other industrialized nations (i.E. UK, Sweden, etc.).
- Circular reasoning: Americans are stupid because they are stupid.
- Ad hominem attacks: Americans are wrong because they are stupid.
- Genetic fallacy: Americans are less sophisticated than us because they have only been a country for 200-something years.
- Accident fallacy: Ignoring accomplished Americans such as Thomas Edison who invented the light bulb.
- Judgmental language: calling us Yanks.
- Tu quoque: They think that we can't tell us that they're wrong because we too criticize the rest of the world.
- Bulverism: They are wrong because they are arrogant.
- Red herring: Many Americans don't know a foreign language.
For many America bashers, logic is not on their side. Heck, ...more

73 Americans sue anyone for the most stupid reasons and still have chances of winning the case

That's because a great percentage of Americans can't function without laws and operating instructions. They only can function with what's been said to do or not to do. A minimum of education of common sense is unknown to Americans. Example : People were washing their pets ( cats, little dogs.. ) and to dry them they have put their pets in a microwave. Yes, you are reading correctly, in a microwave! Their pets died of course. They did sue the manufacturer afterwards to tell them that it was not written in the manual of their microwave. They won the case. Now any manufacturer has to write in their manual that you can't put animals in a microwave. Same happened with hot coffee. People were drinking their coffee and burned themselves. Now the law says that coffee must be served at a certain degree or that the owner of the coffee shop have to tell the customers to be careful because the coffee is hotter than usual. I mean, come on, how stupid are all those people? It's common knowledge ...more

I would agree with this one.

Wow. Like what? 10 percent of the population? Mostly jerky celebrities

It is a way to make up for money you didn't want to earn on your own merit

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74 Americans are easily manipulated into supporting things against their own best interest

They believe everything their political party of choice tells them even though they have nothing to explain, prove, or backup their beliefs. Americans are paying for their own destruction and are proud of
it! Even worse it was easier than taking candy from a baby! We deserve everything we get I just hope we do not take the rest of the world with us. Why world leaders do not expose and confront the biggest threat to our planet is unbelievable!

Unfortunately true. MOST people do not think for themselves in majority of the United States.

Again it is the spin the media puts on things

They have too much faith in their politicians. They idolize presidents ( just look at top ten sites devoted to their presidents! ). Seems that they don't know that rulers in power are the most corrupted people on earth. They really think that " if " a president is telling something it must be true ( because they don't lie [? ] ).

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75 Americans are incapable of understanding the saying "Less is More"

The expression comes to mind, "more money than taste."

And what difference does it make anyway

Way too greedy!


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76 They value nothing but their jumbo meals

So what is wrong with a good meal, more is better

What? This is a joke. I have never had a jumbo meal.

I don't care about jumbo as long as it's good. - Slayerite

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