Top 10 Reasons Why PewDiePie is Better Than T-Series

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PewDiePie actually posts good content while all they post is trash “music”

Wouldn't call all their music trash because it's a contribution from thousand other artists but T-Series as a company, their directors and creators are corrupt and they're already making millions out of YouTube. They don't deserve the platform all to themselves

Funny, because T Series is a company dedicated to Indian movies and music. If people from other cultures give a listen to some of the hip hop music we have, they would call it trash as well.

I'm not a fan of these YouTube channels, but PewDiePie is still better in my opinion. I'd rate PewDiePie a 5/10 and T-Series a 2/10.

JT made a video exposing T-Series for getting views illegally. Everyone here NEEDS to watch it.

They cheated their way to the top by using sub bots while PewDiePie worked for years to get to where he is now

They don't use sub bots, when you make an account in India, you are automatically subbed to them. It's stupid, but PewDiePie has fans who make spare accounts just to sub to him which is also bad. I supported PewDiePie, by the way. - Unnamed Google User Remade

My friend told me that his cousin in India had his YouTube account automatically subscribed to T-Series. And it happens to anyone who lives in India.

No t series use sub bots, just look at t seies views, as pewdiepie said, most of their videos don't have million views and they have 109 million subs

Ironic how pewdiepie fanboys make alts to sub to pewdiepie

B*tch Lasagna is better than any song T Series has ever made

Does T Series actually make music though? I thought they were more of a platform for artists.

Also "Congratulations". T-Series makes terrible music

I also love the song congratulations! Lol

I entirely agree with this item.

PewDiePie makes funny videos

PewDiePie is a comedian. T Series is a mainstream publishing company. Those two youtubers are nothing alike and cannot be compared in terms of humor.

His videos are really funny, so true

Yes! Totally hilarious ones!

There’s nothing good about T Series

I like PewDiePie better than T-Series but you have no evidence supporting seriously a 5 year old could say that but does that make you believe it.

I’m really sick of those people who says things like “T Series is bad because they are competing with PewDiePie.” Just because a youtuber is about to surpass another beloved youtuber doesn’t mean all their content is garbage.

Unlike PewDiePie, T Series just puts out the same kind of content over and over

Because they’re a music and movie company.

As much as I enjoy PewDiePie’s videos, meme review and pew news is not “unique” from his other videos.

PewDiePie is one person who does 10 times more in one day than T Series, a group of people could do in 5 years

T Series uploads more videos than PewDiePie per day. The enjoyment of the videos is subjective.

Even though T Series was founded in the early 1980s.

PewDiePie donates to charity

T Series has supported the country of India for over 30 years.

Denied charity to the ADL

The “music” T Series does isn’t even good

This is the same item you put for #1, #2, and #4.

When you run out of any other ideas.

PewDiePie is a real person

There shouldn't be any corporate YouTube channels. The site is for independent creators and not giant corporations like Toyota or TOTE Maritime.

YouTube is about creators, not giant money hungry corporate offices.

Cold flesh against Corporate money

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PewDiePie was the number 1 most subscribed for almost 6 years straight while T Series couldn’t even keep the spot for 20 minutes

The number of subscribers does not matter. It’s the equivalence of saying that if something is more popular, then it’s objectively better. In your logic, Justin Bieber is better than Tyler the Creator because he has more subscribers and followers on social media platforms.

Tseries kept it for 2 days as of now

T Series releases gay content

Here we again. This stupid fanboys know only one thing. I hate those racist idiots.

How can you say that? Do you have any proof for that? I think it's not.

Don't use "gay" as an insult. Gay is not a bad thing.

I think they mean "gay" as in "content that has something to do with homosexuals" not as an insult.

Like as if. Gay is bad?

T-Series sued PewDiePie just for making a diss track

Yet T-Series has pirated music which, surprise surprise, could get them sued. What a bunch of hypocrites.

I don’t want 20 videos blocking up my add feed every day

The youtube algorithm

T-Series pirates music
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