Top Ten Reasons Why Physics is the Best Field of Science

Physics makes you do work, Chemistry makes you react and Biology makes you throw up!

That was an awesome joke, but here are some serious reasons why physics is the best of the arts of science.

The Top Ten Reasons Why Physics is the Best Field of Science

There is a lot more in physics than there is in anything else

Physics, chemistry and biology are just sciences at different zoom settings to be fair - styLIShT

Biology is just a branch of Chemistry, which is just a branch of Physics. And these branches come in large numbers. Very, very, very large numbers. So Physics is basically the source of the other Sciences, and brings much more information, and much more fascination!

I just love Physics...It's everything and when I say Everything...You better think what I mean. - Ananya

There's nothing more exhilarating in science than Physics

It explains everything that exists

It's the best part of physics. It describes what we don't know about the magical secrets of the cosmos and we will soon describe the whole ocean of it, of which we have discovered only a drop! The infinity of universe, its no reason origination and its path as uncertain as future, truly amazes my mind though they are just the few of the awesomeness of physics.

The quantum is the underpinning of momentum, enthalpy, genetics, EVERYTHING! End of. - PositronWildhawk

Let's just accept that all three sciences are equally important in today's standards.

Physics is gnarly dude!

It is the most mathematical of the three

What fun Maths is, and what fun to apply it this way! That's Physics!

yep it is


It gave birth to the other sciences

Giving birth is a big deal

It is responsible for most of what we know and experience

Like G forces on roller coasters

It is simultaneously the simplest and most complex of all the sciences

I couldn't have said it better myself!

It sparks a lot of important unanswered questions

All scientist ask questions and this branch envolves the most - ScienceGenius

Will we find life elsewhere in our galaxy? Will we use fusion and antimatter power? Will we have an endless supply of energy? Will we be able to travel interstellarly in an instant? Is the universe a quantum fluctuation of the vacuum? Will we colonise another planet? These are just a few of the important questions that Physics may or may not answer. Only time will tell.

A lot of physics includes concepts that would be thought impossible

Imagine making a discovery, one that would appear absurd to everyone before it, and then you manage to prove that it is feasible, and it expands into various other concepts that would be thought of as ludicrous! That, my friends, is the magic of Science, but particularly Physics!

Physics makes you and your mind more advanced

Not necessarily. I was a critical reasoner before I did Physics. I thinks it's more about observing patterns in the world. physics is only fundamental in a retrospective way.

Definitely. Physics has a lot more to it than Biology or Chemistry. And B&C were born out of Physics. - PositronWildhawk

Best answer of the wide variety

It can be used for everyday necessities

Physics is behind everything we do. Mechanics, friction, forces everywhere. Even in sports, driving, electronic devices. It provide us knowledge about most things we do. Overturning speed of vehicles. Working of machinery, factories everywhere what seems evident is physics. - divphygamer

Physics is what we use to make our cars as fast and safe as possible, makes all of our electrics work the way they do, makes us detect things we can't with the unaided eye, and so much more! - PositronWildhawk

Without Physics and the Maths behind it, there would be no T.V., safety car features, radiotherapy or anything like that that makes our modern lives!


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It is extremely interesting

I mean just look at specific heat capacity!

Best description ever!

It's simply beautiful.

Now inappropriate sexy is a very bad word

It's sexy.

It explains the entire universe comprehensively with equations that can be understood without direct experimentation or observation.
It takes us to various extremes

There's Absolute Zero and Plank Temperature, there's the Size of the Universe and the Planck Length, there's Vacuums and Black Holes; it's mind-boggling how these extremes compare with our everyday lives, and that makes it awesome!

It offers creativity and logic at the same time.
It has lots of new stuff to be learnt
It's for everyone

It can be for all ages including kids, they too can learn physics which is so fun

I want to ba a physics teacher!

Even kids can study physics they will enjoy it and love it so's the best part of science

Definitely not for arts or commerce guys...only for science people

You never know what you could find
You ask a question, and then another question pops into your head
It helps you to think in different perspectives
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