Top 10 Reasons Pink Floyd, the Beatles, and Led Zeppelin are Better Than Coldplay


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1 Coldplay is Boring

Ok, this list legit makes n0 sense, like legit comparing 4 incredibly talented ROCK bands to a pretty good ALTERNATIVE band. - Metalfan2112

2 Pink Floyd, the Beatles, or Led Zeppelin Did Not Collaborate with Pop Artists

Lol. At the time, The beatles and Zep could be considered as pop. Maybe not pink floyd - Metalfan2112

But Led Zeppelin plagarizied - VideoGamefan5

3 The Music by PF, TB, and Zep is More Interesting

Interesting? Maybe its because you've only heard 2 coldplay songs from the radio. Listen to their older stuff, you'll find a ton of interesting elements in their music. I guess it is your opinion after all... - Metalfan2112

4 Those Three Bands are Not Sellouts

I'm sorry I'm commenting on a lot of your v0ting options or whatever, but don't call bands a sellout. If coldplay sold out, Zeppelin sold out by making their last two albums that had a WAY different sound and were worse, and Pink FLoyd sold out when they made anything after the wall. I get your probably saying Coldplay turned to pop when they made Viva la Vida or something like that, whatever. - Metalfan2112

Sellouts? What are you talking about. Ok, I know your probably saying Coldplay sold out when they made Viva la Vida or something, but that means Led Zep sold out when they made their last two albums, and Pink Floyd sold out when they made The wall. - Metalfan2112

5 PF, TB, and LZ Have a Better Sound

A more influential sound, yeah. - Metalfan2112

A more influential sound, yeah - Metalfan2112

6 The Members of Those Bands are All Good Musicians, but the Members of Coldplay Sound Cookie Cuter.

...WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT? This is proof the only song you've ever heard from Coldplay is Viva la Vida or Paradise. Stop expecting Coldplay to be King Crimson or David Bowie or Led Zeppelin Coldplay is a great band - Metalfan2112

You think Coldplay, a popular alternative band is going to be KING CRIMSON. Ok, I guess its your opinion - Metalfan2112

7 Songs, by Pink Floyd, the Beatles, and Led Zeppelin Can Be Deep.
8 The Members of PF, TB, and LZ Look Cooler
9 Better Album Covers
10 Better Albums in General
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