Reasons the Playstation Portable (PSP) Failed (And How the Vita Can Undo the Damage)

Ever since the Gameboy's release in 1989, Nintendo had pretty much dominated the handheld market. Many companies have tried to usurp the crown as the handheld king, but all have fallen, despite their handhelds’ technical superiority to the Gameboy. When the PSP was unveiled during E3 2004, many were ood and awed by its technical superiority and by what the PSP had that the DS didn't. For many, it seemed that Nintendo's days of holding the monopoly on the handheld gaming market had come to an end.

But shortly after its launch on March 24, 2005 in North America, the issues quickly surfaced like a bloated corpse that wasn't tied down properly. Shortly after, support for the PSP quickly fizzled out and was put on life support during its entire duration in North America while it thrived in Japan. With the PS Vita out, Sony has made it clear they’re not backing down and are more determined than ever to dethrone Nintendo as the handheld gaming superpower. But they can’t do it unless they learn from their past mistakes, and learned they have. I'll be counting the reasons why the PSP floundered in North America, and how Sony is not going to be repeating the same mistakes again.

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1 It didn't make any serious effort to compete with Nintendo
2 UMDs

Don't know why all the hate for the umd, it was the easiest way to,'get ' games in the Beginning. Dsl was new and downloadimg games took forever when you can't locate the last percent of the seed. I lived next to a blockbuster and pretty much in the span of a month rent most of their game and rip the ISO.

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3 The pathetic battery life

I detest dumb batteries. The suckers. - HezarioSeth

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4 Where's the second analog stick?

Couldn't play Call of Duty properly :(

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5 Constant firmware updates
6 Forgetting the Western market
7 Movies on UMDs
8 Not taking downloadable games seriously
9 Constant obsolesce
10 Not getting enough bang for their buck

The psp sold 80 million units it was never a fail
Just look at the ps vita sales 4 million units? What happen I no the ps vita is better and has lots of more time to get sales but don't say the psp was a fail! - diemor50

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11 A lot of pirating

The psp had a port where u could plug in your psp into your pc allowing u to Pirating games on the psp. This could have caused sony to remove this port into the ps vita they even make fun of it in the port in the top.But people have found ways to do it but it now harder.

12 Not having any Uncharted games
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