Top Ten Reasons the Pokemon Anime Sucks

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1 Recycled Episodic Plots

70% of the episodes revolve around three plots:
-this person/Pokemon can't do something properly
-this person/Pokemon has become lost/separated
-two sides who aren't getting along
It's the same thing over and over again, just with different faces.

It's literally the same thing every region they go to! Ash always starts out as a newbie in each region, he rarely uses some of his old Pokemon in the newer series, there are TONS OF POINTLESS FILLER EPISODES, and Ash always loses the Pokemon League! Pokemon has established itself as the Phineas and Ferb of anime, because it is so recycled and repetitive. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

Every episode, movie, plotline is basically the same. I know it's just Pokemon, but you don't have to be a rocket scientist to think of a different, interesting plot that doesn't involve Team Rocket or some evil team ruining something, and then the incompetent twerps save the day. Absolutely idiotic.

See I mean, I liked the anime but it gets boring really fast - Adventurur2

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2 Characters booted off the show

You guys don't like the Pokémon anime because Ash and Team Rocket have appeared in every episode, but then get angry when they are booted off the show?

3 Lack of Continuity
4 Jessie/James Appear in Every Episode

UHG and when they do appear, it's the same thing with the stupid and repetetive intro and the blasting off again. and they are 80 percent of all of the episodes, it just makes me want to rip out my hair

Actually, since the Black and White series, they don't appear in every episode.

5 Ash never wins a league

This is worse than anything because it renders everything that happens before it in that region moot.

Why ash lost to Alain despite having type advantage

6 Serena is Overrated

You mean negatively overrated, right? She is not that bad - SocialMediaStinks

Damn straight! I think that Serena has such a larg, disrespectful fanbase for girly she is! WELL, SHE IS THE WORSTEST Pokemon CHARACTER EVER!

7 Awful Voice Acting (Tpci Dub)

It just keeps getting worse with this show ever since they got rid of the original English voice actors.

8 Lack of Character Focus

I've never heard of a series whereas the majority of the episodes don't revolve around the main characters. Your standard episode revolves around some problem which has nothing to do with the main characters, their goals or the lifestyle of being trainers.

9 Not Knowing Why Ash Even wants to be a Pokemon Master

Ash really has no development whatsoever, and the worst part is that this isn't a series like Mario, where they aren't focusing on developing the series-they do that in Pokemon, and we're still stuck with the same generic character in every episode. - Garythesnail

Usually, when I see characters with goals, there's a solid motive, reasoning or history behind the goal. This makes me want to cheer for that character. With Ash I have no clue why he wants to be a Pokemon master. I can't really care for the guy.

Yeah mario may have the same save the princess plot line but they do their best to develope the series - Adventurur2

Lol, Bob Saget is much cooler than Ash.

10 Ash Works with the Same Type of Pokemon

Fire/grass/water/regional bird/Pikachu...

They do starters to make them more popular

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11 Team Rocket Team Rocket

Same thing over and over. Their song, appear in some random costume, attempt to kidnap Pikachu for their boss, Ash and his friends realise its Team Rocket, then Team Rocket blast off again.

12 Type Matchups are Meaningless

Thunder Armor!


13 True Villains Rarely Appear
14 Officer Jenny and Nurse Joy's new designs
15 Brock Left
16 Misty Left

Oh shut up or do you like bullying fans of when it started, you wouldn't have the show.

Genwunners need to grow up - SocialMediaStinks

17 It's Childish

The main reason why I loathe this "anime" (notice the quotations? Because this shouldn't qualify as an anime. It's a disgrace). - SelfDestruct

18 Ash ditched Charizard

We all loved charizard

SocialMediaStinks needs to shut up.

Genwunners need to grow up - SocialMediaStinks

19 Does not follow video game canon

Brush, anime and games don't relate to each other. If that's what you're whining about, go watch something else. - TheEliteComet

20 Zero Progression in the Mainstay Characters
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