Top Ten Reasons the Pokemon Anime Sucks

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1 Awful Voice Acting (Tpci Dub)

The sound of Ash's latin spanish voice is making me homicidal. Pikachu this, Pikachu that. Mix it with Ash's childish and obnoxious loud never growing personality and you get a migraine for days.

It just keeps getting worse with this show ever since they got rid of the original English voice actors.

I'm not laughing at you, nor did I ever call you names, you are a hypocrite as you bash 4Kids for things TPCi has done as well, and in fact, TPCi has done worse on music replacing as well as intros than 4Kids did. The voice acting is also worse, no matter what poor defenses you make for the current dub. - MaturePerson

Ash Voice by Sarah is Getting Worse Since DP-BW now it's in the Current Run.

2 Recycled episodic plots


70% of the episodes revolve around three plots:
-this person/Pokemon can't do something properly
-this person/Pokemon has become lost/separated
-two sides who aren't getting along
It's the same thing over and over again, just with different faces.

It's literally the same thing every region they go to! Ash always starts out as a newbie in each region, he rarely uses some of his old Pokemon in the newer series, there are TONS OF POINTLESS FILLER EPISODES, and Ash always loses the Pokemon League! Pokemon has established itself as the Phineas and Ferb of anime, because it is so recycled and repetitive. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

You bet that it is. But I'd like it better if Team Rocket (except Meowth) dies. After all, I'm tired of those villains' obsessions, although I'm more fed up with Jessie's bad attitude.

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3 Characters booted off the show

I don't understand why Brock and Misty had to leave, but Team Rocket had to stay. I'm getting tired of them, so annoying. - Smash64

You guys don't like the Pokémon anime because Ash and Team Rocket have appeared in every episode, but then get angry when they are booted off the show?

Would you rather have the same three characters for 20 years? *sigh* - furryfan8

4 Lack of continuity

YES, Pickachu won against a Dragonite but lost to the lv5 starter pokemon of unova

5 Jessie/James appear in every episode

At least in sun and moon they do they own thing come on they are the best characters

Yep the worst part of this show - boltslegend

UHG and when they do appear, it's the same thing with the stupid and repetetive intro and the blasting off again. and they are 80 percent of all of the episodes, it just makes me want to rip out my hair

Actually, since the Black and White series, they don't appear in every episode.

6 Ash never wins a league

I mean even if he is the protagonist he is still shown to be the average pokemon master there and when he is told of this fact from his friend, who always wears purple, he gets ticked off. Can't eve take the truth

This is worse than anything because it renders everything that happens before it in that region moot.

Why ash lost to Alain despite having type advantage

I love the games, I really do. However, I have lost every ounce of interest for the show. Why is is still going on? It should have been like just keep the gen1-4 seasons, make ONLY one gen5 season, and then can the whole thing since it’s pretty clear that the show is just an advertisement for people to try the games. I mean don’t get me wrong, the gen1-4 seasons weren’t too bad, I mean it’s not the best thing ever but it’s worth existing. But I can’t bear to watch or even think about everything else.

The show has many problems, such as not staying true to the games but even the good old seasons had that too, but it’s even worse later on. Recycling plots is bad too but then again for having like I dunno 1000 episodes then I guess it’s not too bad, characters being kicked off is fine as most replacements are characters from the newer games and so younger watchers could recognise the characters, the villains appearing every episode ehh...and bad voice acting ...more - PageEmperor

7 Serena is overrated

Yesss. I hate how even now people are like - Serena was the best, hope she'll return soon!
But for what? At least other characters gave Ash some nice battles, Serena is worthless though. They just want her for a stupid Amourshipping stuff.
Even though I hate her, she's only ruining post-Pokemon XY fandom, not the entire anime.

"Overrated" is more of a subjective term - yungstirjoey666

This is an opinionated topic - boltslegend

You mean negatively overrated, right? She is not that bad - SocialMediaStinks

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8 Not knowing why Ash even wants to be a Pokemon master

Ash really has no development whatsoever, and the worst part is that this isn't a series like Mario, where they aren't focusing on developing the series-they do that in Pokemon, and we're still stuck with the same generic character in every episode. - Garythesnail

Usually, when I see characters with goals, there's a solid motive, reasoning or history behind the goal. This makes me want to cheer for that character. With Ash I have no clue why he wants to be a Pokemon master. I can't really care for the guy.

Yeah mario may have the same save the princess plot line but they do their best to develope the series - Adventurur2

Lol, Bob Saget is much cooler than Ash.

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9 Lack of character focus

I've never heard of a series whereas the majority of the episodes don't revolve around the main characters. Your standard episode revolves around some problem which has nothing to do with the main characters, their goals or the lifestyle of being trainers.

10 Brock left

The new characters are boring and the new animation style sucks. Also I liked when ash's hair had pointy ends better than this stupid new one with round ends, he also got a lot dumber because he goes to school - Yoshi

Best character in the anime by far. - Smash64

His running joke was funny for like the first three times. *annoyed* - furryfan8

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11 Ash Works with the Same Type of Pokemon

Fire/grass/water/regional bird/Pikachu...

They do starters to make them more popular

12 Misty left

I have to laugh at these retarded Misty haters, Ash might of been the body but Misty & Brock were the Heart & Soul.

Oh shut up or do you like bullying fans of when it started, you wouldn't have the show.

Seriously - boltslegend

Genwunners need to grow up - SocialMediaStinks

13 Ash ditched Charizard

I hate charizard - Yoshi

How boring would it be sweeping every gym and half the league though - boltslegend

We all loved charizard

SocialMediaStinks needs to shut up.

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14 True villains rarely appear

They would be better if Team Rocket didn't appear, it just ruins them and gives TR all attention but, what about other villains? They don't get character because, of them.
Good thing we have the movies though.

Team rocket ruins it - boltslegend

15 Type matchups are meaningless

Thunder Armor!


(Tr)Ash: Pikachu used THUNDER on ONIX!
May: Squirtle! Used TACKLE on BANETTE!
Brock: Croakgun! POISON JAB!
SCIZOR Fainted - Veevee2k6

16 It's childish

They should do something for 12+!
They have Pokespe (Pokemon Adventures/Pokemon Special)!
Why they didn't make Pokemon Special anime?

What you guys hate kids? Child abusers confirmed

The main reason why I loathe this "anime" (notice the quotations? Because this shouldn't qualify as an anime. It's a disgrace). - SelfDestruct

17 Dawn left

The only pokegirl I like

18 Officer Jenny and Nurse Joy's new designs

Why who gives a dam about the Pokémon center
Anyway and what the fxxx is

19 Does not follow video game canon

Brush, anime and games don't relate to each other. If that's what you're whining about, go watch something else. - TheEliteComet

Why do people dislike this. It’s not the games so don’t complain - boltslegend

20 It's boring

I find it really uninteresting. The plot is the same all the way through.

Gets boring easily many episodes

21 Zero progression in the mainstay characters
22 Too many Pokemon

So... the Pokemon anime... has too many Pokemon?
Conclusion: you guys don't know why it's the Pokemon anime

23 Clemont & Bonnie left

THIS is another reason why the anime nowadays sucks! Cause there’s absolutely no likeable characters whatsoever! Seriously why put a floating robotic Pokédex with an annoying voice on the anime for good? Bring Clemont & Bonnie back! - TGBBOD

24 Jumped the shark after 90s
25 Ash is still 10

Perhaps u perrfer 30? - boltslegend

Shouldn’t he be like around I dunno, 30 or something? Oh wait yeah, he isn’t a human being. He’s probaby some weird creature from a distant planet where everyone has a different life cycle. - PageEmperor

26 Running out of ideas

Just doing the same thing, it's just pure lazy, even movies 20, 21, and the most lazy 22, I'm telling you it is based on the love of money, and no one gets it through to their heads that enough is enough. - TravisGould

27 Newgenners and their obsession with Serena

They go as far as to wish death upon characters like Misty, Latias, or any female associated with Ashy boy. They have no respect for different opinions and they throw tantrums if you disagree with them or when they don't get their way.

I watched xyz last and still preferred Serena. Still wishing death opon misty is psychotic - boltslegend

When will you idiots just get over it? And get over YOUR obsessions with your precious Dawn & Misty just cause you hate Serena? - TGBBOD

28 Pokémon say their names

Then, you might like Digimon. We have Digital Monsters who can talk human language!

Pokémon are (for the most part) based on animals, so it makes absolutely no sense that they say their names out loud. Why couldn‘t they keep the original cries (perhaps a bit modified), given that they sound a lot more realistic.

29 Lazy lip sync

It's really lazy, the lip sync is the mouth then I goes smaller shuts and recycles it! It is annoying and lazy!

30 It is considered the only good anime
31 Songs are stupid

true dat

Disagree - boltslegend

32 Never showed Ash's father

I hate how this anime completely forgets the original plot points. - Smash64

Maybe his father died? Mewtwo killed him? or another killer Pokemon I dunno childhood is the past.

I think the main reson they never showed his father is because he probably does not have one. I think he was just some weird ailen who got thrown down to earth because his alien pals wanted him away due to his dumbness - PageEmperor

Just wait - boltslegend

33 No adventure

When they were writing this season were they like "What is something every child loves and wants more of? " and then some other idiot was like "SCHOOL! " - ZachAnimations

34 Genwunners obsession with Misty
35 Ash Never Evolves Pikachu

When are we ever gonna see Ash with Raichu? - Smash64

36 May and Max are annoying


37 Ash looks like a girl even though he is not

Meh, he looks pretty cool to me.

No he doesn’t - boltslegend

38 Ash's redesign

The battle animation gets better with this - boltslegend

39 Ash is a Gary Stu

Gary Stu? He had flaws. He doesn't win every Pokemon battle. - yungstirjoey666

40 Girls just come and go

True - boltslegend

41 They changed the original trio

That’s a ignorant thing to dislike - boltslegend

42 No plot

This is by far the worst part of it all - boltslegend

43 It's based on Greed and Laziness

Pokemon seems to be made to teach children responsibility with animals, but got spoiled by them instead, the creators got greedy and lazy with it as a result of Sloth, mental sloth. They cheat Ash every time because their too lazy to do something new. Movies 20 - 22 is even more lazier not given the Alola group a chance. One day someones gonna say enough is enough and force them to cancel to punish us for getting too spoilt by the franchise. It happen with Highlander because idiots put stupidity and draggy plots in the animated series. - TravisGould

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