Reasons the Pokemon DP Anime Was Awesome


The Top Ten

1 The Sinnoh league was the best league

The match against Paul in my opinion was the best battle ever in the whole anime. - Jackster

Best league ever - Pokemonfan30

2 Least boring fillers

Nearly all the episodes were entertaining - Jackster

3 Best Traveling companions

Brock and Dawn were awesome. - Jackster

Brock & Dawn we’re good I suppose. But Clemont, Bonnie, and Serena were WAY better. - TGBBOD

4 Ash's older Pokemon were brought back for the league

It was great seeing his older Pokemon battle again - Jackster

5 Best rivals
6 Dawn vs May
7 Pearlshipping

A troll added this.

Actually I added this, because Pearlshipping is the best ship - Jackster

8 Lagomorphshipping
9 High Touch was the best opening
10 Dawn friend-zoned Ash

No she didn't. Whoever put this on is trolling - Jackster

Yes, she did.

The Contenders

11 Best characters
12 Dawn friend-zoned Kenny
13 Ash friend-zoned Dawn

No he didn't. Whoever put this is a troll - Jackster

Yes he did

14 Lilblueshipping (Dawn and Piplup)

Best ship ever.

15 Ikarishipping Ikarishipping
16 Penguinshipping (Dawn & Kenny) Penguinshipping (Dawn & Kenny)
17 Twinleafshipping (Barry vs Dawn) Twinleafshipping (Barry vs Dawn)
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