Top Ten Reasons Pokemon Is Better Than Arthur

The Top Ten Reasons Pokemon Is Better Than Arthur

1 Pokemon is more epic

Pokemon actually have some power moves. Arthur is as lame as watching someone say a lame word. - EpicJake

This list is retarded

We have opinions, but why are you comparing two completely different shows? - Puga

Pretty much everything on here is an obvious reason why Pokemon is better. And it is!

Sorry I didn't know you guys were against this list. - EpicJake

2 Arthur is boring

Arthur used to be good, but after 9 story entertainment took over, I really wish it was cancelled. - Jackthetoptenguy5

Arthur is boring. Well besides that treehouse. - EpicJake

Arthur is a preschool show.

It's just a group of 3rd graders arguing with each other. And they dress like nerds. No offense to nerds.

3 Pokemon is adventurous

Who cares if Arthur is not adventurous. Nice try, but it takes more than what happens in the show to prove that Pokemon is better than this.

I betcha SevenLizards will be voting on this list. - EpicJake

4 Pokemon has better art

Actually, Pokemon's art is pretty bad for an anime.

Of course, Pokemon is a Anime Arthur is a silly cartoon please - PrincipeAzul

5 Arthur has some mean characters

Why are you comparing an educational show to an anime - TheKirbyCreeper999

Any show can have mean characters.

And they get punished. - Puga

Lol "mean characters" I bet that's what Jon Snow called Ramsay Bolton. - IronSabbathPriest

6 Arthur is one of the lamest shows

No it's not. Arthur is one of the greatest kids shows ever. It's almost like a perfect kids show.

Nuh uh! Arthur is sooo lame!

7 Pokemon is exciting

Far more exciting. Pokemon captures your spirit like no other kid show. Arthur offends your intelligence - Bri-Loves_PSY_66

Nice try, But I bet by the next episode of pokemon it gets boring since you watched it a gazillion times. You jerks are nothing but mindless punks who never watched educatinal shows.That's how you are so jerkie!

8 Pokemon was made 1 year before Arthur and still going strong

Sorry, but Pokemon has gone downhill. - Puga

Pokemon has just turned into a show where the same things keep happening and it's predictable. I've lost respect for it. - Puga

Listen guys. This list is crap. I don't have time to explain it now, but I do have time to say all the reasons are in my post "Puga Rants: Why is this List so Popular? " - Puga

No Pokemon was made in 1997 and Arthur was made in 1996,Which one is older you jerks, huh,HUH!

9 Arthur is offensive

Offensive? Really? Arthur is a show aimed at a young audience to teach them about the real world and how it functions the way it does. It teaches them about stuff like cancer, autism, and dyslexia. But they manage to make it harmless and accessible for young kids. Pokémon, while good, is extremely formulaic and an obvious cash-grab. The guy who made this the weirdest kind of fanboy I've ever seen.

This dude comparing a PBS Kids show to Cartoon Network show that's stupid.

A is for Amazing!
P is for Pointless!


10 Arthur is not as popular

Who cares if it's not popular. Just because something's not popular doesn't mean it's not good.

The Contenders

11 Some people don't even know what Arthur is

I only found out about Arthur when I found this list...

I don't even know what it is. - Victinimon

I disagree - LiamMurphy

What abot Barney and Seamsame Street when you are young

12 Arthur has bad role models

So what, Pokemon does too. - Turkeyasylum

Both of them aren't bad role models. The ones that are clearly bad models are Teletubbies and Dora.

13 DW talking about that stupid snowball stuff
14 Arthur is not exciting
15 DW is arrogant
16 Arthur sucks

I Agree! The Show Used To Be Good, But Now It Sucks! And It's Mostly Because Of That Stupid Ugly-Looking Computer Animation They Put In That Show In It's Sixteenth Season.

The Only Time Arthur Ever Sucked Is When It Turned Into Horrible Flash Animation.

This show always was bad, just like Pokemon's rip off (Digimon) - Goatworlds

That Is Not Even A Reason. It's An Opinion. So That Makes This Item Invaild.

17 Winning

They fight and when you play the game then you fight - Hunter17p

18 Arthur and DW always argue

Actually, I've seen Arthur a lot as a kid, and I hardly ever saw Arthur and DW argue.

19 Arthur is mean

Not always only in “Besties”and”So funny I forgot to laugh” - LiamMurphy

20 Pokemon has Mewtwo while Arthur does not

So? How does that make it better? - Puga

21 The fanbase of Pokemon doesn't have a single man child in it


22 Arthur is for babies

Why are we even comparing this two? You people are idiots if you think they have anything to do with each other.

23 The episode where Arthur punched DW

That dosen't make sense, how could a show be bad just because of one action. See, Pokemon dosen't teach anything.

24 Sexier characters

Since when is Brain a homosexual

If you want sexy anime characters go watch Free!

Pokemon characters are not sexy.

25 Arthur never gets punished

Well in the books he did

26 Pokemon has Clemont and Arthur doesn't.

I do not like clement Pokémon is better but these are really stupid reasons Epic jake - LiamMurphy

27 Pokemon has games
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