Puga Rants: Why is this List so Popular?

Puga This list is just really stupid. It is the list "Reasons Pokemon is better than Arthur" which, if you ask me, was a waste of electricity to make. The main problem with this list is that the two shows are so different to each other. It is like trying to compare a giraffe to an onion. Pokemon is a show which focuses a lot on continuity and action, while Arthur focuses on plot and dialog. It is also saying that Pokemon is still fresh while Arhur has gone downhill which is incorrect. Pokemon has decided to turn into a show which actually focuses on visuals more than plot, and the same things happen every episode. Arthur, however gas a variety of different plots. Which brings me to my next point. Why is there so much hate for Arthur on this site? People like SevenLizards and EpicJake are randomly digging up some random reasons to hate Arthur. For example, EpicJake said "Sesame Street helps kids get ready for school. Arthur doesn't." That is a really stupid point to make. First of all, what you are simplifying is that if something helps the audience do something like count to ten, it is automatically a good show. Fair enough, but wouldn't that make shows like Dora as good as Sesame Street, because they're basically doing the exact same thing? If the answer is no, then that signals bias towards Sesame Street. So you either admit your point made towards Sesame Street is irrelevant and false, or you deny this and pull something up like "Sesame Street teaches them better." And if this is the BEST reason you can give towards Arthur being bad, then there really isn't any reason for you to hate the show at all. Oh yeah, and none of this has anything to do with Arthur. Why try to compare Sesame Street to Arthur? They are two completely different shows! Everyone is entitled to their opinion and all that, but the logic behind this arguement has so many holes I could drive a car through them. As for SevenLizards, well that is self explanatory. Let's all agree that "D.W. Is a dummy head" is not a good reason to hate a show. So like I said this list has many flaws and should not exist. Most of the points made are irrelevant or untrue.


If you're talking about my lists, KEEP IT TO YOURSELF - EpicJake

If you post your opinion, I don't tell you to delete it, do I? - Puga

Freedom of speech mate. - Cazaam

So your saying Puga should keep his opinions to himself...I don't think admin will like your comment,by the way cazzam you made a spelling mistake,it's m8,not mate - Nateawesomeness

Yeah, mate... - SnerpDoge

I HATE YOU - JerryTheBest

Delete the rant NOW - EpicJake

No, let him speak. He does have quite a big point. - PositronWildhawk

I'm not. Everything in the rant is true. Please give reasons about why your argument is correct. - Puga

Also, why did you and SevenLizards work together to get Sesame Street to number one? You could have just made a remix instead of shoving your opinions down our throats! - visitor

Its comparing An educational show to a cartoon - TheKirbyCreeper999

@epic jake,it's called critisism,You need to tolerate it,I got a lot of critisim from toptenners,and I accepted the fact that I was being innacurate - Nateawesomeness

How the heck did my comment get edited? - NESSquid

14th of November 2014 - Puga


You sound like a baby. Puga wasn't even insulting you. He has every right to criticize your lists. If you can't take criticism, get of TTT. - RoseWeasley

Wow, someone can’t take criticism! Sad! - Userguy44

All lists are viewed by different people, which means that there are a lot of different views about it. Different views on the items, ranking order, comments, or the title itself. Only your opinions are expressed on this blog. I'm just stating a fact; I'm not trying to be positive or negative at all. However, this blog could be improved with a two sided argument; a counter-argument would be interesting to both people who agree with you and the people who disagree with you. However, this is a rant blog, so a one-sided view is expected. But great blog though, in general. - Wolftail

The number one rule of having an opinion is that you need to defend it,epic jake and seven lizzards did not do a good job of that(no offense epic jake,everyone makes mistakes),so it was only neccesary that it was a one side argument,considering that the other side cannot defend their opinion,that's why this is a one sided argument - Nateawesomeness

Can I please get the popcorn because drama is about to get popping - visitor

Make it two orders! - PetSounds

Give me some too. - visitor

Same here! I love some good, buttery popcorn! - Turkeyasylum

I would have some but I can't. Darn braces. - Garythesnail

Just eat it slowly and carefully. I have braces, and I've never had any problems. Ortho says it's OK, as well. - PetSounds

OK. Make that 7 orders! - Garythesnail

Uh, I forgot my change, so I will bring my slushed and hotdog. - DapperPickle

Lol - TheKirbyCreeper999

-Duncan Croucher

rip in pepers - Puga

Make mine with extra butter - Nateawesomeness

He unknowingly started one of the worst trends in TTT history. - Puga

I'll pay. - RoseWeasley

Its EpicJake's opinion. Not everyone has to like the same thing. - CoolCat999

I don't take opinons seriously if they can't back it up with valid infirmation. - Puga

It is Epicjake's opinion. This argument shouldn't exist even though it's hurting peoples' feelings. I wish I didn't have to say this, but there's way to much drama, settled? - funnyuser

I know Everybody has opinions right? - nothingbutcool

Both epic jake and Puga are having opinions,it's just that since epic jake was bashing opinions on the list,Puga did the same thing on this post - Nateawesomeness

@jared - Puga

Actually no,epic jake could not defend his opinion,so Puga did not respect it, - Nateawesomeness


Stop having such a hissy fit over Arthur, I'm hating you because "You hate Arthur" but you take too far and you hate people who even remotely like Arthur so you don't complain at people if you have a raging hate boner on Arthur and besides, the reason why Arthur is number 1 on PBS Show is because you keep commenting and commenting on it, my case is closed, - visitor

I meant "Not hating on you because you like Arthur" by the way - visitor

Why do you always comment things completely irrelevant to the subject? - Puga

Quit, being jerk! - visitor

Arthur and Pokémon are great shows for any age group young or old. You need to shut up because your hate for Arthur has gone too far. Grow up SevenLizards. I respect your opinion, but dude just stop it. - visitor

Stop the comparing - TheKirbyCreeper999

lol - Puga


I love it when someone tries to make a logical argument about a kids' television show. - PetSounds

This excuse needs to DIE.
If Arthur is a kids show, then it certainly must be a mature one, because it deals with cancer, Alzheimer's, dyslexia and 9/11. It has likeable characters and good morals. Thus, it is one of the best kids shows EVER. The fact that people are saying it's one of the WORST just enrages me. - Puga

There are good kid shows. Besides Arthur and pre-movie SpongeBob too. Watch Rocko's Modern Life, OK? That's a good one. - Garythesnail

There's also Total Drama Island. It's a hilarious show, and all the jokes are perfectly placed, and clean for the most part. - Turkeyasylum

TDI isn't totally age-appropriate though. - Garythesnail

"it deals with cancer,alpzeimers,dyslexia,and 9/11 maturely"past puga - Nateawesomeness

Okay I've nothing to do with Arthur here, but stay away from Pokemon! It's my childhood. You can fanboy over Arthur as long as you want but don't criticize all other shows in the process. - Kiteretsunu

Yeah Pokemon is awesome. It's better than Arthur - EpicJake

As for you Epicjake, you didn't have to compare Arthur and Pokemon. I don't care about Arthur, but please don't bring Pokemon into this so called Arthur Battle. And I agree with Puga, Pokemon and Arthur are completely different.

Both this list and post are unnecessary. - visitor

I don't even know what Arthur is, but please don't bring in Pokemon in this so called Arthur Battle, EpicJake. I don't want Puga to have a negative opinion about Pokemon because of this list. I think both SevenLizards and Puga have gone overboard with this Arthur hating or fanboying thing. Both this list and post are unnecessary.

And one thing I want to tell everyone, Pokemon is not all about visuals. It still has a much deeper plot and story, and the beauty and complexity of this show can only be fully experienced if you're also familiar with the games. - Kiteretsunu

Nice rant. - michaelsback

Don't think rant could be nice, but this is truly a 'right' rant... - Fan_of_Good_Music

whom dis - Puga

Puga, I'm not saying I hate you, but this post in kind of offensive. Take Arthur for an example. You've been bashing on me and SevenLizards' opinion on Arthur. We hate Arthur and you like it, that's something I don't mind but it doesn't mean you have to bash on us about it. And the you can't judge a show by one character rule is too stupid to be a rule. Like SevenLizards says that DW is stupid and mean, that's an opinion like other opinions. I don't have to explain the rest now, I'll make a posyt about it. - EpicJake

Listen up. This should clear a LOT. I'm not bashing you, I am just bringing up counterpoints and pointing out flaws. Do you know what you can't judge a show by one character means? - Puga

Speak your mind. I kind of thought the list was biased. I think Epic Jake could have done better. I still think some his list our great. - visitor

List our great - Puga

Who was this visitor? - Therandom

I think it's Jared. - WonkeyDude98

The arguement is gonna come I'm getting popcorn for the drama everyone quite has a big point - nothingbutcool

Lol me too - RockStarr

Nothingbutcool. I remember. He was a nonce too. - Puga

Opinions: A thing that everyone gives but don't take - visitor

Another wonderful quote from Duncan Croucher. - Puga

I agree. Read my post!
Enough said. Meows signing out and going to animal jam! Bye! - meows

I read the post! - kitten2015

The reason you read the post kitten2015 is because you and meows and themiddlefanmeow are the same person - TheKirbyCreeper999

I remember this nonce - Puga

If this excuse stops we would not have to argue about kids shows any more - nothingbutcool

OK let's change the subject now. - EpicJake

Oh my god. This argument had been going since Poopmember 14 and you stopped tinkling on the Poopmember 29. Most random comment I ever made - JaysTop10List

The f**k did I just type? - JaysTop10List

oh my - Puga

What you should've said is "here are my nudes guys! Maybe this'll settle the argument! " - Therandom

I just realised that if you posted your nudes here
The policy would've never happened - Puga

lol - ProPanda

I want to find the very origin of this whole argument. - TheLister

You've found it here. Congratulations. - visitor

It wasn't here. - Puga

Maybe I'm being really dumb here, but... what's Arthur? :D sorry I genuinely dunno the show. But wow, way to argue over nothing, well done guys. - EvilAngel

It's a show on CBBC for little kids. I don't love it, like it, or hate it. I just never watch it because I find it boring. - IronSabbathPriest

-_- - TheKirbyCreeper999

"Argue over nothing"

Tears, remix merchant - Puga

Possibly my first post comment. - IronSabbathPriest

This is such a stupid list. Sorry EpicJake - TheKirbyCreeper999

DW has been called stupid? She has already worked on her future career (astronaut), been able to set up a mini science fair in her backyard (in the episode "Prove It"), and she is only 4 years old. - MatthewHecht

Says Matthew, Arthur expert - Puga

I couldn't agree more on this rant. People like SevenLizards and EpicJake have been saying bad things about Arthur, saying that it teaches kids to argue, it teaches people to punch kids, blah, blah, blah. And then, people actually believed them. They took the Arthur hate way too far. Before EpicJake and SevenLizards joined, Arthur was more popular. People were saying good things about the show and had good reasons to like the show. But ever since SevenLizards and EpicJake became users, the show has been losing it's reputation on the site. Even Cosmo, who used to like Arthur, started hating it. They say bad things about the show and don't say anything good about the show. Arthur has helped kids deal with cancer and dyslexia. Also, remember back in the good old days when Arthur was number one on "Best PBS Kids Shows"? Then, SevenLizards and EpicJake started working together to get Arthur out of first place, and Cosmo joined in also, and they kept voting Sesame Street over and over, and now Sesame Street is in first place. They should have just remixed the list and be happy with that, because some people want Arthur to be in first. But no, they had to shove Sesame Street down people's throats instead. People even hate Arthur because of the new episodes, when they could instead look on the bright side and LIKE the show for it's OLDER episodes. I respect your opinion, but if you can't think of any valid reasons to hate Arthur, just don't give any reasons at all. Just say something like "I'm not really a fan of Arthur" or "I don't care much for Arthur" or something along those lines. - visitor

Get with the times. - Therandom

Did you come from the past? - visitor

No he came from his mom and my d**k. - Skullkid755

D! ck to be move obvious. - Skullkid755

Good one skullkid - Puga

How I remember these old times. - cosmo

You joined like a week before the war ended hkukvdyjc - Puga

Epic jake it's called critisism - Nateawesomeness

screaming - Puga

easy ruse - Puga

What do Pokemon and Artur even have in common to compare? What were you trying to prove out of it? This is like the Adventure Time/Ebola thing all over again... - TwilightKitsune

So this is a piece of TTT war history? - Martinglez

You could call it that. - Puga

This should be in a museum. - Puga

69 - Puga

It's been more than 3 years, holy balls. - Puga

God, I feel weird reading all this. It's like digging up a time capsule you made in 7th grade. - BlarchBlaces

Wish we could turn back time - Puga