Top Ten Reasons Pokemon Is Better Than Final Fantasy

Don't get me wrong I don't hate final fantasy. I just thing pokemon is the est RPG ever

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1 A team in final fantasy is fairly predictable, but in Pokemon you have no idea what's going to be on a team.

This list is complete. May I point out that unless you do excessive research on most ff games, you have no idea who's going to join your party, especially later on. Also, pokemon is the most basic form an rpg can take. The actual gameplay of pokemon is not that great when it comes to the actual journey, unlike final fantasy. Also, the battles themselves are typically either really easy or completely unfair, whereas in final fantasy, they are regularly, systematically challenging. - RevolverOcelot

What the hell is this list even? It's far too specific, to the point where it seems like two ten-year-olds got into an argument over which series is better, and a third person was writing down all of the points being made by the Pokémon kid. Well, I guess you get stupid and nonsensical lists if you look hard enough.

Final fantasy is pretty darn boring, honestly. Most rpgs tend to take themselves FAR too seriously whereas Pokemon isn't so try-hard.

Who even made this crappy list - yuma9009

2 Pokemon appeals to people of all ages, while Final Fantasy only appeals to teens and adults.

You can't something is better just because it appeals to all ages - yuma9009

3 Final Fantasy doesn't have an iconic mascot while Pokemon does.

Cloud Strife is iconic enough - NuMetalManiak

Is this even a valid reason? How does this make the games better!?! - RevolverOcelot

Pikachu is a masot - ParkerFang

4 Pokemon is newer, yet has managed to sell more copies than Final Fantasy.

How are the games themselves better? - RevolverOcelot

5 Pokemon is more of a household name than Final Fantasy.

How are the games themselves better? - RevolverOcelot

6 Pokemon has more characters to choose from.

Bullsh! t. What does this even mean? Have you played pokemon? You choose your diversity, then you're done! - RevolverOcelot

7 Pokemon has a competitive scene that is good while Final Fantasy has none at all.

That's because pokemon is fvking multiplayer and final fantasy is singleplayer! - RevolverOcelot

8 Pokemon is easier to pick up and play.

Fair, it's better to start with. But you know that means that it is a simpler game, right? - RevolverOcelot

9 You can't play on wifi in Final Fantasy games except for one.

One again, pokemon is multiplayer, and final fantasy is singleplayer. Why should it need wifi? - RevolverOcelot

10 Pokemon anime has an iconic theme song that most people know.

How are the games themselves better? - RevolverOcelot

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11 No Sex

There's no sex in both games

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