Top Ten Reasons Pokemon is Better Than Yo-Kai Watch

The Top Ten Reasons Pokemon is Better Than Yo-Kai Watch

1 Pokemon came first

I know, but just because something came out before something else does not mean that it's better I mean I like yo kai watch butt not as much as Pokemon

I love Pokemon more as it has a better world and designs, it just feels deeper and like being a part of this world. However, I have to say 'it came first' is one of the most stupid reasons to say something is better. WHEN something was released does NOT matter, there are plenty of new things better than old and vise versa. Sure I love Pokemon more, but this being voted for first reason is ridicilous and definitely not fair to Yokai Watch. Yes that's right, I'm defending Yokai Watch right now. I do like Pokemon better though, but that doesn't mean I hate Yokai Watch at all.

Not true because it has seizures and in one episode someone has a fake chest for a beauty contest at the beach. It twas banned.

Okay. Just because Pokemon came first doesn't mean it's better. Plus, I hate this list. No offense. - Powerfulgirl10

2 Harder than Pokemon

I agree yokai is harder but I also do not agree because it really depends on the player.

It' hard in a good way

3 Better designed monsters

Yea Pokemon has cute cats and dogs etc. And fluffy Pokemon etc. And fierce dragons etc. And so on. But yo kay crap has old women that sound dumb and even an elephant that makes people wanna pee. I saw that gross episode. yo kay wach is officially the crappier version of teen titans go

Pokemon are more creative and yo jai is all cat like monsters

That is the same with Yo-kai Watch.

Both are good!

4 Yo-Kai has a pointless adventure

If you think Yo-Kai watch isn't by Nintendo, technically it is. It was made by Level 5 and Nintendo.

It's not really pointless. - Powerfulgirl10

It is just fighting monsters for everyday problems - Hspencer

No it doesn't.

5 Yo-Kai looks childish

Well, DUH. And so does Pokemon. Video games are childish.

Pokemon is the most childish thing on the planet just watch the new anime and you'll see what I mean - Himalayansalt

Nope It really doesn't look pointless

You look childish

6 Yo-Kai has inappropriate monsters

They're not even considered "monsters." Plus, just because there are two butt Yo-Kai doesn't mean it's inappropriate. - Powerfulgirl10

Actually, there are two butt Yo-Kai.

There's a butt yo Kai watch... Why...

Pokemon does too - Himalayansalt

7 Ash looks better than the main character in yo-kai

His name is Nate, just so you know.

He does be a large margin. this article is the best thing i,v seen.

Or Keita-kun in japanese

8 Pokemon battles are epic

That whole day watching Pokemon...Was completely pointless.

Same for Yo-kai Watch. I got this game 4 days ago and I think it's amazing.

I know pokemon are epic yokai are super lame

Yo kai watch - Himalayansalt

9 Most Pokemon designs are better

True especially toxicroak - TENTACRUEL

"You can't judge by appearance." - Powerfulgirl10

What do you prefer, an ugly ghost or a mouse with electric powers?
That's what I though

10 Yo-Kai does not have enough time to strategise

Yes because in terror time you NEVER! see it coming. how do you know when to stock up on stanium. also the bosses are too hard

The Contenders

11 Ash and Pikachu have a better relationship

Whisper is the closets yokai to nate

12 Yo-Kai is pointless

NOT TRUE. I doubt you even watched the show! Watch the show before criticizing and judging it!

YOU PUT THIS TWICE! Plus, it's not pointless.

And HOW are the characters pointless? That doesn't even make sense. - Powerfulgirl10

Is this a joke

It's not pointless at all. Plus "Yo-Kai Monsters are Pointless" makes no sense. - Powerfulgirl10

13 Yo-kai Watch is very sexist!

Nate gets the watch in the anime and not Katie. Why not both?
Nate gets the merch spotlight and not Katie, why not both?
Nate gets to have the watch in the third game and Katie's story if chosen as playable in 1 and 2 no longer matters, that 's just poor choice in continuation.
Pokemon does gender equality better.

14 It’s babyish compared to Pokémon
15 It's not even an anime it's babyish shaded in cartoons
16 Pokemon has a better world

This is the main reason I think Pokemon is better than Yokai Watch, the world is better is so many ways. Firstly, everyone in the Pokemon world can have Pokemon but that's not the same with Yokai Watch. Secondly, the way the Pokemon world is makes it much more easier to use my time on. Pokemon sucks me in and makes me feel like I'm part of that world, while Yokai Watch doesn't give me the same feeling and feels more lacking. And thirdly and lastly, the Pokemon designs are so much better and adds a lot to the feeling of being in the world as I play the games. They feel so natural, strangely even the object based ones, and it just makes it feel more alive. I do like Yokai Watch too and do admit Pokemon could learn from them with a few things like questing and other stuff, but Yokai Watch could definitely learn from Pokemon too.

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