Top Ten Reasons Pokemon is Better Than Yo-Kai Watch


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1 Pokemon came first

I know, but just because something came out before something else does not mean that it's better I mean I like yo kai watch butt not as much as Pokemon

Not true because it has seizures and in one episode someone has a fake chest for a beauty contest at the beach. It twas banned.

Okay. Just because Pokemon came first doesn't mean it's better. Plus, I hate this list. No offense. - Powerfulgirl10

This list is dumb - Officialpen

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2 Harder than Pokemon V 1 Comment
3 Better designed monsters

That is the same with Yo-kai Watch.

Both are good!

Both games have good character designs. - Powerfulgirl10

Yokai are disgusting and ugly while pokemon are cool

4 Yo-Kai has a pointless adventure

If you think Yo-Kai watch isn't by Nintendo, technically it is. It was made by Level 5 and Nintendo.

It's not really pointless. - Powerfulgirl10

It is just fighting monsters for everyday problems - Hspencer

Pokèmon DOES have a better adventure…

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5 Yo-Kai looks childish

Well, DUH. And so does Pokemon. Video games are childish.

Nope It really doesn't look pointless

Pokemon is the most childish thing on the planet just watch the new anime and you'll see what I mean - Himalayansalt

You look childish

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6 Yo-Kai has inappropriate monsters

Actually, there are two butt Yo-Kai.

There's a butt yo Kai watch... Why...

They're not even considered "monsters." Plus, just because there are two butt Yo-Kai doesn't mean it's inappropriate. - Powerfulgirl10

Pokemon does too - Himalayansalt

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7 Ash looks better than the main character in yo-kai

His name is Nate, just so you know.

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8 Pokemon battles are epic

That whole day watching Pokemon...Was completely pointless.

Same for Yo-kai Watch. I got this game 4 days ago and I think it's amazing.

Yo kai watch - Himalayansalt

I know pokemon are epic yokai are super lame

9 Yo-Kai does not have enough time to strategise
10 Yo-Kai is pointless

NOT TRUE. I doubt you even watched the show! Watch the show before criticizing and judging it!

YOU PUT THIS TWICE! Plus, it's not pointless.

And HOW are the characters pointless? That doesn't even make sense. - Powerfulgirl10

Is this a joke


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11 Most Pokemon designs are better

"You can't judge by appearance." - Powerfulgirl10

What do you prefer, an ugly ghost or a mouse with electric powers?
That's what I though

12 Ash and Pikachu have a better relationship

Whisper is the closets yokai to nate

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