Top 10 Reasons Pop and Rap Music Should Not Be as Hated as It Is

I've about had it with all of these hate lists on Pop and Rap music. Time to testify...

The Top Ten

1 People claim that no talent goes into Pop and Rap

True. Pop and Rap actually requires a lot of talent. You need a good flow and lyricism. You also need a good beat along with strong rhymes. See? Not easy to be a rapper. - AlphaQ

2 People always try to compare it with metal and rock music

Which is useless and overrated garbage. - AlphaQ

Pop and rap fans try

3 People say that Pop and Rap is not "real music"

There is no such thing as "real music". Music is music. Get that through your thick skulls - Mcgillacuddy

It's actually music. In fact all these songs, yes including that bad ones are music. - AlphaQ

Stupid people - 0744rose

4 People think that Rap music is just bad because of profanity and criminal glorification

Hey, Stan has tons of cursing and it's really good. Stupid Korn songs have swearing too and you say nothing? - AlphaQ

5 People just listen to bad Pop and Rap songs and claim that the entire genres are bad

So I Am a God is the only song from Kanye that you'll listen to and you instantly say that Kanye sucks without realizing that he made some of the greatest music albums beforehand - Mcgillacuddy

People claim that just because Justin Bieber is bad, the whole genre is bad. - Kaboom

6 People stick to one music genre

There are a lot of other genres that are underrated and I begin to wonder if people just listen to popular genres only instead of expanding on this. I don't see anyone talking about jazz anymore, which was one of the pioneers of American music - Mcgillacuddy

This bugs me. Sure, a lot of pop and rap is terrible. But a lot of it is damn good. - BeatlesFan1964

People Only Stick To Rock and Metal And Don't Even Bother To Listen To Anything Else. - AlphaQ

7 People claim that all lyrics in Pop and Rap are terrible

Make them listen to To Pimp A Butterfly. They'll change their minds. - AlphaQ

8 People miss the idea that Pop music is mostly meant to be fun instead of meaningful

There is pop music that's very meaningful, but a lot of other pop music is just meant for listening and dancing. There's nothing wrong with that. Anaconda and Stupid Hoe are a bad songs but Nicki Minaj said herself that those songs were just meant for her to have some fun instead of taking things too seriously, and it doesn't hurt the music business to have that kind of flexibility. They're just songs. Get over it. - Mcgillacuddy

I guess this si true. I mean you can have something like AC/DC which is pretty much as stupid as pop and mostly meant for dancing - RecklessGreed

Yes... its fun listening to pop music... not all the pop artists deserve the hate they get - 0744rose

I don't know, when I'm dancing I sure don't want a meaningful song -- and I can really get jiggy with Anaconda -- sorry but loud, rowdy music makes you feel like a queen.

Different genres serve a different purpose and fulfill different parts of the emotional spectrum. I love Jingle Bells, for example, and while its great to sing during winter with the family, I'm not going to watch people dance inappropriately to it. - keycha1n

9 People don't take time to understand the meaning behind Rap music

If you have actually BOTHERED to listen to Kendrick Lamar, J Cole and Eminem you might start to like rap. - AlphaQ

There is no meaning - Kaboom

10 People pay more attention to lyrics than rhythm

Stuff like Metal and country doesn't have as much rhythm as pop and rap. Rhythm plays a very important part so that your song is more easily liked. - AlphaQ

Exactly - 0744rose

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