Top Ten Reasons Potatoes Are a God Fruit

Potatoes are my favorite food. I need to make a list to get my mind off of Gravity Falls.

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1 They taste good baked

This title reminded me of the show Dinosaurs, because in one episode, they were forced to worship a potato. - RalphBob

Baked potatoes are my life. Especially with bacon and cheese. - RiverClanRocks

Potatoes aren't fruits

They sure are a god fruit - purpleyoshi98

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2 They are very healthy

They aren't fruit.
As for being "very healthy," do you mean they never get sick?
Potatoes are a starch, metabolizing to simple sugars. They'll keep you alive, but not particularly healthy.

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3 They taste good fried

One of the best tastes. - cosmo

Ahhh...the taste of paradise. - SamuiNeko

4 They are probably magical

Because they are. - SamuiNeko

5 They are the best food ever

One day all potatoes will rule to earth. - KingFab

6 Almost everyone eats them
7 They can be used to make french fries
8 They can be used to make tater tots
9 They can be eaten for any meal
10 Without them, we wouldn't have potato chips

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11 They can be eaten as snacks
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