Reasons the PS Vita Failed


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1 The memory cards are expensive The memory cards are expensive

SD cards are cheap and can be found anywhere. But the PS Vita memory cards are the exact opposite. They are expensive and hard to find.
Here is a little comparison:

32GB PS vita card: 99.99 USD
64GB micro SD card: 29 USD
These cards are the biggest rip-offs I have ever seen - GeorgeTheNin10doGamer

2 64GB memory cards can corrupt data

My job is done - GeorgeTheNin10doGamer

3 It has been notoriously known for several bad ports

Jak and Daxter collection: Downgraded graphics, 20FPS or even lower, Inprecise controls
Borderlands 2: 20FPS (again), less people on multiplayer
Ratchet and Clank: Full frontal assault: Downgraded graphics, Slowly loading textures,less features
In Comparison:
N64 Zelda remakes (OOT and MM): Better graphics, better framerate (Smooth 30FPS) and problems with originals have been fixed.
Pokémon ORAS: 3D graphics, new Mega Evolutions and online multiplayer
Overall the PS vita just failed to port/remake those games. - GeorgeTheNin10doGamer

4 More expensive than the 3DS

PS vita had a launch price of 300 USD (like a home console) and now you can buy a new one for around 200 USD. While the 3DS launch price was 249 USD, it was quickly changed to 170 USD. Now you can buy a new 2DS XL for only 129.99 USD or you can buy the 2DS for 79.99 USD.
The PS Vita was just way too expensive - GeorgeTheNin10doGamer

5 Sony did not give a crap about it

There were barely any commercials, causing it to become a pretty unknown system - GeorgeTheNin10doGamer

6 Poor battery life

On full charge, the system can play for 3 to 4 hours until the battery dies. enough said - GeorgeTheNin10doGamer

7 Remote Play was supposed to be its main feature, but it was unusable since you needed good internet

Why could sony not use bluetooth instead. - GeorgeTheNin10doGamer

8 No backwards compatibility

Because it switched from UMDs to Cartdridges, it could not play any PSP games - GeorgeTheNin10doGamer

9 It did not have any killer apps

It did not have much "apps" in general. - Mewtwo_

The killer app of the 3DS was Pokémon, PS Vita did not have any real killer app - GeorgeTheNin10doGamer

10 No save data backup

If you uninstalled a game, there was no way to back the data up - GeorgeTheNin10doGamer

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