Top Ten Reasons to Put Effort Into Your Lists on TheTopTens

I've seen so many lowbrow list in this site so much and it's beginning to get sadder everyday. Now from experience, I'm going to give you actual reasons why it's necessary for you guys to put some effort and thought into your lists.

The Top Ten

1 It will give you a better time at TheTopTens
2 It will give you more experience with making lists

Experience is what counts. I've been slipping away from the habit a little of just slapping a title and a few items and calling it good. The longer you're on TheTopTens, the more you'll realize what makes a good list. Don't be one of those guys making slapdash lists with 4 items. - Turkeyasylum

Not just list making but also blogs. It will give you more touches to add with your lists and blogs to improve and amaze people. - SuperHyperdude

3 People will applaud you for it

When people compliments a list of your own, you feel relieved just like on number 8. of this list. It does give you the feeling that you did a good job on the list. - SuperHyperdude

4 It's a sign of improvement

See number 3. Also, it shows that you improved with experience and etc. - SuperHyperdude

5 You'll get some gathering of followers

This is once true, but not anymore. I may as well give up trying my best on lists and "be nice". It would get me further. - gemcloben

There's going to be that one user who has just joined and will might click on one of your lists and likes it and mabye they'll give you a follow. I actually had a couple of these users like Maplestrip and BKAmlighty (I'm aware he isn't new to this site) - SuperHyperdude

6 It makes you seem more professional

I'm not actual that professional at all I'll admit but see lists like ArchAces'sTop 10 Worst Things About Modern Kids Shows and Positron's Top Ten Damn Good Reasons To Study Physics and you'll understand - SuperHyperdude

7 It will show how much dedication you have

When you make a list that's so detailed, it will show you that your dedicated to this website as if it's a profession. People love that stuff! - SuperHyperdude

8 It will make it stand out

Well the list anime is better than American cartoons stands out but by looking at the reasons and the details for the reasons you can tell no effort was put into that list.

I can't tell you how many recycled lists get approved and get sky rocketed somehow, you need to make a list shine out like a bald guy at Black Friday. Don't think you're awesome because you made a list that's popular because 99.9% of the time, it was rushed and it was by being a newbie in the site. - SuperHyperdude

9 It's not going to be cheap

It seems like the only way to get some recognition is to mutter out Nicki Minaj or whisper out Taylor Swift and you just went to paradise. No, it's relevant and it's not witty. If you want to make a comedic list, try spend outside writing something very funny or thinking about it. - SuperHyperdude

10 You will feel relieved

Even if it doesn't get the popularity it deserves, as long as one person acknowledges the list, that's all it matters - SuperHyperdude

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