Top 10 Reasons to Quit Roblox

Roblox, you have officially lost 2 of your highly optimistic (not so optimistic anymore) fans.

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1 Bullies

They only bully you if you have the starter package

Like when your a beginner u get like a blank character with not the best stuff like say that they say to someone team or something else they usually say your a noob and now one likes u so that's why I agree

Bullies in roblox are like terrorists they need everyone to know how they think some users should be treated and they bully well they don't to terrorist attacks but they do it by bulking and causing unhappiness they are making hate stronger

I got bullied in Would you Rather? by 2 girls because I had a Doge outfit! - Datguyisweird666

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2 The company only cares about money

The Roblox Team even bans audio with nothing wrong with them so the audio creators have to upload the audios again.. Though sometimes the audios get taken down again. I had this happen to be and I have sent an email to appeals@roblox. No reply. I have even sent the audio files that I have uploaded to Roblox. The email had a lot of detail in it. A bunch of theives! - LemonComputer

The company just want's money and players.

I understand a company needs to make money, money is really important, but the way you earn it is another thing. - Ohno

You can't do anything if you don't spend real money. Nuh huh, I will never spend money just for a bunch of stupid lego toys!
Besides, almost all the games you can play without spending Robux are full of annoying glitches and bugs!

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3 Safe chat

The reasons why they tagged numbers is because people might give out stuff like their address and also you can say music before you say the numbers then it won't be tagged

This should be number one, it won't let me say numbers, why roblox?

That's another reason ROBLOX makes you feel kind of stupid! Because you can use about 20% of the vocabulary. - Flamer310

The stupid thing is that if I say “hiya there! ”, then, it would tag the whole thing and come out like “###########”...

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4 The term "Od'er"

When I played roblox about 2 years ago I hate it now it was filled with online eaters saying have sex with me be my boyfriend/girlfriend like really most of the servers my friends tell are just filled with em

Seriously? I just wanted to make up a good look and people started calling me an Od'er. I had to change my look to a really lame look to get the jerks to leave me alone (My roblox name is Ravenpuff by the way)

It's true. Online daters are annoying, but it doesn't mean that every dang person is one. - ethanmeinster

I'm an ODer. I don't fully support it, though. I don't ask for dates and I'm not desperate, but I've made lifelong virtual friends from ODing. Of course there are always going to be ODers who only ask you out because they want to use your money or popularity as a benefit to themselves. I don't treat my online relationships seriously though. It isn't like we're actually dating. I've found out that most ODers aren't as garbage as people believe. They're just people that want a little extra company even if the company is strangely romantic. Also, just because somebody tells you you're an ODer or "noob" because your avatar looks a certain way, it doesn't mean you have to believe them, because deep down you know that you're right and they're wrong. I've dated about nine or so girls while online, possibly more, possibly less. The relationships have only lasted about two or so weeks due to different timezones, them leaving for long periods of time or them having more than one guy on their ...more

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5 Terrible community

All filled with low-life trolls who are sitting in their parent's basement - MorganChambz

I don't like to complain, but ROBLOX just isn't a very nice place to be. Be careful who you hangout with, because you'll start to act more and more like them. Because of ROBLOX I became a troll, a bully, a hacker, I called people ODers and noobs, I acted mean because me and my friends thought it was cool. It really isn't. I'm a Christian now, and warn anyone who plays this game: Choose your friends carefully!

I think the community is terrible too

You can't ignore those toxic bullies, unlike CS:GO. - Flamer310

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6 Overpriced items

I stopped playing because it's glitches too much and it had prices fit for gods - SpyroZap99

Yes, sparkle times and all. They make me feel stupid...

Really this is why I avoid some good games

The more the item costs, the more money you have to spend. - WorldPuncher47592834

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7 Hackers

Hacking is a crime and I have friends who got hacked and I also was hacked but my account did not get stolen well two of my friends accounts almost did

But the thing is hackers are sneaky

My sister got her account hacked and she was forced to make a new one. But we quit anyway... - MorganChambz

How did you're sister account get hacked? Did she give out passwords? - Q-Q

Some jealous noob hacked my cousin's account, I put so much money on there, I'm pissed off! - MorganChambz

Welcome to roblox building.

Back in 2011 I used to play that game to build a house and a guest jumped in my house so I set him on fire. Everyone would build “flying toilets” and cool stuff.

Now it’s full of hackers and broken scripts and flying toilets are patched. It’s just awful and now I think it shut down. - Lunala

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8 No Tix

ROBLOX is slowly killing themselves. I saw a good quote, "If you focus on your profits instead of your customers, in time you will have neither," and I saw this on a meme. I just cannot bring myself to forgive them, though I do have tons of stuff from my because days. But now I just can't go back to that decaying site.

Bring back tix! It was the only way for people to spend fake money on your game!

Roblox is trash for doing this.

Everything is money now. - WorldPuncher47592834

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9 Terrible updates

I remember that in 2016 ROBLOX put down the catalog and they said that there is undergoing maintenance. They didn't add anything new, everything was the same. I start to think now that 99% of the new updates are jokes and that the ROBLOX admins like to troll the ROBLOX community. - Flamer310

That update in May 2014 was the worst update ever. - MorganChambz

Terrible updates not #1? And over-priced items should be #2, community #3.

PBS were the funnest games ever! You could build or give boat rides. Have so many good memories from them. But NO! Dumb roblox HAS to remove them!

Tix were a great way to earn money without paying. Roblox is like Mr Krabs they only care about MONEY and maximising profits.

Guest were also very funny and some were very nice. There were bad guests but some of the guests I came across were the nicest people ever. Some were also smart and experienced. NOPE! Roblox removes them.

Forums were a thriving community. There were trolls there, but it was a community. Now they have been torn apart by the forum removal. The forum merge was bad enough.

They also put games under review for no reason. Like Dragonia was one of my favourites then it got UNDER REVIEW FOREVER!

Who KNOWS that they will remove next. They are removing things left and right. Soon I bet they will remove groups, trading, and any trace of old roblox.

Seruously, I quit. I joined roblox in ...more - Lunala

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10 Inappropriate for children

I am an 11 year old who had permission to get Safe Chat taken away. After that, a lot of what I was seeing was sexual content and sometimes, in-game I would find porn. ROBLOX workers are supposed to check that stuff! It is gross and messed up.

Obviously fake. Even without safe chat, you can't post sexual stuff. - LemonComputer

This game allows 8 year olds to access dating, bullies, sexual content, Unhealthy things, and money loss

Exactly! ROBLOX is supposed to be safe for kids! It allows young children, but there are older people who act very inappropriate to these children!

It is inappropriate caz they actually try to fight with things that can be find in house so easly and the is so much bully there and can hurt them

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The Newcomers

? They only have the game in English
? They trick parents into throwing their money at them

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11 Ignorance

They judge you for anything! They judge for religion, they called me a Jew even if I'm not a Jew, most judge on whatever you wear, some judge how you are wasting money on there, and there are plenty more reasons. - MorganChambz

Some guy told me that I was a KKK member just because I'm Christian. - ethanmeinster

Someone will call you a stupid unoriginal dummy for making a game with only 1 or 2 free-models. If these are bad, why did ROBLOX ever even implement them? Its just like any other game engine, there is an asset store.

Our community is mostly made of retarded kids so of course you'll find ignorance to be common.

Someone said to me "GO away Jesus Christ" to me even if I am not a christian. Lots of people like to judge others around.

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12 It's a cash grab


Used to be such a fun game. Now it’s just a cash grab full of Pinksheep fanboys who scream “HATER ALERT! ” And “HACKER! ” - Lunala

13 Denis fanbase

So much click bait games - SoloPotato

Brings a lot of clickbait doesn't it

Denis sucks

He filled roblox with children he is the whole reason for ODers, crybabies and people who spend their moms credit card on robuxs

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14 The moderators are bad

When I report someone I end up with the warning! - MorganChambz

Yeah I see a lot of denis fans plus denis gets copied so much

I know someone who got banned for THREE DAYS for saying “justin bieber sucks” back in 2012.

When The Force awakens came out I got banned for one day for saying “Han solo dies” on a group wall. - Lunala

15 free ROBUX scams

I HATE IT I was getting free robux but its littery gets virus to your computer or getting banned In 2017 The comments are banned but free robux is HORRIBLE! - SpencerJC

This should be number one! - TeamRocket747

The friend bots and message scams are annoying - Lunala

I hate those scams. Steam scammers, for example, aren't spammers. - Flamer310

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16 Posers

Full of Posers...I don't know how to explain, but there are posers on ROBLOX..


17 Sadness

My best friend quit for 3 years and I would continue to check now and then to see if they got back on when I had nothing better to do. After realising they weren't coming back that made me very upset.

Ahh, Bullies. Makes me just wanna quit roblox even more. Thanks a lot bullies.

Uh, this would be appropriate to mention on the number one ranking. (bullies)

ROBLOX ruins your childhood. - Flamer310

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18 Little kids play it

Literally, kids call themselves "cool guys" wearing everything adidas. - FlyingFridge

Roblox is targeted for little kids since DanTDM plays it :/ - Q-Q

DanTDM bringing his fanbase to Roblox is what started to make it REALLY bad. If DanTDM never showed up, roblox could of been more fun. - Lunala

DanTDM and DenisDaily targeted 4-5 year olds for ROBLOX and they are being mistreated by ODers. - WorldPuncher47592834

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19 Addictions

Anyone can have an addiction to any kind of game. Whoever put this here needs to check their facts.

I am an addict playing ROBLOX and my auntie and my mom get mad at me. Mom have a deal, if I play ROBLOX she will get my iPad and my MacBook not to use it FOREVER. Can you help me to quit it? Even they get mad at me I'm always mad.

Addictions? No, it's not the games. I can assure you that it's your fault for being stubborn and putting this before your studies.

This is why I quit roblox! ADDICTIONS!

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20 Online daters and cheaters

Back then there were very little to no online daters, even in top games. Nowadays, most (if not all) popular games are infested with no-life people that date. Sometimes online daters go to games which are barely visited, just to date. I met two idiots one day, in a good theme park game (which was barely visited), and that pissed me off. - Flamer310

This game allows the smallest of kids to access dating, bullying, and other sexual stuff.

ODers have token over ROBLOX. Maybe they might buy ROBLOX. ROBLOX will care less, By caring about money they got $92 million. - WorldPuncher47592834

I mean people on roblox (the ones with robux, this is espacially you! ) keep saying your oding the game! I'm going to report you! blah blah blah. Especially in the family roleplay games, the Oder's say no mom and no dad cause that is oding. Like what the heck!

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