Top 10 Reasons to Quit Roblox

Roblox, you have officially lost 2 of your highly optimistic (not so optimistic anymore) fans.

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1 Bullies

Yeah, I mean at the end of the day we play games for entertainment purpose... to have fun and relax. But that gets difficult when there's mean people on every other server. It gets stressful to search for a server with decent enough people, cause there's always someone trash talking to either me or someone else.

But you see when these "bullies" come in a group of two or three, they then proceed to cheat the game by revealing everyone else's location to their friend via spectator etc. which ruins the game and makes it pointless. There is a very real threat of hackers too, I lost my one account to a hacker and ribbon won't do anything about it. They don't care even if you report players for breaking any rules so the overall experience was bad.

They only bully you if you have the starter package

I remember my sister and I were playing Fashion Famous and this girl was calling everyone hideous, laughing at people who got 6th place or the lowest, she kept calling people copycats if they had the same color shirt and she was a narcissistic brat because she thought she was better than everyone else. Also, I hate it when people bully people for having less robux, using free clothes and being new the game. Would you like it if you just joined a game and everyone made fun of you for joining I thinking also even though the people who usually bully people for being new and wearing free clothes are people with robux otherwise that'll be hypocritical but I have seen people who were hypocrites about that. - Puppytart

One time I was bullied for being judged of how I played a game on roblox and was being toxic and trash to me, he was an old player on roblox (from 2011, but I joined in 2016) and calls the game "too easy" and trying to be cool but he's not. I'd wish that roblox actually read reports and listens, but they won't. I hope that idiot gets banned for good on roblox for being a toxic/ trash talking / bullying idiot.

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2 The company only cares about money

The company just want's money and players.

The Roblox Team even bans audio with nothing wrong with them so the audio creators have to upload the audios again.. Though sometimes the audios get taken down again. I had this happen to be and I have sent an email to appeals@roblox. No reply. I have even sent the audio files that I have uploaded to Roblox. The email had a lot of detail in it. A bunch of theives! - LemonComputer

Don't let this child-dependent corporation reject your creativity. Your originality doesn't need corporational limitations for the sake of being known, expressive, or economic gain; in fact, it degenerates ingenuity. It's the profit of child, not the developer, that's most important and overlooked to Roblox. - Synthithrall

so true

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3 Safe chat

Roblox is supposed to be a game, not a parent. Why are they protecting kids from saying their personal information or swears? According to a study, most kids know swears before they know the alphabet, so it's not like them seeing swears is exposing them to anything new. If the parent doesn't want their kid sharing personal information or swearing, they should monitor what their kid's doing. My mum always did. - LemonComputer

That's another reason ROBLOX makes you feel kind of stupid! Because you can use about 20% of the vocabulary. - Flamer310

The reasons why they tagged numbers is because people might give out stuff like their address and also you can say music before you say the numbers then it won't be tagged

The safe chat is RIDICULOUS. You can't even say "Moi! " as in "Moi friends! " - RosalinaX

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4 Terrible community

All filled with low-life trolls who are sitting in their parent's basement - MorganChambz

The terrible community is the reason why I quitted Roblox.

I mean like come on... in my 2011 days, the community was actually pretty good. They were friendly and didn't really bully you this frequently. But as time went on, the community is full of idiots who falls for scams and all that. To make matters worse, after the infamous Removal of Tickets update, they want it back and they're still doing it to this very day; heck, Tix isn't going to return after all so... when will the modern community grow up and learn?

Anyways, in 2018 which is this year, the community just got worse as a ripped piece of paper. So, I had no choice but to quit.

I don't like to complain, but ROBLOX just isn't a very nice place to be. Be careful who you hangout with, because you'll start to act more and more like them. Because of ROBLOX I became a troll, a bully, a hacker, I called people ODers and noobs, I acted mean because me and my friends thought it was cool. It really isn't. I'm a Christian now, and warn anyone who plays this game: Choose your friends carefully!

Terrible community it's a very good resumate. don't talk about this game "booga booga" it's fully of stupid people who want just kill you for no reason. (it's not the main objectif of this game)

ps sorry for my bad english if is.

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5 The term "Od'er"

Seriously? I just wanted to make up a good look and people started calling me an Od'er. I had to change my look to a really lame look to get the jerks to leave me alone (My roblox name is Ravenpuff by the way)

It's true. Online daters are annoying, but it doesn't mean that every dang person is one. - ethanmeinster

When I played roblox about 2 years ago I hate it now it was filled with online eaters saying have sex with me be my boyfriend/girlfriend like really most of the servers my friends tell are just filled with em

Not to be annoying. Yes, I understand some online dating is not roleplay. me and my friends sometimes roleplay like that but we are not ODers. and it is not really Online Dating if you know the person in real life.

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6 Overpriced items

There was a face that costs only 7 robux. But these resellers boosted it up to 109,000 - WorldPuncher47592834

I stopped playing because it's glitches too much and it had prices fit for gods - SpyroZap99

Yes, sparkle times and all. They make me feel stupid...

It’s not that the things on ROBLOX are expensive, it’s just the currency. You only get 800 Robux for a whopping $15, it’s insane.

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7 Hackers

Hacking is a crime and I have friends who got hacked and I also was hacked but my account did not get stolen well two of my friends accounts almost did

But the thing is hackers are sneaky

My sister got her account hacked and she was forced to make a new one. But we quit anyway... - MorganChambz

How did you're sister account get hacked? Did she give out passwords? - Q-Q

Some jealous noob hacked my cousin's account, I put so much money on there, I'm pissed off! - MorganChambz

I got hacked as quaintfifihannah ;-; - hannahlulu

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8 No Tix

Bring back tix! It was the only way for people to spend fake money on your game!

ROBLOX is slowly killing themselves. I saw a good quote, "If you focus on your profits instead of your customers, in time you will have neither," and I saw this on a meme. I just cannot bring myself to forgive them, though I do have tons of stuff from my because days. But now I just can't go back to that decaying site.

Roblox is trash for doing this.

I used to play roblox a while back and when I found they were not going to have roblux I stop playing for like 2 years straight but I started playing again and with out tixs roblox just makes their players feel like noobs and feel poor when they can't afford stuff

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9 Inappropriate for children

This game allows 8 year olds to access dating, bullies, sexual content, Unhealthy things, and money loss

I am an 11 year old who had permission to get Safe Chat taken away. After that, a lot of what I was seeing was sexual content and sometimes, in-game I would find porn. ROBLOX workers are supposed to check that stuff! It is gross and messed up.

Obviously fake. Even without safe chat, you can't post sexual stuff. - LemonComputer

Exactly! ROBLOX is supposed to be safe for kids! It allows young children, but there are older people who act very inappropriate to these children!

There are SO many games filled with OD'ERs and inappropriate clothing. Even Royale High had this one outfit which was a feather boa wrapped around the shoulders with a beige colored lingerie underneath. I was beyond disgusted. - RosalinaX

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10 Terrible updates

The only update Roblox passes out is "To make Roblox work better for you, we deliver updates regularly." - WorldPuncher47592834

I remember that in 2016 ROBLOX put down the catalog and they said that there is undergoing maintenance. They didn't add anything new, everything was the same. I start to think now that 99% of the new updates are jokes and that the ROBLOX admins like to troll the ROBLOX community. - Flamer310

I had a ROBLOX game, when I came back to it after about 6 months half of the scripts were broken because of updates. - ryanisawesome55

This is true. very true

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The Newcomers

? Wet paint signs are banned in roblox
? Girls everywhere in Royale High and Bloxburg

Sexist item. - KalloFox34

The Contenders

11 Ignorance

First, there are many, many, MANY, unpleasant people on Roblox. They would be offensive, inappropriate, exploiting, and just not care for other players or their thoughts.

Second, even if you do report said players, the Roblox Moderators wouldn't ban them. They can't see what they actually do, so they just think someone put some words on a screen because they just raged.

There is absolutely no definite solution to those who are ignorant, and giving us the reporting system just gives us false hope. Roblox in the early 2010's had a much better community. All we can do is hope for a chance that some players on Roblox won't be childish, naive, or Ignorant. And the chance is below 10%.

They judge you for anything! They judge for religion, they called me a Jew even if I'm not a Jew, most judge on whatever you wear, some judge how you are wasting money on there, and there are plenty more reasons. - MorganChambz

Some guy told me that I was a KKK member just because I'm Christian. - ethanmeinster

Someone will call you a stupid unoriginal dummy for making a game with only 1 or 2 free-models. If these are bad, why did ROBLOX ever even implement them? Its just like any other game engine, there is an asset store.

How To Get Bullied On Roblox:
1. Not be good at a game.
2. Wear starter clothes.
3. Have no robux.
4. Trying to prove someone wrong.
5. Speaking your opinion.
6. Saying your Christian, because of course the bullies have to say things like "Stop forcing your religion on me! " Bitch, what?
7. Wearing Gucci, because "It's inappropriate! "
8. Interfering with a fight.
9. Making a "Cool" person look bad, at which all his friends will start dissing you.

This is ridiculous, Roblox is filled with cancerous kids these days! - RosalinaX

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12 Denis fanbase

This stupid douche is ruining ROBLOX. He attracted a bunch of 5 year olds to the game. - ryanisawesome55

So much click bait games - SoloPotato

Parkour?..DENIS PARKOUR...prison escape?..DENIS IN THE THUMBNAIL...slenderman died?...DENIS IS CRYING...that sandbag is it good or not.

I used to like him as a kid, but now he just seems unfunny and unoriginal. - XxembermasterxX

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13 It's a cash grab

True. Everything is overpriced and the thing only make it a little more fun but nothing else.

The makers don't care about you, they care about being rich. (though I still play roblox because unpopular games usually have a good community if it's an animal roleplay game because how do you date an animal? YOU CAN'T so there isn't bad crud.) - Sneakyfox

Everything is expensive so money breaks a hole in you pocket and if you dpnt buy anything everyone is mean to you

Honeslty, it's a waste of money. People buy robux, and etc, but it's getting over priced. Plus, ROBLOX encourages Online Daters, because Me, personally, have done a thing where me and my squad raided OD'ers who bypassed the chat. ROBLOX is greedy at a point where, they remove TIX so that people would pay irl money for "online currency'', and then, to make sure people would play more to increase the rate of other people buying robux, by removing guest; Third, they make you pay robux for games, which is BS, if you ask me, and THEY keep the online daters because most online daters pay robux=profit for them. 4TH, they banned youtubers fpr giving people free robux, because they want people to buy robux. Because, I know, sometimes it tempting to buy robux to be cool, but the parents say no, so groups would give robux away. Then ROBLOX started banning people who did that, which is unfair. So now youtubers give away the codes instead. Thus, ROBLOX has gone 100% to -9000%.

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14 The moderators are bad

When I report someone I end up with the warning! - MorganChambz

For example, before the forums were removed, moderators focused almost entirely on the forums. I also once got a warning for calling someone out on the forums. Why? Because they made fun of autism. Seems the kid couldn't take criticism and reported me for harassment. - KalloFox34

The job of Roblox support is simple. Just copy and paste for whatever situation. I have a good amount of proof. I posted on one of my email accounts saying to give me a hat, but they say they can't give accounts anything. I did it to another and it was the same. Gee, life of Roblox mods are too simple, I bet I could already get a job like that and not strive at school instead. My username is Pokemaster8956.

Moderators never do anything! - RosalinaX

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15 free ROBUX scams

I HATE IT I was getting free robux but its littery gets virus to your computer or getting banned In 2017 The comments are banned but free robux is HORRIBLE! - SpencerJC

This should be number one! - TeamRocket747

When I looked on the catalog comments people are scamming and saying the same scams over and over

Scammer: want to get 2 million robobucks 4 free?
derp: ok
*derp goes in*
derp: where's my robux? - Kambochia12

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16 Little kids play it

Thankfully, I didn't play Roblox till I was 12. Not necessarily teenaged, but I'm thankful I wasn't some annoying 5 year old who says stupid crap and is addicted to Denis or Dan--just came for the games...

Literally, kids call themselves "cool guys" wearing everything adidas. - FlyingFridge

Umm I feel offended but I get what your saying I'm always called a noob by some random kid

But this IS a kids game you numbskulls!

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17 Posers

Girls who think wearing skeleton legs and sparkle fedoras and Gucci think they're cool, but when someone else wears it, they turn around and diss them for it. - RosalinaX

Full of Posers...I don't know how to explain, but there are posers on ROBLOX..

Just jerks. Rude people. Stupid. - Sneakyfox

I see girls using Avatar Editor to pose as Yesoon YT or Miranda Sings. It's weird and I hate it. I literally saw a bacon hair change into Yesoon YT. Help help help these guys are being dumb

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18 Online daters and cheaters

Back then there were very little to no online daters, even in top games. Nowadays, most (if not all) popular games are infested with no-life people that date. Sometimes online daters go to games which are barely visited, just to date. I met two idiots one day, in a good theme park game (which was barely visited), and that pissed me off. - Flamer310

ODers have token over ROBLOX. Maybe they might buy ROBLOX. ROBLOX will care less, By caring about money they got $92 million. - WorldPuncher47592834

This game allows the smallest of kids to access dating, bullying, and other sexual stuff.

Online daters seem to be a dying breed, so they're not much of an issue at this time (early 2019). Even "ODer games" seem to have them die out. I still see the occasional "123 for a girl" in the chat, but I have yet to see anyone respond to them. - KalloFox34

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19 Sadness

My best friend quit for 3 years and I would continue to check now and then to see if they got back on when I had nothing better to do. After realising they weren't coming back that made me very upset.

Ahh, Bullies. Makes me just wanna quit roblox even more. Thanks a lot bullies.

Uh, this would be appropriate to mention on the number one ranking. (bullies)

Kids these days.

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20 You get bullied for being a noob

When I started playing ROBLOX (January 2015) people didn't call me a noob or stupid. Nowadays, people call you a noob without knowing that "noob" means "new player" and not "dumb" or "idiot". - Flamer310

Same story, but now I am a builders club member - WorldPuncher47592834

I have been called "Idiot" for saying hi to a fellow player.

People who use Noob as an insult are cancerous. - RosalinaX

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21 Addictions

Anyone can have an addiction to any kind of game. Whoever put this here needs to check their facts.

I am an addict playing ROBLOX and my auntie and my mom get mad at me. Mom have a deal, if I play ROBLOX she will get my iPad and my MacBook not to use it FOREVER. Can you help me to quit it? Even they get mad at me I'm always mad.

Addictions? No, it's not the games. I can assure you that it's your fault for being stubborn and putting this before your studies.

Twisted Murderer is full of morons who desperately beg their parents for robux!

Here's the solution - Just delete Roblox, both from your device and your search history and go for a walk every morning if you don't wanna get that depression that people get when they try to leave an addiction. - DedTed

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22 No refunds

Roblox gives no refunds because they are money hungry like Mr Krab - Lunala

Lost about eighty robux on a stupid dress with no refunds,


I spent robux on a guest shirt but it didn't even work it was just a empty shirt

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23 Stupidity

The community is so stupid that I have to tell my opinion twice. I talked with someone about Steam (yes that platform made by GabeN) and she said it's creepy. what? Steam is not creepy at all. Also I talked with another guy/girl (I forgot his/her gender) about the same thing. He/she didn't hear about it so I told him/her "Search it up.". The he/she asked me "What to search? ". Are you kidding me? I just can't believe how stupid the community is. - Flamer310

Yea when I started playing I felt like I was getting mean so now I am limiting my self with one hour a day cause I don't really want to be addicted to Roblox

Agree. ROBLOX made me feel somewhat dumb and immature. After I switched to Steam, I don't feel like that anymore. - Flamer310

I've seen people who sound like they haven't gone to preschool yet, but their favorite words are always "you're stupid u gay noob" or people always call an item gay, I don't understand that. - Puppytart

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24 It ruins your childhood

How? Roblox was a big happy part of MY childhood... - ninjacooky

Yep I agree. - Flamer310

It is true

25 Roblox Deleted All Pokemon Games

I quit Roblox sometimes, But I hate how they delete all pokemon games. Because it's copyright. - LapisBob

Copyright is a word. Copyright is the meaning why. Once again, common sense. - doctorsmith10

Why did roblox even delete all the pokemon games

I got so far on one game, and the next game IT WAS GONE! I was so pissed! - RosalinaX

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26 Lack of respect

A lot of people are racist and just plan rude, they disrespect you for anything and everything you do wrong sometimes...

The number of racists - WorldPuncher47592834

@anon3 your mom gay

People will use stupid memes that I personally find offensive such as your mum fat. LIKE REALLY WAS THAT NEEDED. YOU DON'T NEED TO OFFEND ME!

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27 Hardly anyone reads the terms of service

Nobody reads the terms of service to ANYTHING! - ninjacooky

They don't care. - WorldPuncher47592834

Nobody reads the terms of service on ANYTHING! Its not just roblox! - ninjacooky

Majority of people don't read the TOS in every website existing - starryrcad

Yeah it’s true

28 Money loss

It's because the creators of Roblox are greedy money makers that just want money, money, and money.

Wasted money gets poured into the game...

I wasted tons of money on this game and wish I got it all back

Roblox expected to beat apple inc - AxelBelnasYT

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29 "Ro-Bangers"

I have no idea what that means and I have been playing for over 2 years. - PhoenixAura81


I get raped in Koala Cafe.


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30 DanTDM's fanbase

It's taking over the community and we are going to die from cringe soon - NamiKazePants08

I don't even know why these hate websites exist. It's called an opinion. Stop ranging about somebody actually better than you. - doctorsmith10

Dantdm and his fanbase ruined roblox and upset the balance of kids to teens. Roblox went from a fun blocky game for teens and kids to an over-realistic boring money-hungry game for little kids. - Lunala

he quit - EricPlaysGames

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31 People make fun of your character for having dark skin

The people who make fun of the dark skin people are racist. - Datguyisweird666

I'm friends with a lot of players with dark skin, I play with them all the time, and nothing racist happens. I've been playing with him for over a year now. - ninjacooky

I know. I was dark and people called me names. - Flamer310

Spanisse is the worst racist player ever. He piss of every blacks he see.

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32 Meepcity

Why is this a reason? I know it's lame, but that's no reason to quit. - Sneakyfox

Don't hate the game, hate the ODers. - Datguyisweird666

This should be number 1

You can’t even get rid of your meep and building your home is difficult building your home is boring

33 Easily triggered people

It funny though - ninjacooky

Just depends how easily raged u get


34 People make fun of autistic people

I have mild autism, this can be very offending.

Hey I have autism!

Oof. (roblox pun intended)

35 It could give your computer a virus

I loathe Roblox but this is completely not true. - 50

My friend just said she was deleting roblox because it gave her a virus


If you think roblox can give you a virus you're actually retarded - CrashMan

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36 You get kicked out for no reason

Absolutely agree. I got kicked from a "Work at a pizza place" server because I talked with a friend about Call of Duty (no, I am not a fanboy). - Flamer310

I agree this is really annoying

People in little angels daycare were mad at me for not going to the bus...


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37 You can get banned for killing a moderator in a swordfighting game

I roundhouse kicked a moderator and never got banned.

I killed a moderator and I never got banned.

That is just ridiculous. - Sneakyfox


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38 Racist games

Huh? - Midevilnight

What? - LapisBob

39 Removal of the forums

What was the point of doing this?! The forums were a place where the users of roblox could discuss various topics, and it was an archive of information, I saw no valid reason for its removal! It doesn't matter though because they already deleted off topic prior which I hung around the most. Seriously Roblox is still on its downward spiral! - Phillip873

Although there were a lot of trolls on the forums, I still think that the removal of the forums was a terrible idea. - Flamer310

I loved the forums and I miss them. I used to post on All things Roblox and Roblox news and discussion.

To anybody wondering who I am... I am KawaiiVerse

Unban QuackityHQishot.

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40 People Bully You For Being Gay

People don't even know what the word Gay means they just like using it as an insult because they think they are cool.

This doesn't just happen on roblox.. - Midevilnight

I'm not even gay and I'm still being bullied for being gay smh

I have a friend whos lesbian there's nothing wrong with that. whoever says it, they're just SEXIST

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41 Glitches

They Always Gltich In Twisted Murderer! They Especially Tease/Bully The Murderer! They Say They Will Reset, But No! They Trick The Murderer And Force Them To Reset Against Their Will!

I think glitches r good, because I'm glitcher - XlarEnder


42 Horrible groups

There are terrible groups that make scam games and bait and switch - Roguy

Fashion groups suck. - Flamer310

I made a group and a hacker stole it - Sneakyfox

Roblox EDM Community Groups suck, because I saw users under 18 entering EDM festivals on ROBLOX. WHAT?! You must be 18 to attend an EDM festival. Also, ADMISSION IS FREE! OH MY GOSH. YOU NEED TO PAY MONEY TO BE GRANTED INTO THE FESTIVAL GROUNDS. It is also why I hate ROBLOX.

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43 Abuse of copyright

Yeah! My favorite game on ROBLOX was Pokemon brick bronze but it got took down for copyrighting Nintendo.

Reminds me of Nintendo. - 50

*Cough* *Cough* Nintendo. - LapisBob

Yeah tattletail rp became toytale rp due to copyright reasons apparently GMD didn't want the game deleted cus of copyright - SeikoIsBestCorpsePartyGirl

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44 People spam your profile

I get a bunch of Alt accounts telling me to look at these scams, it's getting on my nerves,but roblox can't stop it.

45 Lack of good games

Games with good community are unpopular and I like that. It would fill up with bad community if it kept getting played by new people - Sneakyfox

These games barely affect the community. The games are getting boring. - WorldPuncher47592834

All the good games are
A) Not many players (Pirate Wars)
B) Shut down/under review (Dragonia, Build to survive the creepers)
C) Were fun but are now getting bad updates (Survival 303)
D) Broken and full of hackers (Build to survive the zombies)

It’s sad. - Lunala

46 Cheaters

Yes, there are a lot of them. Especially in combat games. - Flamer310

47 Sore losers

How come they always think someone is hacking when they don't get their way - Puppytart

Man I really hate it when they do that...I mean, dude its just a game! And when you beat them they start bullying you :(

48 It's becoming a breeding ground for trolls and haters

It is a 'breeding ground for trolls and haters' literally ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

49 People Keep Comparing It To Minecraft


50 People trick you into giving up cash

It's clearly you being the idiot for believing that.

It's hard to trick people to give out cash because that's stupid to give out cash. - Sneakyfox

It's so annoying people say there going to give me roux if I give them 90 tix then they just take it and say noob never trust anyone. My roblox username is Londonian

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