Top 10 Reasons to Quit Roblox

Roblox, you have officially lost 2 of your highly optimistic (not so optimistic anymore) fans.

The Top Ten

1 Bullies

They only bully you if you have the starter package

Bullies in roblox are like terrorists they need everyone to know how they think some users should be treated and they bully well they don't to terrorist attacks but they do it by bulking and causing unhappiness they are making hate stronger

Like when your a beginner u get like a blank character with not the best stuff like say that they say to someone team or something else they usually say your a noob and now one likes u so that's why I agree

The number of racist people. - WorldPuncher47592834

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2 The company only cares about money

The Roblox Team even bans audio with nothing wrong with them so the audio creators have to upload the audios again.. Though sometimes the audios get taken down again. I had this happen to be and I have sent an email to appeals@roblox. No reply. I have even sent the audio files that I have uploaded to Roblox. The email had a lot of detail in it. A bunch of theives! - LemonComputer

The company just want's money and players.

I understand a company needs to make money, money is really important, but the way you earn it is another thing. - Ohno

They removed tix that's because they wanted to increase there money rapidly.

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3 Safe chat

That's another reason ROBLOX makes you feel kind of stupid! Because you can use about 20% of the vocabulary. - Flamer310

The reasons why they tagged numbers is because people might give out stuff like their address and also you can say music before you say the numbers then it won't be tagged

This should be number one, it won't let me say numbers, why roblox?

I hate the safe chat! I literally have to say numbers in Spanish (ie. Uno = One) just so that I can communicate! And even for the swear words there are a ton of loopholes around it!

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4 Terrible community

All filled with low-life trolls who are sitting in their parent's basement - MorganChambz

I don't like to complain, but ROBLOX just isn't a very nice place to be. Be careful who you hangout with, because you'll start to act more and more like them. Because of ROBLOX I became a troll, a bully, a hacker, I called people ODers and noobs, I acted mean because me and my friends thought it was cool. It really isn't. I'm a Christian now, and warn anyone who plays this game: Choose your friends carefully!

Unfair Moderation System, like I got banned for 3 days for saying only one thing! - WorldPuncher47592834

Edit: My opinion changed now. - 50

@Flamer310 You're right I guess. I once quit TheTopTens (gone back eventually) and Geometry dash because how awful these community are. - 50

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5 The term "Od'er"

Seriously? I just wanted to make up a good look and people started calling me an Od'er. I had to change my look to a really lame look to get the jerks to leave me alone (My roblox name is Ravenpuff by the way)

When I played roblox about 2 years ago I hate it now it was filled with online eaters saying have sex with me be my boyfriend/girlfriend like really most of the servers my friends tell are just filled with em

It's true. Online daters are annoying, but it doesn't mean that every dang person is one. - ethanmeinster

This one Oder cop in roblox highschool was like "Are u an oder? " and I'm like no. Then he's like"that's what they all ssay" AND I WASNT EVEN WEARING POPULAR CLOTHES OR THE ODER BODY :/

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6 Overpriced items

I stopped playing because it's glitches too much and it had prices fit for gods - SpyroZap99

There was a face that costs only 7 robux. But these resellers boosted it up to 109,000 - WorldPuncher47592834

Yes, sparkle times and all. They make me feel stupid...

Blame the people that make it overpriced. - 50

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7 Hackers

Hacking is a crime and I have friends who got hacked and I also was hacked but my account did not get stolen well two of my friends accounts almost did

But the thing is hackers are sneaky

My sister got her account hacked and she was forced to make a new one. But we quit anyway... - MorganChambz

How did you're sister account get hacked? Did she give out passwords? - Q-Q

Some jealous noob hacked my cousin's account, I put so much money on there, I'm pissed off! - MorganChambz

I've never been hacked really. - 50

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8 No Tix

Bring back tix! It was the only way for people to spend fake money on your game!

ROBLOX is slowly killing themselves. I saw a good quote, "If you focus on your profits instead of your customers, in time you will have neither," and I saw this on a meme. I just cannot bring myself to forgive them, though I do have tons of stuff from my because days. But now I just can't go back to that decaying site.

Roblox is trash for doing this.


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9 Inappropriate for children

This game allows 8 year olds to access dating, bullies, sexual content, Unhealthy things, and money loss

I am an 11 year old who had permission to get Safe Chat taken away. After that, a lot of what I was seeing was sexual content and sometimes, in-game I would find porn. ROBLOX workers are supposed to check that stuff! It is gross and messed up.

Obviously fake. Even without safe chat, you can't post sexual stuff. - LemonComputer

Exactly! ROBLOX is supposed to be safe for kids! It allows young children, but there are older people who act very inappropriate to these children!

This is why the terrible safe chat came in place. - 50

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10 Terrible updates

The only update Roblox passes out is "To make Roblox work better for you, we deliver updates regularly." - WorldPuncher47592834

I remember that in 2016 ROBLOX put down the catalog and they said that there is undergoing maintenance. They didn't add anything new, everything was the same. I start to think now that 99% of the new updates are jokes and that the ROBLOX admins like to troll the ROBLOX community. - Flamer310

That update in May 2014 was the worst update ever. - MorganChambz

The Anthro... - 50

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The Newcomers

? Hardly any users nowadays are born before 2000
? People make 9/11 jokes

Such as " Oml! Help somebody in real life I'm getting dizzy and I feel Drunk! "

The Contenders

11 Ignorance

They judge you for anything! They judge for religion, they called me a Jew even if I'm not a Jew, most judge on whatever you wear, some judge how you are wasting money on there, and there are plenty more reasons. - MorganChambz

Some guy told me that I was a KKK member just because I'm Christian. - ethanmeinster

Someone will call you a stupid unoriginal dummy for making a game with only 1 or 2 free-models. If these are bad, why did ROBLOX ever even implement them? Its just like any other game engine, there is an asset store.

Someone said to me "GO away Jesus Christ" to me even if I am not a christian. Lots of people like to judge others around.

If you win or if you’re happy that you won a game, players will think you’re some stuck up wannabe “pro” or say dumb like “I could do that”. If you lose, people will call you a noob. Like, what man? I was playing Vampire Hunters 2 once, and someone called me a “wimp” just because I was smart enough to hide from the vampire. (play the game and you’ll know what I’m talking about)

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12 It's a cash grab

True. Everything is overpriced and the thing only make it a little more fun but nothing else.

Everything is expensive so money breaks a hole in you pocket and if you dpnt buy anything everyone is mean to you


Used to be such a fun game. Now it’s just a cash grab full of Pinksheep fanboys who scream “HATER ALERT! ” And “HACKER! ” - Lunala

13 Denis fanbase

So much click bait games - SoloPotato

Denis Daily just attracted kids who steal their moms credit card to spend money on just for Robux. - WorldPuncher47592834

Brings a lot of clickbait doesn't it

I unsubbed him. - Datguyisweird666

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14 The moderators are bad

When I report someone I end up with the warning! - MorganChambz

Roblox doesn't view reports anymore - WorldPuncher47592834

Yeah I see a lot of denis fans plus denis gets copied so much

I was banned for 3 days when I just said a meme
I reported a bully but they barely got any warning!
MORE LIKE 3 YEARS >:(((((((((((((((((

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15 free ROBUX scams

I HATE IT I was getting free robux but its littery gets virus to your computer or getting banned In 2017 The comments are banned but free robux is HORRIBLE! - SpencerJC

This should be number one! - TeamRocket747

The friend bots and message scams are annoying - Lunala

Not only Roblox, in outside of Roblox we have:
"Free Windows/Office product key scam"
"Free V Bucks Scam"
"Free Amazion Gift Card Code scam"
etc. - 50

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16 Posers

Full of Posers...I don't know how to explain, but there are posers on ROBLOX..


17 Little kids play it

Thankfully, I didn't play Roblox till I was 12. Not necessarily teenaged, but I'm thankful I wasn't some annoying 5 year old who says stupid crap and is addicted to Denis or Dan--just came for the games...

Literally, kids call themselves "cool guys" wearing everything adidas. - FlyingFridge

These little idiots thinking they are the cool kids. - WorldPuncher47592834


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18 Sadness

My best friend quit for 3 years and I would continue to check now and then to see if they got back on when I had nothing better to do. After realising they weren't coming back that made me very upset.

Ahh, Bullies. Makes me just wanna quit roblox even more. Thanks a lot bullies.

Uh, this would be appropriate to mention on the number one ranking. (bullies)

ROBLOX ruins your childhood. - Flamer310

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19 Online daters and cheaters

Back then there were very little to no online daters, even in top games. Nowadays, most (if not all) popular games are infested with no-life people that date. Sometimes online daters go to games which are barely visited, just to date. I met two idiots one day, in a good theme park game (which was barely visited), and that pissed me off. - Flamer310

This game allows the smallest of kids to access dating, bullying, and other sexual stuff.

ODers have token over ROBLOX. Maybe they might buy ROBLOX. ROBLOX will care less, By caring about money they got $92 million. - WorldPuncher47592834

I mean people on roblox (the ones with robux, this is espacially you! ) keep saying your oding the game! I'm going to report you! blah blah blah. Especially in the family roleplay games, the Oder's say no mom and no dad cause that is oding. Like what the heck!

20 Addictions

Anyone can have an addiction to any kind of game. Whoever put this here needs to check their facts.

I am an addict playing ROBLOX and my auntie and my mom get mad at me. Mom have a deal, if I play ROBLOX she will get my iPad and my MacBook not to use it FOREVER. Can you help me to quit it? Even they get mad at me I'm always mad.

Addictions? No, it's not the games. I can assure you that it's your fault for being stubborn and putting this before your studies.

You need a yt account to play for over 2 hr

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21 No refunds

Lost about eighty robux on a stupid dress with no refunds,

Roblox gives no refunds because they are money hungry like Mr Krab - Lunala


Ohhh yeah..if Anthro comes and your not aloud to change your look with that sims-copying ugly character an I spent all that money for nothing...

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22 You get bullied for being a noob

When I started playing ROBLOX (January 2015) people didn't call me a noob or stupid. Nowadays, people call you a noob without knowing that "noob" means "new player" and not "dumb" or "idiot". - Flamer310

Same story, but now I am a builders club member - WorldPuncher47592834

I know, they are assuming how old is your account. - AxelBelnasYT

This is more common now. - WorldPuncher47592834

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23 Stupidity

The community is so stupid that I have to tell my opinion twice. I talked with someone about Steam (yes that platform made by GabeN) and she said it's creepy. what? Steam is not creepy at all. Also I talked with another guy/girl (I forgot his/her gender) about the same thing. He/she didn't hear about it so I told him/her "Search it up.". The he/she asked me "What to search? ". Are you kidding me? I just can't believe how stupid the community is. - Flamer310

Yea when I started playing I felt like I was getting mean so now I am limiting my self with one hour a day cause I don't really want to be addicted to Roblox

Agree. ROBLOX made me feel somewhat dumb and immature. After I switched to Steam, I don't feel like that anymore. - Flamer310

This game also made me feel a little bit dumberer. My username is Frogadier_99 by the way

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24 Money loss

It's because the creators of Roblox are greedy money makers that just want money, money, and money.

Wasted money gets poured into the game...

I wasted tons of money on this game and wish I got it all back

Roblox expected to beat apple inc - AxelBelnasYT

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25 Lack of respect

A lot of people are racist and just plan rude, they disrespect you for anything and everything you do wrong sometimes...

The number of racists - WorldPuncher47592834

People with robux do not give people with no robux respect. I swear, I am so happy and glad I have left roblox, because I am sick and tired of this disrespectful attitude towards people like me who have a life and cannot afford roblox. isn't roblox a ''safe community? " Well, that is a lie and roblox is a greedy and unsafe virtual site. - anony03

26 It ruins your childhood

Yep I agree. - Flamer310

27 Easily triggered people
28 "Ro-Bangers"

Simply every server you find on roblox.
You always find a ro-banger.
Also not to mention these choice of music "good music"
That earrape.


29 Horrible groups

There are terrible groups that make scam games and bait and switch - Roguy

Fashion groups suck. - Flamer310


Roblox EDM Community Groups suck, because I saw users under 18 entering EDM festivals on ROBLOX. WHAT?! You must be 18 to attend an EDM festival. Also, ADMISSION IS FREE! OH MY GOSH. YOU NEED TO PAY MONEY TO BE GRANTED INTO THE FESTIVAL GROUNDS. It is also why I hate ROBLOX.

30 You can get banned for killing a moderator in a swordfighting game

I roundhouse kicked a moderator and never got banned.

I killed a moderator and I never got banned.

I h8 admins. They think their the boss and I u say something sassy to them, they'll ban u


31 DanTDM's fanbase

It's taking over the community and we are going to die from cringe soon - NamiKazePants08

Dantdm and his fanbase ruined roblox and upset the balance of kids to teens. Roblox went from a fun blocky game for teens and kids to an over-realistic boring money-hungry game for little kids. - Lunala

Ever since DanTDM started playing, the amount of annoying little kids increased

32 Cheaters

Yes, there are a lot of them. Especially in combat games. - Flamer310

33 Meepcity

Don't hate the game, hate the ODers. - Datguyisweird666

34 Sore losers

Man I really hate it when they do that...I mean, dude its just a game! And when you beat them they start bullying you :(

35 Glitches

I think glitches r good, because I'm glitcher - XlarEnder


36 People trick you into giving up cash

It's clearly you being the idiot for believing that.

It's so annoying people say there going to give me roux if I give them 90 tix then they just take it and say noob never trust anyone. My roblox username is Londonian

37 Lack of good games

These games barely affect the community. The games are getting boring. - WorldPuncher47592834

All the good games are
A) Not many players (Pirate Wars)
B) Shut down/under review (Dragonia, Build to survive the creepers)
C) Were fun but are now getting bad updates (Survival 303)
D) Broken and full of hackers (Build to survive the zombies)

It’s sad. - Lunala

38 Racist games

Huh? - Midevilnight

39 People make fun of your character for having dark skin

The people who make fun of the dark skin people are racist. - Datguyisweird666

I was made fun of because of this and I quit roblox today because of it.

I know. I was dark and people called me names. - Flamer310

40 It's the reason why poptropica is underrated

Screw Poptropica. Roblox is better - Dragonj37

I liked Poptropica but now I don't like it anymore. - Flamer310

Screw Roblox. Poptropica is better

Screw y'all. - LapisBob

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41 Old scripts do not work anymore

Like this game, Pikmin command, it used to work since 2008-2013, but the new roblox updates, old scripts are now broken

Noobs Are Good Yehey BE a Newbie From M1NS2X2X

42 It's a waste of time and money

Roblox is just a waste of tim- You can earn money from Roblox Studio via DeVex. - Q-Q

I know. - Flamer310

43 Takes down games for no reason

I wish I could play ROBLOX Building again! Now its under review. - Datguyisweird666

I used Robux on a game I liked but roblox took it down for being *too laggy* this is especially the case with every single roleplay game! They can take away our privilleges on so many of those and really those and disaster survival games are all that keeps them famous, if Stickmasterluke (no offense to him, I admire his work) added roleplay names which people could swear in no one would care, why? because he gives roblox money, but Mezaa and DOTW get a bit of a dodgey interface? They get taken down!

44 Abuse of copyright

Yeah! My favorite game on ROBLOX was Pokemon brick bronze but it got took down for copyrighting Nintendo.

45 People spam your profile

I get a bunch of Alt accounts telling me to look at these scams, it's getting on my nerves,but roblox can't stop it.

46 It could give your computer a virus


Exactly. I've installed ROBLOX on my PC and guess what? My PC ran slower than normal. - Flamer310

47 You get kicked out for no reason

Absolutely agree. I got kicked from a "Work at a pizza place" server because I talked with a friend about Call of Duty (no, I am not a fanboy). - Flamer310

48 You can only jump and walk

To be honest, this is the only 3D game I've encountered so far in which you cannot do other moves than walking and jumping. Yes, I am aware that different scripts exist, but the ROBLOX programmers are way too lazy to code functions such as crouching and running. Look at old games, such as Half-Life or Counter-Strike. You can walk, crouch, crouch-jump and by default you sprint (if you don't press shift). I am tired of walking for 10 minutes on maps because there aren't vehicles. - Flamer310

There are /e animations too. Here are 7.
/e dance
/e dance2
/e dance3
/e wave
/e cheer
/e point
/e laugh - Datguyisweird666

I know that. But by moves I meant something like crouch, run, do acrobatics etc. - Flamer310

There are games that can make you more than just jump and walk, some games give you ability to use powers from anime, some games give you ability to fly and other things!

49 People Bully You For Being Gay

People don't even know what the word Gay means they just like using it as an insult because they think they are cool.

This doesn't just happen on roblox.. - Midevilnight

50 Too many clickbait games

Roblox lacks a quality control. - Flamer310

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