Top 10 Reasons to Quit Roblox

Roblox, you have officially lost 2 of your highly optimistic (not so optimistic anymore) fans.

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1 Bullies

Bullies in roblox are like terrorists they need everyone to know how they think some users should be treated and they bully well they don't to terrorist attacks but they do it by bulking and causing unhappiness they are making hate stronger

Like when your a beginner u get like a blank character with not the best stuff like say that they say to someone team or something else they usually say your a noob and now one likes u so that's why I agree

They only bully you if you have the starter package

so true

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2 The company only cares about money

The company just want's money and players.

I stopped playing roblox last year because of the company. - Jordansalesguy2392

They already get millions from builders club, and yet they still ask for more. - Excited

ROBLOX's corporate policy is getting harsher every update they release. Firstly, the updates, which tend to break games and making exploiting a common sight on the servers, considering their frequency. And also I'd like to add that ROBLOX does bare minimum of things required to counteract exploiting. Secondly, the more and more evident indifference to the community, which over time resulted in stuff like Tix removal and degradation of an average player to a low-life, 9-year old troll. With all sincerity, I think ROBLOX is doomed to become a typical F2P MMO, and I regret joining the game at all, for now I have to see the game's downfall with my own eyes. (yay emotions and teenager maximalism)

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3 The term "Od'er"

Seriously? I just wanted to make up a good look and people started calling me an Od'er. I had to change my look to a really lame look to get the jerks to leave me alone (My roblox name is Ravenpuff by the way)

It's true. Online daters are annoying, but it doesn't mean that every dang person is one. - ethanmeinster

So I wore an "Awkward Face" and people in the comments of my game said "You're game sucks, OD'ING Cow. You look like an od'er." I reported them, I know that doesn't do anything and it's babyish but I felt really mad.

Reporting does lots, man. And if you want to directly contact roblox just email them @ roblox support. - iiKyodaiKickz

True story:Once I was costumizing my avatar with a nice tuxedo with black popular hair and the shine face, And In An Instant second I entered a game some random guy called me an ODER

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4 Terrible community

All filled with low-life trolls who are sitting in their parent's basement - MorganChambz

I think the community is terrible too

The community is complete cancer. There are first scrubs who think your mad if you kill them if they have something everyone wants then gets a ton of people to make fun of you. Then the people who say ''u mad bro'' whenever they kill you. Then you have the other cringefests who call you a noob for not spending $400 dollars on your outfit. Then we have people who call people noobs and ODers for killing them. There's Admins who abuse the piss out of there power. Bullies who bully you over the smallest things. People who try to act all hardcore by saying a bad word or dressing up with tats. I honestly could go on for about an hour but the point is the community is complete and utter cancer and is the reason I left Roblox.

This is why my best friend on Roblox quit. I miss her so much :(

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5 Hackers

Hacking is a crime and I have friends who got hacked and I also was hacked but my account did not get stolen well two of my friends accounts almost did

But the thing is hackers are sneaky

My sister got her account hacked and she was forced to make a new one. But we quit anyway... - MorganChambz

Some jealous noob hacked my cousin's account, I put so much money on there, I'm pissed off! - MorganChambz

March 18 will be a nightmare - TeamRocket747

March 18th myth is really just a thing that'll lower the ROBLOX population for an entire day, because of tons of gullible kids. - Excited

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6 Overpriced items

I stopped playing because it's glitches too much and it had prices fit for gods - SpyroZap99

Yes, sparkle times and all. They make me feel stupid...

Private selling is moronic, too.


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7 Ignorance

They judge you for anything! They judge for religion, they called me a Jew even if I'm not a Jew, most judge on whatever you wear, some judge how you are wasting money on there, and there are plenty more reasons. - MorganChambz

Some guy told me that I was a KKK member just because I'm Christian. - ethanmeinster

Someone will call you a stupid unoriginal dummy for making a game with only 1 or 2 free-models. If these are bad, why did ROBLOX ever even implement them? Its just like any other game engine, there is an asset store.

Our community is mostly made of retarded kids so of course you'll find ignorance to be common.

I lost 2 sccounts now my recent one has 199 robux I give up if you get hacked your done for + I keep on saying I got hakes they don't cear mincraft is much more better

8 No Tix

ROBLOX is slowly killing themselves. I saw a good quote, "If you focus on your profits instead of your customers, in time you will have neither," and I saw this on a meme. I just cannot bring myself to forgive them, though I do have tons of stuff from my because days. But now I just can't go back to that decaying site.

Bring back tix! It was the only way for people to spend fake money on your game!

Roblox is trash for doing this.

It was what started my adventure and now its what has stopped my adventure.

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9 Terrible updates

Terrible updates not #1? And over-priced items should be #2, community #3.

Yes. The modern ROBLOX is terrible... I wish I never joined this game, it has depressed me.

That update in May 2014 was the worst update ever. - MorganChambz

List of terrible and useless updates:
Removal of tix
(Upcoming) All body parts only one color

Updates that caused broken games
And every other update there was - GrapeJuiceK

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10 The moderators are bad

When I report someone I end up with the warning! - MorganChambz

The Newcomers

? People spam your profile
? You get bullied for being a noob

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11 Posers
12 Sadness

My best friend quit for 3 years and I would continue to check now and then to see if they got back on when I had nothing better to do. After realising they weren't coming back that made me very upset.

Ahh, Bullies. Makes me just wanna quit roblox even more. Thanks a lot bullies.

Uh, this would be appropriate to mention on the number one ranking. (bullies)

Did you know you feel 25% better when you take a break/quit it?

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13 Addictions

Anyone can have an addiction to any kind of game. Whoever put this here needs to check their facts.

I am an addict playing ROBLOX and my auntie and my mom get mad at me. Mom have a deal, if I play ROBLOX she will get my iPad and my MacBook not to use it FOREVER. Can you help me to quit it? Even they get mad at me I'm always mad.

The games are addictive and you can begin to drop quality in your schoolwork just to log on.

Addictions? No, it's not the games. I can assure you that it's your fault for being stubborn and putting this before your studies.

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14 Stupidity

Yea when I started playing I felt like I was getting mean so now I am limiting my self with one hour a day cause I don't really want to be addicted to Roblox

When I joined Roblox I felt myself getting dumber. - MorganChambz

Roblox made me crazier for video games and made me more lazy and dumb.

This game also made me feel a little bit dumberer. My username is Frogadier_99 by the way

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15 No refunds

Lost about eighty robux on a stupid dress with no refunds,


YA - Dragonj37

Accidentally I buyed a item I don't want, and for that I lost all my robux

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16 Money loss

It's because the creators of Roblox are greedy money makers that just want money, money, and money.

Wasted money gets poured into the game...

I don't like catalog because some items are 999,999,999 robux. That is almost impossible to get!

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17 Inappropriate for children

I am an 11 year old who had permission to get Safe Chat taken away. After that, a lot of what I was seeing was sexual content and sometimes, in-game I would find porn. ROBLOX workers are supposed to check that stuff! It is gross and messed up.

This game allows 8 year olds to access dating, bullies, sexual content, Unhealthy things, and money loss

Exactly! ROBLOX is supposed to be safe for kids! It allows young children, but there are older people who act very inappropriate to these children!

I was playing ROBLOX with my 6 year old brother. We were playing "Roblox Hide and seak" When people were walking up to him asking him to OD with him. Its sad, really. I miss the old robux

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18 free ROBUX scams

I HATE IT I was getting free robux but its littery gets virus to your computer or getting banned In 2017 The comments are banned but free robux is HORRIBLE! - SpencerJC

This should be number one! - TeamRocket747

Builderman told me how to get banned! Copy and paste this on 3 games log out and back in and enjoy your ban!


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19 Lack of respect

A lot of people are racist and just plan rude, they disrespect you for anything and everything you do wrong sometimes...

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