Top 10 Reasons to Quit Roblox

Roblox, you have officially lost 2 of your highly optimistic (not so optimistic anymore) fans.

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41 Abuse of copyright
42 People spam your profile

I get a bunch of Alt accounts telling me to look at these scams, it's getting on my nerves,but roblox can't stop it.

43 You get kicked out for no reason

Absolutely agree. I got kicked from a "Work at a pizza place" server because I talked with a friend about Call of Duty (no, I am not a fanboy). - Flamer310

44 People make fun of your character for having dark skin

I know. I was dark and people called me names. - Flamer310

45 Haters

Usally, Some people call you a scrub or a noob for no reason, I hate them and I make fun of them.

I HATE It too its annoying and the people who call me that are hypocrites once I was called a noob by a noob and hsi noob gang

46 Wrong info

Don't forget that they said the game was free When you have to afford a premium membership just to get the good stuff.

You mean misleaders?

That is true.

Expectation : "Sign up and start having fun! "
Reality : "ROBLOX is a stress test. Sign up and if you can handle the community, very good for you. If you can't, too bad. Can you survive the community without buying ROBUX? " - Flamer310

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47 Unsafe for your computer


"Some malware from Roblox can infect your computer."


For me Roblox freezed my PC. It was a potato PC, but still. - Flamer310

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48 Account sellers

Money hungry people go on to choose a random selection of Roblox accounts, hacks them, and sells them meaning that your account can be stolen and sold without your permission and you don't gain profit from it either, which this personally happened to me on 4/6/16


49 Items are too expensive

We Need to pay cash for the best items on roblox

Amazing roblox sale! Now buy this ant for 999,999,999,999$! - FlyingFridge

ROBLOX is definitely pay to win! - Flamer310

50 No robux

When you can't think of anything else to put on the list - GrapeJuiceK

51 It's inappropriate


52 It's a waste of space

Now, I'm quitting roblox because it, IT NEEDS TO HAVE SOME EXCERSIZE AND DROP A FEW TONS

53 It could give your computer a virus

Exactly. I've installed ROBLOX on my PC and guess what? My PC ran slower than normal. - Flamer310

54 It's populated with immature 7-year olds that play Call of Duty

Absolutely, except that part with the "Call of Duty". I asked a lot of people if they play that game and in 99% of the cases they said "no". - Flamer310

55 It's just one big scam

Yes. - Flamer310

56 It overshadows all the good games

Roblox company only cares about money and players
i know that money is important but there is another thing that is important! friendship!

57 Removal of the forums

What was the point of doing this?! The forums were a place where the users of roblox could discuss various topics, and it was an archive of information, I saw no valid reason for its removal! It doesn't matter though because they already deleted off topic prior which I hung around the most. Seriously Roblox is still on its downward spiral! - Phillip873

Although there were a lot of trolls on the forums, I still think that the removal of the forums was a terrible idea. - Flamer310

58 You can only jump and walk

To be honest, this is the only 3D game I've encountered so far in which you cannot do other moves than walking and jumping. Yes, I am aware that different scripts exist, but the ROBLOX programmers are way too lazy to code functions such as crouching and running. Look at old games, such as Half-Life or Counter-Strike. You can walk, crouch, crouch-jump and by default you sprint (if you don't press shift). I am tired of walking for 10 minutes on maps because there aren't vehicles. - Flamer310

There are /e animations too. Here are 7.
/e dance
/e dance2
/e dance3
/e wave
/e cheer
/e point
/e laugh - Datguyisweird666

I know that. But by moves I meant something like crouch, run, do acrobatics etc. - Flamer310

59 Developer-made events
60 People use noob as a insult

I quit roblox a while ago because of boredom, (I was NunyaBizness123.) And I have to agree. Whoever decided on making "noob" an insult anyway?

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