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41 Unsafe for your computer


"Some malware from Roblox can infect your computer."


42 Account sellers

Money hungry people go on to choose a random selection of Roblox accounts, hacks them, and sells them meaning that your account can be stolen and sold without your permission and you don't gain profit from it either, which this personally happened to me on 4/6/16

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43 No robux

When you can't think of anything else to put on the list - GrapeJuiceK

44 It's inappropriate V 1 Comment
45 It's a waste of space

Now, I'm quitting roblox because it, IT NEEDS TO HAVE SOME EXCERSIZE AND DROP A FEW TONS

46 It could give your computer a virus
47 Egotistical people

The game is filled with Mediocre and ignorant little kids and teens. They should be sent to military school.

48 Sexual content

Sorry but I don't believe that

A girl told me to tell her my house number then she raped me in real life.

49 People are now picky on games
50 Rages

People in the roblox community rage a lot in the forums. Mostly the forums, Rarely on games because they can get banned.

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51 Items are too expensive

We Need to pay cash for the best items on roblox

Amazing roblox sale! Now buy this ant for 999,999,999,999$! - FlyingFridge

ROBLOX is definitely pay to win! - Flamer310

52 Free Models

Having one or two free models in a game suddenly makes you a lazy slob, but if you overflow the place with them, it ends up on the front page. I mean, free models are great and all, but I just wish that people would stop abusing them.

53 Greedy people V 1 Comment
54 Social media creeps
55 It causes arguments
56 Bad CGI
57 Ugly graphics
58 It's just one big ad
59 Grammar Nazis
60 It tricks kids into liking it
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