Top 10 Reasons to Quit Roblox


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61 People are now picky on games
62 Rages

People in the roblox community rage a lot in the forums. Mostly the forums, Rarely on games because they can get banned.

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63 Free models

Having one or two free models in a game suddenly makes you a lazy slob, but if you overflow the place with them, it ends up on the front page. I mean, free models are great and all, but I just wish that people would stop abusing them.

64 Greedy people V 1 Comment
65 Social media creeps
66 It causes arguments
67 Bad CGI
68 Ugly graphics
69 It's just one big ad
70 Grammar Nazis
71 It tricks kids into liking it
72 Terrible memes
73 It ruins your computer
74 90% of the games are unoriginal
75 It's a print money game
76 A lot of places are literally the same
77 It's taking over the internet
78 It gets boring
79 It ruins kids minds
80 False reporters
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1. Safe chat
2. The company only cares about money
3. Inappropriate for children
1. Safe chat
2. Denis fanbase
3. Overpriced items
1. Bullies
2. The term "Od'er"
3. The company only cares about money

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