Reasons to Ragequit In Minecraft

Surprised this list wasn't already made!

Laugh out loud.

The Top Ten

1 Diamonds falling into lava

Oldest ragequit ever... but some people's reaction!


Rare items like them going to waste.

2 House being blown up by creeper

Another old one, but still annoying. Espcially when a chest is blown up, and it has so much stuff in it that you cannot pick it all up.

3 You realise someone TNTed your house

Sadly, I am often that annoying person who blows your house up for the lolz.

4 Game crashes when you obtain your fav weapon in any PvP

I got my favorite weapon, a fire aspect II iron axe in survival gaames, was about to smash in someone's head with it, and my computer crashes. First and only time it has ever done that. The world is conspiring against me.

(just happened to meh. )

5 Betrayed by a friend on multiplayer
6 Impossible parkour

I did all that parkour... to read a sign that said "Hi"

7 Those people that beg or steal items

Worse than griefers, beggars, I reckon.
If you're admin, and you don't cave in to beggars, you're gunna get judged.

8 Typing in a book and quill and it exits the game

This happens all the time, cause it reckons I'm AFK.
No, I' m typing with the keyboard.

9 Getting pushed off a cliff when you accidenly hold seed around chickens

Happens with cows and sheep a lot too.

10 Getting killed by noobs

Even a noob is dangerous with a diamond sword, or TNT (if he can discover how to light it)

The Contenders

11 Being muted on servers

I hate muters cause they mute you for 15 m minutes which is too long

12 Hacker raiding your base
13 Dying in hardcore
14 Getting Banned
15 When mobs kill you over and over
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