Top 10 Reasons Rainbow Dash is Better Than Twilight


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1 Twilight is boring, Dash is a fun character

True. Dash is an enjoyable kind of jerk.

Twilight stopped being interesting when she got her wings.

Twilight is my all time least favorite character

I love this list,Twilame Sparkle is my least favourite and Rainbow Dash is my favourite character of all time! -RainbowDash

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2 Dash is a better singer

I think so too. Don't like twilight or her voice at all.

True. Not that Twilight's terrible.

This is pure opinion.

Awesome as I wanna be looks like when Hell and cringe fused together then spat out.-Vestalis

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3 Her songs are better

Haha Lol are you serios she stop winter for her tortios plus she obsessed with the tortoise

4 Twilight is a know it all

She makes everyone look dumb, which is so unfair!

And Rainbow Dash makes everyone look like losers

Why is that bad?!?


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5 Dash is a loyal friend

I hate twilight she is dum and dash is rocking cool


6 Dash is better with foals

Rainbow Dash never acts like she wants to molest kids (like the certain Twilight episode I really can't stand)!

The best example is when she bonds with Scootaloo.

Kids hate Rainbow Dash. Like me. And at least TWILIGHT wasn't the one who made Fluttershy cry, slap Applejack, get mad at Twilight for teaching her a friendship lesson, and be ungrateful to Rarity for making her a nice dress. Is that a good role model for you, kids? - TwilightKitsune

Watch 'Games Ponies Play' and see how she treats that one foal with the flag.

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7 Dash got everyone their cutie marks

One of the few accurate items - Chromium

Oh yea, and WHO was reason because she did Sonic Rainboom? WHO? Fluttershy. Without her, RD won't have who to stand by and to protect

Rainbow dash is meant to be an alicorn and she is likely to be the daughter of celestia. Twilight is worst pony and she's going to turn evil or is already. So I love you for making this! πŸ˜„


8 Athletes are better than nerds

Twilight is an insult to nerds! Twilight isn't really a nerd, she's a know-it-all!

"Athletes are better than nerds" are you serious? This list is so dumb!

Since when was she an athlete? All she does is fly:

Sure shes a wonderbolt BUT WHEN WAS SHE A ATHLETE

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9 She's funnier

That is obviously true! When Twilight "tries" to be funny, it's painfully obvious she's just being a dumbass.


You are WRONGG


10 Twilight's fans are idiots

One of her fans ACTUALLY married a dang plush of her! True story! Look it up! That proves how insane they are!

Dang, this list gets meaner and meaner.

And Applejack fans are the stupidest of all.

Hey, I am a Rainbow Dash fan, but you CAN NOT insult others. Don’t be egotistical. And if TwilightKitsune likes Twilight Sparkle, that DOES NOT mean she is dumb or whatever. So stop.

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? Twilight is an insult to nerds
? Rainbow Dash is more colorful

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11 Tara Strong is a horrible person

Glad somebody actually knows that!

Why would anyone say that?

What? Okay I'm an Rad fan hardcore, but still what?

Tara is pretty good, but I could kill twilight n twilight kistune
Ps I love Tara because she voiced young tigress from kfp I love kfp

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12 Twilight is named after a crappy book series

No argument here.

Well maybe you should think about her personality and cutie mark what if that is not true

Hehehe. Typical egghead mess.

BellaSwan sucks - Lunala

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13 Twilight is a Mary Sue

I agree with everything on this list.

Lesson Zero is an abomination of Satan that should have never existed!

Watch Lesson Zero. Proves she is not a mary sue. She was selfish and mean in that episode but at least she learnt her lesson. - TwilightKitsune

If I could get rid of one character out the entire mlp franchise I'd pick twilight.

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14 Twilight almost destroyed Ponyville for selfish reasons

Still selfish.

This should be Number 1! Twilight is the meanest character in all of MLP! I can't believe she did this! I can understand her feelings, but trying to DESTROY PONYVILLE is WAY too far! Twilight is also super ugly! Her hair is choppy and her color scheme is horrendous! Twilight is a cruel, selfish know-it-all! I hope Omega Flowey may kill fer someday! - TheMuslimMemer

How was it selfish, she wanted to be with her friends - TwilightKitsune

Hey, you fans have to stop bullying TwilightKitsune over this list. RESPECT other opinions! - Chromium

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15 Rainbow dash actually learns from her mistakes

Just because Dashie can make can be a little jerky sometimes doesn't mean she's the worst character of all time! She seems to get better and better as the show goes on! She's less boastful, more caring, and even knows when she's making the wrong decisions.

Rainbow Dash is definitely the most developed character. And if you look closer you'll see she has hidden insecurities. Plus she is the most beautiful and has the best voice. She is very caring and has a soft spot in her heart. She like any girl. WHY DO YOU THINK SHE GOES TO THE SPA?

True that!

I agree...she gets better and better.She's my favourite character but not best pony.There is no best pony.I don't like Twilight,but I never say something bad about her and the other characters.

16 Dash is prettier

She makes cuter faces.

So true.

No, she's more aweome

If you like clowns lol - TwilightKitsune

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17 Twilight is a useless idiot too often

Very true she is brawn she needs to go back to the dumber form of social media Instead of this website - Kevinsidis

18 Twilight's a bigger jerk!

She treats Spike like a slave, only cares about being Celestia's star student, bosses her friends around, makes them look like idiots, fears more of failing a stupid test than losing either her friends and family, acted like a pedophile in front of the Cutie Mark Crusaders so she can make a friendship problem, always has to be the leader, and always has to be the focus of everything! Why does she have friends again? She's an awful person!

The worst part about this is that people keep saying she's the ONLY FLAWLESS CHARACTER! BULL CRAP!

Dash treats her friends like crap - MLPFan

Set but this is ture. She is not awful. But everything else mentioned is true. I'm sticking with my original claim though. Twily's an egghead.

Twilight sparkle is a hateful snob and a lier. She is also an undeserving crook who probably used mind control magic to make herself a Princess! We need to punish her (haven't you seen lesson zero). She should be called twilight destroyer goddess of being a Mary sue and a waste of space not twilight sparkle princess of friendship. So I conclude SHE'S EVIL 😈, MURDEROUS AND SOMEONE WHO DESERVES TO DIE!. P.s rainbow dash is the daughter of celestia and the lost ruler of the rainbow dimensions!

19 Dash is cuter

Yup, dash makes more kawai and funny faces and lets out the cutest screams!

20 Dash has the best insults

She's only kidding around! She's not really trying to be mean.

Twilifht Kitsue. Or is it I have nothing better to do so I'll just ruin these people's day by going on a perfectly good list and ruining it's?

That's like saying 'We love Justin Beiber because he is mean'. - TwilightKitsune

Congrats, clivenator. You've succeeded in making me hate RD more. And you've just proven that RD is in fact a bigger jerk than Twilight.

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