Top 10 Reasons Rainbow Dash is Better Than Twilight


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21 She's saved the day more often

It's the truth eggheads, don't honk it isn't.

22 Twilight is a useless idiot too often
23 Lazy nerds like Twilight.

Who wants to associate with those kooks? No one, that's who.

24 Dash does more to help her friends

Most of the time, she saves her friends whenever they need help!

Twilight kitsune? She s saved the. More times then your homie the egghead has!

She bullies them more than help them. - TwilightKitsune

25 Twilight has no life V 1 Comment
26 Rainbow Dash is cuter V 1 Comment
27 Twilight was a shut-in before she met Dash

So ture

28 Dash has had more development.

That's true! In newer episodes, she has become more friendlier and less boastful!

Yes. At least the newer episodes toned her behaviour down - Chromium

29 Dash was meant to be the main character

I'm a dash fan, but disagree. The RD show, would be great. But they should,are a spin off.

30 Rainbow is very smart in her own way
31 Twilight prevents more friendships than she creates

Starlight and Trixie. Discord and the other 5. To name a few.

Yeah so give me one this list is so dumb

32 Dash has a soft spot in her heart

All you have to do lay off the haterade for 5 seconds and actually pay attention to her character. She's clearly dealing with insecurity.

And Twilight doesn't?

Really sure about that?

33 Dash is not a smart mouth V 1 Comment
34 Rainbow Dash doesn't act like a pedophile when she goes insane
35 Rainbow dash is probably Princess Celestia's long lost daughter

This item screams bias fanboy. So was the comment that Rainbow Dash should be an alicorn because she's "Celestia's long lost daughter" which is obviously fake - MLPFan


36 Rainbow dash is hotter

They're horses, geez! What are you, some zoophile?! - MLPFan

37 Twilight Sparkle is more likely to turn evil

It's already happening...

38 Twilight is useless
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