Top 10 Reasons Why Randy Cunningham: 9th Grade Ninja is Better Than The Loud House

The Top Ten

1 Randy is a better protagonist than Lincoln

True. I love Randy. - AinezoChan

2 Randy and Theresa are a better couple than Clyde and Lori

Clyde and Lori is pedophilic. - AinezoChan

3 Randy Cunningham has a better fanbase

The RC fans are sweet - AinezoChan

4 Randy Cunningham is underrated, while The Loud House is overrated

And The 7D is underrated too. - AinezoChan

5 Randy Cunningham barely has gross jokes

True. TLH has so many revolting butt and shoe jokes. - AinezoChan

6 A teenager who get a ninja powers is a better plot than a lazy and bratty sisters who makes gross things and blames their only male sibling all the times with no reasons

I also love Heidi. She's not lazy, bratty or selfish. - AinezoChan

7 Randy Cunningham: 9th Grade Ninja has better body designs

They look like SvtFoE, which is an awesome cartoon. - AinezoChan

8 The Loud House is overplayed

True - AinezoChan

9 Randy is funnier than Luan Loud

McFist is funnier then her, too. - AinezoChan

10 The Loud House characters are annoying

And overrated. - AinezoChan

The Contenders

11 Randy Cunningham does not have adult humor

Which means that Randy is SFW for kids. - AinezoChan

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