Reasons to Read the Bible

I'm a devout Christian. But even if you don't believe in God, the Bible is still a great book to read.
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1 It gives us tips on how to live a good life

It talks about how selfish and ignorant jesus was

2 It has amazing and fun stories

I love the First Testament as a book and I'm not even Christian. You have to read the right version but the Bible is a very good book if you believe it's true or not. In fact I prefer to think of it like a book rather than a Holy book.

Jesus and David for example

3 Even if you're not Christian, the Bible is a great place to go if you have questions
4 It teaches us how to go to Heaven
5 It's an alternative on how mankind was created
6 It is both fictional and nonfictional
7 It's cool to read
8 Every story is different
9 It is original
10 It is God speaking to you
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11 It makes people happy
12 It speaks of ways you can be happy if you choose to
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