Top 10 Reasons the Reasons Why Not to Be Gay/Lesbian List Should Be Taken Down


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1 It's offensive

I was searching up "gay" to see if anyone approved of them. What I found? "Top Ten Reasons not to be Gay." What is wrong with this world?! If you believe in God, God never really cared if people were straight, if you don't believe in god (like me, or have some other religion,) give me ONE. REASON. Why being gay is wrong. 1 reason, that's all I ask. I've even had to show people in person why being gay is fine.

It is a very offensive and insensitive list, and quite clearly created as homophobic act!
Everyone should be accepting of each other and respect peoples paths in life (as long as your not doing something that is hurting others it is fine).

Being homosexual is a perfectly natural thing! - SidneyHando

Actually being gay/lesbian isn't natural. It's a crime against nature and goes against the Bible. - LordDovahkiin

That moment when you're a pansexual Christian and you're scared of other Christians because of things like this

I hate lesbains - Spiritualsavedboy

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2 Most of the commenters who agree with it are Christians

They all quote the bible. you know, religion meddles with everything from wars to science to being who you are. I'm not against religion, I'm just against how some people can't look past what the bible says and make people unhappy for it. it's incredibly selfish of you to point to a bible and say "here's a list of reasons why I should make your life miserable". I mean have some common sense Christians! - Songsta41

If you disagree with it, then fine. That doesn't give you the grounds to ask admin to take down the list, anyway. It would just block opinions and information.

That is a discriminatory and stereotypical remark.

To be honest, you can't blame a religion on hating something, it's the Bible. If the Quran said that being straight was a sin, how would straight people be treated by islams? Bad, just plain bad.

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3 It's stereotypical

It's stupid

4 Almost all of the reasons are Christian related

Atheism and other religions are another case. I wonder why certain Christians disagree with it, though.

Not everyone is Christian, so the Christian reasons aren't exactly valid. - drdevil

What's wrong with being gay? A sexual preference is only a tiny percentage of who you are. - Catlover2004

Whatever you have against Christianity, I suggest you see my latest list. In fact, I think that list should stay up. I'm all for gay rights-and I find #1 on that list the greatest reflection of how attitudes are changing, and I find it to be both hilarious and awesome that #1 is #1 (see list! ) - keycha1n

5 It's hypocritical

They say that, "People will make lists about it and annoy you." Then... Why did you make the list? - MontyPython

No, stupid, someone added it, at the end of the top ten, and it was voted to number one.

6 People actually agree with it

I agree with it, though I'm not a homophobe.

Yes you are.

7 It's basically saying that all its opinions are right

Who the hell said that? There's no such thing as right and wrong.

8 It's a perfect example of stupidity

Define the word "stupid". And justify your statement.

9 The comments get way too out of hand

They got out of hand for not reading the description of the list.

10 The Adam and Steve comment

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11 It's homophobic

Ultimate reason. I'm straight but I think gays have rights - TwilightKitsune

12 Very stupid reasons V 1 Comment
13 It's completely biased
14 It doesn't make sense
15 It makes others feel bad
16 It's disgusting
17 It's weird
18 It's hurtful
19 It seems as if the user regrets it
20 It makes people ashamed of who they are
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