Reasons Regular Show Is a Good Show

The Top Ten Reasons Regular Show Is a Good Show

1 Awesome catchphrases
2 Great art
3 It's adventurous
4 It's funny
5 Benson yelling YOU'RE FIRED!
6 It's not a ripoff of anything
7 It was made in 2010 and i'ts still good
8 It's not boring

But Sometimes It Is. Still Good Show.

9 It's one of the good Cartoon Network series

It's my favorite show. - EpicJake

10 It's famous

The Contenders

11 It referenced anime

Planet Starlight Chaser Excellent - Goatworlds

Evangelion, anyone?

12 It's creative
13 It's more mature
14 They made a cool movie

Yeah that movie rocks!

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