Top Ten Reasons Religions Are Bad

This list is meant to tell you why religions I made this list to show that because of religions some people can't believe in what they want and the after life I haven't decided what I believe in but I do believe in the after life you wont go to heaven youll be sent to a new body or go to a different dimension

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1 They start war

I don't think religion itself start wars. It's bad people who take religion as an excuse that start wars. One who kills in the name of a god is not a true believer of god and his religion.

Why do we have to shut up about religion? Beliefs or non-beliefs of religion is part of life and there's nothing wrong if we can debate or share opinions ( without insulting each others ) about that topic. If we have to shut up on things like that, we would be close to fascist censorship methods. ( positive response to the top tenner Elina ).

Yo, me, the ass man thinks that your grammar stinks, and please, another religion list?

It's the the people who cause the war, not the religion.

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2 It creates killing

You know what I hated people are always saying that they have the right to believe in what they want that is true and they have the right for opinions so do I and I have freedom of speech I have the rights to tell people about my disagreement on God and they have the right to tell me why he is real so instead of just telling me that I'm trying to make people hate him I'm not I'm just telling them my opinion if you hate it then go away or tell me you're opinion and I might change my mine - speed

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3 People can't believe in what they want

I chose to believe in God. People CHOOSE to believe in religion. It's about time that people realize that.

Because that would result in more wars than religion.

4 It created terrorists

There's a fine line between religion and religious extremism. Blame the people, not the religion.

5 Religions are just stories made by old people

Think about it... Christians would think it is so weird to die and see the Buddha! Buddhists would find it extremely weird to die and see Jesus! Every religion laughs at how the Aztecs and Mayans believed in the sun gods and rain gods... But religion is just one big analogy! Christians to Jesus is the Mayans to the Sun God! It just doesn't add up! Religion is fake, and was made a long time ago to keep people believing that they would die in piece! What is ANY written record that a god exists? WE carried on the planet! WE gathered food! WE evolved! WE carried on the population! Notice a pattern? Notice how no 'imaginary god' was involved?

6 Some religions are routes to evil
7 People are forced to believe a religion

No, they're not. Unfollowing. - Therandom

8 They hold back progress in science

No they don't. - clusium

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