Top Ten Reasons the Republicans Need to Win the 2016 U.S. Election

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The Republicans would undo the damage Obama has done

Bush increased America's debt by 86%. Obama increased America's debt by 49%.

The problem with the USA's system is that both parties are basically the same. They promise change, but fail to bring it about, and independent candidates stand no chance.

FYI, you're already under a Republican government, for all intents and purposes. Both the House of Representatives and the Senate are under Republican control, meaning the Democrats have no power to pass bills--they only have the presidential veto.

Still, once we have a republican president, our country will be better again.

Republicans are more ethical, especially if we blame Obama for every single thing in this country ever since he won the presidential election. Wait, what about George W. Bush? He's what Republicans call The True American Hero. He knows that to stimulate our economy, lower taxes, open loopholes, and rely on oil for the next 100 years. That way we can provide unprecedented success to places like Texas and Houston, which are more beautiful and interesting than oppressive socialist places like Paris, Rome, London, and New York, let's not forget California. Everything bad in this world is Obamas fault!

The average age of TTT members is 13, and even the oldest are only around 18-20. They have no business commenting on a serious topic like this, although reading this poll makes it very clear why kids should never be allowed to vote.

You know, therandom, if I ever see a comment from you that doesn't mention taxes or the military, I think I will fall over in a dead faint. Your needle is stuck, sir.

The Republicans would make our military stronger again

Good luck with that--America's interest payments on debt to China are enough to fund the entire Chinese military. In other words, the US is paying for two armed forces.

Whichever party wins will inevitably fail--they'll inherit a sinking ship. - PetSounds

What they prefer doesn't matter--they're already funding China's military, so it will inevitably be more powerful.

However, China's economy is sinking. Suppose they foreclose on America's debt? - PetSounds

Screw spending for healthcare, infrastructure, and education, even though the poor need it! As a matter of fact, screw the poor!

Yes, let's bomb random nations and conspire a terrorist attack against the US! Smart idea

Republicans would have less criminals running around while in the white house

There are people who will be in jail for life because they dealt drugs or did drugs once. There are also people who have terrorized the country running free. The general public also don't know the punishments for most crimes-thus making punishments non-deterring.

Our prison situation is more complex than "kill all the really bad guys".

Also, funny how the Catholic Church supports blatant murder. - keycha1n

But innocents have been killed with the death penalty-In fact-a lot have!

And God is also the omniscient ruler of the universe and everything in it. I'm sorry if I believe that we, as humans, don't have the right to murder!

Especially when Exodus EXPLICITLY states in the very Ten Commandments!

Your argument is repetitive, and full of holes. - keycha1n

I oppose the death penalty, and I have a really powerful guy on my side. His name is Jesus Christ...

We'll have a clean government, like it was under Richard Nixon and George W. Bush

The death penalty is unfortunetly the only way to end criminals. - Therandom

Innocent parties have been convicted in the past, and guilty parties acquitted--juries are not infallible. - PetSounds

Republicans have lower tax rates

If we leave it up to private industry to take care of the poor, they will donate. But they will choose the people they donate to, and not everyone will be helped...

People are gonna say: "But then public school quality declines". That being said, less taxes, people have more money. And can use that money to donate and all that good stuff. - Therandom

My question is, how many people do you know would willingly donate to public schools? We simply need taxes to pay for things. I support lowering taxes for low income and middle class families, but the tax plans that Republicans are proposing will either bankrupt us or force us to cut spending for essential programs, if not both. - Alpha101

When I turn eighteen, I will register as a Republican because I don't want people to have to pay too many taxes. Also, I think that the budget should be lowered because it is very important to only spend within your means.

If we want to be historically accurate here, Reagan raised taxes seven of the eight years he was in office. This is the truth. Fox News "facts" may differ...

Republicans are against abortions

Please stop abortions. It is horrible. Abortions should be banned. I fully support women's rights, but I don't think that a woman should have the right to kill a baby just because the baby happens to be residing in her body.

Scientific proof that a fetus is not part of a woman's body:
It is possible to remove the developing human embryo from a woman. Given the correct conditions and nutrients (such as even being placed in another person's uterus) the baby WILL develop into a new living being.

Also let's review the definition of a living organism.
1. Made up of cells (obviously)
2. Obtain and use energy (nutrients from the mother)
3. Respond and adapt to the environment (Can be seen when fetuses kick. Also, if the conditions are bad, the fetus will die which is a response to the environment)
4. Can reproduce (There have been cases of female babies being pregnant at birth. Google if you don't believe me. On the male side, yes the sperm is not yet fully ...more

What if, for instance, the woman trying to get an abortion was raped? You might say "Well, it's not the fetus's fault that the mother was raped." While that is true, by not granting the woman the right to chose, you are basically punishing her for being raped. She will have the baby, which us very tiring and stressful, and not to mention the amount of money that she would have to fork over.

I do hate people who take abortions for granted. People that get pregnant and then have an abortion, then get pregnant again disgust me. But still, everyone should have a choice.

I would read Hillary Clinton's book "Living History." It provides some facts about why abortion should remain legal, and it is very compelling. - Alpha101

This is just an issue used by Republicans to get votes and donations. From 2002 to 2006, you had a Republican president and a Republican congress, and not a single thing was done about abortion. Do you seriously think Republicans want this issue to go away? They wouldn't be able to play their "holy" card anymore! Then there's this little matter of Roe vs. Wade. If Catholicism, or Christianity, were in fact the national religion, what the Catholic Church believes would carry great weight. It is very explicit in the constitution that we have freedom of religion in this country, however, and that has been upheld in every challenge made in the Supreme Court.

Babies are alive once inside the women's body. That's what I believe, and so does the Catholic Church. - Therandom

The democrats would make the damage Obama did worse

We probably should pay attention to global warming since 98 percent of scientists (who, by the way, have actually studied it) say it is real. Look at it this way. You live in Miami and have a house on the beach. 98 percent of the weather forecasters say there will be a hurricane tomorrow. Do you stand by and do nothing?

Our economy and nation is damaged because we have to pay attention to global warming and recognizing the rights of many people. Why should we help the poor? Especially if they are lazy and you-know-what. The CEO knows all about hard work, especially if he has to lay off many people and cut costs so that he can earn $250k a minute. Now that's business and hard work!

I'm tired of people saying that the poor shouldn't be helped. These people are all greedy right-wing capitalists who are in bed with the richest 1% of Americans. - allamassal

The only con about Republicans is being against gay marriage

This list is an absolute joke. You say that you're fine with homosexuals because you think lesions are hot? Seriously?

Also, like mentioned before, by lowering taxes, school quality WILL go down, and stay down, because we all know how all Americans are SO charitable. Also, what you basically said earlier was, you'd rather have the money to buy nicer things, while schools and students suffer? It's ridiculous!

On your comment about the death sentence, in my opinion, life imprisonment is much worse than the death penalty. Would you rather stay 60 years in a cell, or to just end it all?

I like how you said Republicans would have less criminals on the White House, while two of our Republican presidents were criminals. Cough cough, Reagan and Nixon

I am all for a strong military, but I think we should have limits. Look at what Bush did. He had no evidence whatsoever that Iraq had nukes, yet we invaded anyway. What's worse, when we found out there were no nukes, ...more - Alpha101

Actually, some Republicans are now starting to come around and support gay marriage (Dick Cheney, Rob Portman, Lisa Murkowski). This is pretty immaterial, since there are so many other reasons to vote against Republicans...

They're just against the concept of "marriage", not union. So it's almost like there are no cons for Republicans.

If gay people want to get married, let them get married. It doesn't mess my life up. Though some hot girls are lesbians, and are unfortunately not into me, but it's not their choice. - Therandom

Other than Donald Trump and Jeb Bush, the candidates are pretty good

As a liberal, I'd rather deal with Donald Trump than Ted Cruz. Trump can make a deal with us. Ted Cruz? He will continue on his homophobic, racist, Jesus Freak, McCarthyist quagmire; hardly anyone in the Northeast (most educated region in the US by the way) likes Cruz. Trump won by a landslide in the East Coast. No more stupid bible thumpers!

I'm a Democrat and Carson is a brilliant man and brilliant surgeon who has no experience in government, doesn't understand it, and is probably the worst of the lot, he or Fiorina. Trump's whole campaign seems to be about insulting people, which is easy to do when you don't have to answer to anybody. If, God forbid, he ever gets in, that kind of governing will likely, and justifiably, get him impeached. Cruz, Rubio, Huckabee, Fiorina, and Santorum are basically all the same candidate. They would take us back to the good old days of double-digit unemployment that Bush's brother George graced us with. No, Trump and Bush aren't the only bad candidates. They're all pretty putrid.

I respect your opinion but I think you're nuts if you really think Trump would make a good president.

Only Trump is the bad candidate. Jeb Bush is fine, but I'd rather have either Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz or Ben Carson.

Republicans care about all working classes

But they care more about their seven figure donations from the Koch brothers.

If we call for a living wage or better health care, we're gonna turn into another Detroit.

To get ahead in life, be happy with $7.25/hour and just work 20 hours a day. Stop stifling business with unions. And don't call in sick because you are just not motivated to work. Still better than working in China or Bangladesh

They will lower taxes.

The Catholic Church agrees with their morals

The church wants us to accept Syrian refugees, is against the death penalty, and Pope Francis has said he cannot judge homosexuals. Other than abortion, which Republicans just use as a wedge issue, this is not totally true.

Who is the likely Republican candidate? Donald Trump. Who said on February 18, 2016, that Trump's policies of excluding Mexicans and Muslims are not Christian? Pope Francis of the Catholic Church. Thumb me up, thumb me down, do whatever you want. Number ten on this list is FALSE.

God is an American, residing in the megachurch built near that McDonald's. He spreads the gospel to each and everyone while driving in his Escalade he bought from charity. His favorite songs are "Redneck Woman," "Before He Cheats," and anything by Toby Keith.

However, Pope Francis need not apply, so who cares?

Yes because being religious is a prerequisite for being president.

The Contenders

We need to deport all the Mexicans.

We only need to get rid of the illegal immigrants legal immigrants are just fine - Dvafan2

Only the ones who came illegally. Legal immigrants are totally fine - Randomator

What the hell did the Mexicans do to you?
Did they take your job because you are fat and lazy?
Did they buy a better house than you because they went to college and you dropped out of high school?
Are you mad because their life is better than yours?
Exactly now go and finish high school you lazy prick.

You guys are racist. That's unconstitutional and you know it. It goes against the 14th Amendment. All people born or naturalized in the United States are citizens!

No Politically Correct Education

If the Earth was born 2000 years ago when Christ was born, why were there empires from before Christ? Why are there people older than Christ in the bible (like his mother)? Climate change is real, but can be prevented. It is a very simple concept. The world is round. People have been to space, seen it, and even taken pictures of it.

The Earth is only 2000 years old, born when Christ is born.

The Earth ain't round like what you "scientists" believe, it's flat. I don't feel like we are turning around, either on land or flying to China.

Climate change is a hoax. It's done to control oil companies. You know oil companies need all that money.

I'm tired of scientists rewriting education!

If you want to deny climate change, that's your business. Apparently you know more than our military, virtually the entire science community, nearly all climatologists, and over two hundred countries. Have at it, but it sounds like you're pretty much on your own.

Why have schools at all if a Republican is elected? Just send the kiddies home and have them watch Fox News. Who needs truth, anyway?

Stupid rednecks should run the country
We need to make the rich richer.

I meant to say I feel like Democrats added half the items to this list to make us Republicans LOOK stupid. I am a moderate Republican and I don't agree with half the items on the list.

I feel like Democrats added half the items to this list to make us Republicans stupid. I am a moderate Republican and I don't agree with half the items on the list.

This is the kind of post that may give people cancer.

More tax breaks for companies like Comcast. They built the business, not you

America would be like Russia

I'm Russian. They're the 14th most corrupt country in the world. It's not a nation to be proud of. - Kolobanov

Russia, unlike US and Germany, have strong military and zero tolerance for propaganda

You might want to look at Russia's economy before you fall too much in love with them...

Other than the USA (before anyway), Russia is the moral model of the world. While godless European countries like Sweden are friendly to gay people, Russia does not take no gay propaganda. Vladimir Putin, now that's what I call a leader!

Guns everywhere

This is the United States of America. Not Townsville! It's because people have easy access to guns that bad people can get their hands on them and kill other people. Guns may not kill people, but people certainly do. And people killing people means more crimes.

You know because more guns means less crime

Don't need no liberal messing with you, especially in university

Need to protect ourselves when we go to the Walmarts.

Keep Americans Stupid

Donald Trump LOVES the poorly educated, you should too!

Democrats are adding these items to the list to make Republicans look dumb confirmed.

I don't think Republicans are dumb. I just think they're wrong.

These sites are doing all they can...

Defund the arts

Like are arts that important? Who cares if one wants to be an actor or a musician? We need more money for corporations, because, you know, jobs. Besides, music is provided by Justin Bieber, Katy Perry, Miley Cyrus, and all the American Idol contestants, courtesy of big record companies. So shut up you hippies! Go have a pity party next to your satanic Beatles, Rolling Stones and Pink Floyd records.

Ignore this garbage reply I left on January 14, 2018. But still, how is Pink Floyd satanic? How were The Beatles satanic? How were The Rolling Stones satanic? - allamassal

Yes. No one cares about arts.

No Regulation of School Lunches

You do realize that would cause kids to get more obese, right? And I don't want foreign countries thinking America is a land of fat people. Plus, what if there is an attack by ISIS on the US and we need more military members? We can't have national security or an army if every soldier is obese and can't run! No offense to obese people though. I'm pretty sure they want to be healthy and they don't want others to be obese like them as well.

Screw eating broccoli, I want a lot of hot dogs and cupcakes! Kids being forced to eat healthy food is communism

No Regulation of Business

These comments are killing my brain cells. Seriously: "Who cares about pollution? " If the Republican party is full of psychos like the ones here, then I'm not expecting them to win any presidential elections any time soon.

I am a Republican and I believe that the only justification for the governmeny regulating a business is for the sake of the environment. That being said, yes, I am a Republican who believes that global warming is real.

Tired of the bureaucracy. Let BP, Exxon operate as they please, even with factory accidents and oil spill. Who cares about pollution? At least you can breathe! Plus, Tax breaks bring jobs. Always. Even if that means Wal-Mart. ITS STILL A JOB! California ain't gonna last long with frequent earthquakes and hipster tech nerds.

No More Universal Health Care

Every country in the world has a government health care plan. Obamacare may not be perfect, but if we are not going to have health care for our poorest, we cannot consider ourselves a great country. Every other nation can provide for its sick and elderly. It may take time, but so can we.

Actually, not every country. Switzerland has completely private health care, and their system is considered by many to be one of the best in the world. - Alpha101

Seriously, government takeover is so scary. I'd rather have healthcare with United or Bluecross, I don't care if these companies have CEOs that only care about profit. You know corporations are people, my friend, so stop your whining about not affording healthcare due to your stupid hospital bill. At least you're not oppressed

Building a Brick Wall Over Mexico and Canada

And getting all the people who voted in favor of this to pay for it!

Trump wants to use concrete, not brick

A great, great wall

No "Free Stuff"

The value of working is earning money and contributing to society. If people are given things for free, then they will feel as though they don't have to do anything and they (most likely) won't. This is a very basic concept.

I'm not paying taxes so that some person get a big flat screen T.V.. I need that money for Black Friday

No free stuff? Does this apply to multi-billion dollar corporations, too, or just the poor?

You have to realize the value of working.

Our Incarceration Rates Are Just Fine

Other than that, FREEDOM!

Establishment of Christianity as the state religion

Our Founding Fathers told us that building the largest churches leads to prosperity in the nation, not to mention treating other religions or denominations as second-class citizens.

What about separation of church and state? This is clearly a violation of the First Amendment.

Sometimes it's the people who can't respect how America has been founded.

You're right. To hell with democracy.

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