Top Ten Reasons the Republicans Need to Win the 2016 U.S. Election


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21 No More Universal Health Care

Every country in the world has a government health care plan. Obamacare may not be perfect, but if we are not going to have health care for our poorest, we cannot consider ourselves a great country. Every other nation can provide for its sick and elderly. It may take time, but so can we.

Actually, not every country. Switzerland has completely private health care, and their system is considered by many to be one of the best in the world. - Alpha101

Seriously, government takeover is so scary. I'd rather have healthcare with United or Bluecross, I don't care if these companies have CEOs that only care about profit. You know corporations are people, my friend, so stop your whining about not affording healthcare due to your stupid hospital bill. At least you're not oppressed

22 Building a Brick Wall Over Mexico and Canada

And getting all the people who voted in favor of this to pay for it!

Trump wants to use concrete, not brick

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23 No "Free Stuff"

The value of working is earning money and contributing to society. If people are given things for free, then they will feel as though they don't have to do anything and they (most likely) won't. This is a very basic concept.

I'm not paying taxes so that some person get a big flat screen T.V.. I need that money for Black Friday

No free stuff? Does this apply to multi-billion dollar corporations, too, or just the poor?

You have to realize the value of working.

24 Our Incarceration Rates Are Just Fine

Other than that, FREEDOM!

25 Establishment of Christianity as the state religion

Our Founding Fathers told us that building the largest churches leads to prosperity in the nation, not to mention treating other religions or denominations as second-class citizens.

What about separation of church and state? This is clearly a violation of the First Amendment.

Sometimes it's the people who can't respect how America has been founded.

You're right. To hell with democracy.

26 We'll always have food

Thanks to advanced technologies courtesy of Monsanto, we will have close to an infinite supply of food.

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27 Elimination of the Department of Education and Epa

Thank you, Rick Perry! Have you thought of the third one yet?

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28 Protect the Patriot Act

This act is the textbook definition of freedom and patriotism. You're either with us or against us

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29 No More Minimum Wage

Seriously, are you one of those "pro-family" Republicans? Gee, working 20 hours a day would give people lots of quality family time, wouldn't it? Nice of you to give them four hours to sleep, assuming they don't have to commute. I would love to see you try and live the lifestyle you would inflict on others. You wouldn't last a day.

I agree, because I'll finish college and get a good job for $30 and hour and you'll be at McDonalds working for a "great salary" of $3.25 and hour.

(Or at least no increases from $7.25 anywhere in the U.S. for at least 50 years, if so) Seriously, minimum wage is the number one cause of business bankruptcy (well, tied with people giving health care). Seriously, if you need to pay that rent or meal, you just got to work overtime for several days straight. Pull yourselves from your boot straps! $7.25 an hour is enough to pay for a 3-bedroom condominium in San Francisco

30 Voter ID Laws

Yes, nothing like laws preventing people from voting in a free country. Let's invent the problem of voter fraud so we can have another wedge issue. There isn't enough hate in the country already, is there?

You know to protect fraud which happens like a handful of times in this country. Also don't forget to close down the DMVs in certain areas, if you know what I mean. Poor people can't get IDs? Oh, well, not my problem. That way, these people won't vote to get free stuff.

These laws are a solution I search of a problem...

31 Louie Gohmert is smarter than Albert Einstein.

Actually, we liberals haven't really given him much of a thought. I'm glad he's smarter than Einstein, though. Any guess as to when he'll start showing it?

Seriously, liberals need to leave him alone.All these progressives must have not graduated third grade and only went to college because a secret organization recruits these fourth-grade dropouts to go to classrooms in order for liberalism to spread. True fact!

Hillary Clinton graduated from Wellesley College and Yale Law School.
Barack Obama graduated from Harvard Law School Magna Vum Laude and wrote the Law Review for his graduating class.
Bernie Sanders graduated from Brooklyn College
Joe Biden graduated from Syracuse University with a degree in Justice.
These are true facts. Unlike your true facts, mine can be verified by going to their websites.

32 Privatize Schools

You know that public schools are evil. Only one solution: free-market education with vouchers!

33 Freedom to Discriminate
34 Less Pay Per Hour

Twice hours worked while having less take-home pay. That is important, especially to the owner.

35 Geography Doesn't Matter

Who cares about other countries? Who needs friends if we get in a war? So what if we kick Muslims out of our country and they go join ISIS? So what if pollute our planet? Let's just insult everyone and all will be happy. You know, if we add all you Trump supporters IQs together they might equal Obama's. It would take a lot of you, though...

Seriously, who cares about other countries. In fact, who cares about other states outside the Deep South. Not my problem if the map in my campaign is incorrect. So what if I can't point where Colorado is?

36 Continuous Tax-Exemption for Megachurches

Forget rewarding them hippies, socialists, and democrats up in UC Berkeley. We should give them to somebody like Joel Osteen. He needs to buy another yacht for his "hard work."

37 Because God, Guns, and Gays

Why is there a "Gays" part at the end of this, if Republicans are against gay marriage?

Long live Karl Rove, bringing more world peace than Mother Teresa and Mahatma Gandhi wished they'd could

38 Increasing the Incarceration Rate
39 Strong Dislike Towards Foreign Nations

If Republicans hate anime, I hate Republicans for life then.

40 Keep the Fairness Doctrine from Being Law

Quite the opposite. This law assures that all viewpoints are heard, and that corporate networks must give equal time to candidates that are not funded by the rich. It would bring us back to a much fairer time in our society where Limbaugh would have to provide facts for the hatred he spews in the presence of someone who could dispute. I feel the scrapping of this law by the Reagan administration has led to the "dumbing down" of America and a very uninformed and apathetic public.

That stupid law deters the concept of freedom of speech. It's just a code word to force liberal bias. Besides, where would we be without Rush Limbaugh?

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