Top 10 Reasons to Respect All Kinds of Music Genres

Persons making list abouth bad singers and bad music genres stop it please.

The Top Ten

All types of music are good

Except for most mumble rap and tween pop songs, which are all nonsense.

I respect all kinds of music genres.
It's just some I hate so much that I want to get rid of forever you know? - Luckys

Except country... lol

Seriously, if not was not played on the Radio - MaxBravo

People may be offended

Don't Hurt If You don't Want To Be Hurt - MaxBravo

You offend the country that produces the music genre

Please United State, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Argentina and Etc. are great all countries are great, you have to respect that - MaxBravo

You offend the music without reasons

PositronWildhawk, I'm talking about offending the genre without reason, if you have a good opinion I would like to read it with respect - MaxBravo

MaxBravo, I like this list, and agree with everything. Everything but this one. Sometimes, if you have a strong opinion, you have a very good reason to speak about it, whether or not people will agree. Everyone has a genre that they love, and everyone has one that they don't; without this diversity of opinions, what is the purpose? - PositronWildhawk

What if someone has excellent reasons? - Pony

You win nothing by offending the genre

What you win tell me? - MaxBravo

Hating the music genre you will give it more popularity
Speaking badly about the music genre will not stop it
It is ignorant to mock a music genre

You look really ridiculous - MaxBravo

Not in the case when people mock rap (like Nicki Minaj's Stupid Hoe). That's justified. - Kiteretsunu

No genre is perfect

True, there is no genre where every song in it good or all bad, and while you can prefer certain genres over others, hating on genres is stupid

It's the person's choice as to what they like

I certainly don't think I will ever be a fan of death metal but it's still great that other people can enjoy it. - Powell

The Contenders

You lose your time making a hate list of music

You are making a fool about yourself - MaxBravo

Don't judge a song by its genre

I'm not a fan of rap music but "Lose Yourself" by Eminem is the BEST and I'm not even a fan of Eminem - MattDeBat

I don't like country music, I prefer rock, electro and pop, but "Good Girl" by Carrie Underwood is an amazing song.
Don't hate a song because it's not you're least favourite gender

All genres need to coexist in order to be good
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