Top Ten Reasons Rexes Are Underrated

remember those purple-orange dragon enemies from SMW? Yeah, they're underrated.
Here are the reasons. If you have reasons you think they're underrated that are not listed here, feel
free to add them.

The Top Ten

1 Yoshi And Birdo Get All The Attention

I mean, people barley talk about them. Seems like Yoshi gets all the love, and Birdo gets all the hate.
But Rexes don't get much attention at all. - GentleTrouter

2 If Renzors Returned Then Why Not Other Dinosaur Enemies From SMW?

Not too familiar with Rexes, but they were definitely among the hardest enemies in Partners in Time. - Garythesnail

If renzors can make a comeback, so can rexes! - GentleTrouter

I heard that Reznors are named after Trent Reznor of NIN.

3 They Weren't in Paper Mario
4 Are Relatives Of Yoshi
5 Would Be A Great Partner For Yoshi

I hear people complain about Yoshi being paired up with Birdo all the time. So why not team him up Rex? They would work great! - GentleTrouter

6 Would Look Great In 3D

The Model of them would probably be blue instead of purple though. - GentleTrouter

7 They Were Not In Mario Maker
8 Not Enough Art Of Them

I mean, there's plenty of Yoshi and Birdo Fan Art online, why not more concept and fan art of rexes
that's actually good? - GentleTrouter

9 The Way They Work In SMW

I like how you jump on one once, and it just shrinks down and you have to jump on it again to defeat, it would give a little bit more enemy variety. - GentleTrouter

10 Their Design

They have a pretty great design, it's pretty cool and it's too bad we don't get to see them very often. - GentleTrouter

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