Top 10 Reasons Rocko's Modern Life is by Far the Best Nicktoon

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It was basically all three of the original Nicktoons fused together, with all of the best elements of each

I never realized that. The gross out and shock humor of Ren and Stimpy, The crazy storylines and sexual innuendo's of Rugrats, And the main character that everyone loves of Doug. And it even inspired future Nicktoons like CatDog and The Angry Beavers.

So true! Mostly, the characters reminded me of SpongeBob and Rugrats.

It took the already memorable formula of Ren & Stimpy and basically perfected it in a way that no other cartoon has ever quite replicated since
It didn't annoyingly overstay its welcome like most of the other Nicktoons from the 90s did
The show's intro alone is literally better than about half of its episodes, which in this show's case is saying quite a lot
It is a world-class satire the likes of which should have been on an actually good channel like Comedy Central or Adult Swim

Calling Adult Swim a good Channel has got to be a joke. Sure, they had a single good original show, but still. - AliciaMae

The entire show is just a nonstop joyride of hilariously ridiculous scenes with well-written context to match

This show should make a movie! Big time!

This my most favorite Nicktoon of all time!

So much adult humor that it would actually make the writers of Animaniacs blush at times
The voice actors somehow manage to completely overact their parts yet also nail them in just about every way possible

Carlos Alazraqui, Tom Kenny, Charlie Adler, Mr. Lawrence, and Linda Wallem certainly show their great talent of voice acting in this show.

All the voice actors were great! Charles Adler was my favorite! 😍

It screams 1990s almost as loudly as Rocket Power did, only without being cringeworthy

Yeah, people should be nostalgic for Rocko, not Rocket Power!

It managed to be just controversial enough to where it was incredibly messed-up on the inside, yet no longer obnoxiously tryhard and pretentious like Ren & Stimpy

Oh, believe me, it still WAS incredibly tryhard and pretentious, but generally not OBNOXIOUSLY so, per se - xandermartin98

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The entire cast of characters is just such a joy to experience

Just like Animaniacs, this show has got the best cast of both funny and memorable characters!

Rocko, Spunky, Heffer, Filbert, the Bigheads, the Chameleon Brothers, Dr. Hutchinson, Earl, the Hippo Lady, Really Really Big Man, the Wolfe Family, Ralph Bighead, Peaches, the Fatheads, the Crazy Bus Driver, Betty Balogna, Sal Ami, Mr. Cheese, the Wild Pig, etc. I could go on forever!

Rocko is hands-down the cutest Nickelodeon character ever

Uh... are you sure...? *giggle* - Rocko


Invader Zim didn't have THE CHEESE

Although I like Invader Zim, Rocko was the best! Hands down!

In comparison to Rocko, Invader Zim is lame.

Most of the other Nicktoons sucked

About 75% of them were good. - AliciaMae

Much like Ren & Stimpy, it had an animation style that pretty much literally could only have existed in the drug ages and was more than a little proud of it
Spunky is easily the cutest dog ever
Filburt is probably the funniest nerd character in any cartoon ever
Wacky Delly and The Fatheads

I'm sure I'm not the only one who wants a spin-off of these two shows.

It was somehow even crazier than Ren & Stimpy, yet also vastly smarter at the same time
The dialogue is just a goldmine of quotes the likes of which would never be seen again until Spongebob Squarepants
This show is literally the entire reason why Spongebob exists, and it's at least three times better of a show too

I like both shows!

One of the first shows to take gross-out humor and make it unironically tolerable

For the most part (cough) Flu-In-U-Enza when compared to most of the other episodes (cough) - xandermartin98

It never bogged itself down with pointless and annoying sidekicks
It's the only Nicktoon besides Spongebob that is actually about real life
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