Reasons Rush is Better Than Pink Floyd

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1 Pink Floyd is too weird; Rush is just right

Wow, only after I made this list did it dawn on me how utterly awful it was; this is easily the worst list I’ve ever made.

So PF is experimental?

And that’s a problem? - DCfnaf

Weird is good, weird is unique. - ILoveEverything

Weird...? No. Experimental*

This is subjective, facts facts facts facts

2 2112 is better than every song Pink Floyd has ever made

I like you, Costo, but most of these reasons are just opinions. - IronSabbathPriest

I disagree I prefer Echoes as a mega song

That songs very good the vocals are eh though - ILoveEverything

3 Neil Peart is a better drummer than Nick Mason

For me both bands are very good. Pink floyd is more of an emotional prog rock band while rush is more technical prog rock band.

Rush had neil and geddy who are better than Roger and Nick.
But Pink Floyd had Gilmour and Richards who are better than Alex and Geddy.

Geddy can handle vocals, bass or keyboards. But all members of Pink Floyd, especially Gilmour, Roger and Syd have better vocals than Geddy.

Alex can play faster than Gilmour while Gilmour can work better with shifting pitch.

That's why I say both of them are equally good. - zxm

The drums I love in Pink Floyd though - ILoveEverything

4 Alex Lifeson is a better guitarist than David Gilmour

Not quite. While Rush guitarwork is harder, David Gilmour's much more better when it comes to emotion and songwriting. - SoldierOfFortune

I disagree - ILoveEverything

5 Rush has better solos

Wowww I really disagree - ILoveEverything

6 Rush has better songs
7 Rush is better live

Ever seen Pulse or Live at Pompeii?

8 Geddy Lee is a better bassist than Roger Waters

Roger Waters left the band. But they still made good albums without him. David Gilmour can play bass guitar. - zxm

It's no secret Geddy is the best bassist. - SoldierOfFortune

I agree - ILoveEverything

9 Hemispheres is better than Animals
10 Rush’s debut album is better

Yeah - ILoveEverything

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