Top Ten Reasons Sam and Cat is Better Than Make It Pop


The Top Ten

1 Sam and cat isn't racist

But this show portrayed English people to be very mean-spirited and snobby!

2 Better jokes

Seriously I just watched the show and they barely even have any jokes-and when they do they rely on cheap acting and fake dubbed in laughs

(I'm talking about Make It Pop)

3 Funnier jokes

Sam & Cat is as unfunny as Make It Pop. I wish Ariana Grande were dead for forcing people to like Miley Cyrus.

4 Make it pop relies on 1 plot for each episode, while sam and cat explores plots and doesn't always have the same people/places
5 Sam and cat didn't get banned

Well... - Flowersocks2137

6 Make it pop is unfunny and racist
7 Better characters
8 Its theme song sounds old-school
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