Top 10 Reasons Sanjay and Craig is Better Than Gravity Falls

Sanjay and Craig is such an amazing show, while Gravity Falls sucks. Here's why:

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1 Sanjay and Craig is more entertaining

This guy should make lists again. - Userguy44


BarneyTheDinosaurRocks is back as henry_danger_is_great.

Yes. - henry_danger_is_great

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2 Gravity Falls is boring

Could never get into gravity falls, although most of the Sanjay & Craig episodes are brain rotting, they have had the odd funny show, like the snake, dislike Sanjay.

BTDR, Disney1994 made the list: "Top Ten Reasons Why Barney & Friends is Better than Sanjay and Craig"

The episode plots make no sense, and it's so boring that it's hard to pay attention to it. - BarneyTheDinosaurRocks

What are you even talking about? Gravity falls is AWESOME! For instance, there's the apocalypse (with an interdimensional demon), and there's even... welp... almost every kind of cryptid you can imagine.

You know that the world is more than just feeding the troll, right?

3 Sanjay and Craig has great episodes

Great episodes - Breadwinnersislofe

I legitimately like both shows now that I saw S&C seasons 2 and 3 (please don't h8) - Goatworlds

I can't think of an episode where I didn't laugh! Episodes like "Fart Baby" and "Laugh Quake" never get old! HAHA! - BarneyTheDinosaurRocks

4 Gravity Falls is for nerds

Pretty sure the cool kids DO watch Gravity Falls.

Pretty sure the cool kids DO spend time on other things than feeding the troll.

So cool kids watch Sanjay and Craig and Barney the Dinosaur - Gangem

Cool kids don't watch Gravity Falls. - BarneyTheDinosaurRocks

Cool kids don't feed trolls. Come on, you should be doing exams, not making the troll troll you more.

This is complete fact. Thanks for the education, BTDR - Puga

5 Sanjay and Craig is more popular

Have you ever watched the Loud House. Watch that show. It's way better than stupid Sanjay and Craig. Even Gravity falls is better than this retarded show.

Have you ever heard of GETTING A LIFE? Get one; it's way better than feeding trolls on the internet. Even I stopped feeding trolls ages ago.

Me and my friends like this show and we watch it together almost every day. I'm sure that will prove to you how popular it is. - BarneyTheDinosaurRocks

6 Gravity Falls is stupid

I like sanjay and craig but gravity falls is way better - BoyGenius234

No wonder it got canceled. - BarneyTheDinosaurRocks

7 Gravity Falls has bad character names

At least Gravity Falls doesn't have a character named " Nude Man."

Dipper and Mabel? Seriously? Is that the best you can think of? - BarneyTheDinosaurRocks

8 Sanjay and Craig has fart jokes

Best jokes - Breadwinnersislofe

Really?! - Tyler730

9 Gravity Falls isn't creative

Yes It Is!

10 Sanjay and Craig is a perfect show

It's a mary-show - Neonco31

I cannot take u seriously but this list is hilarious

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11 Sanjay and Craig has more episodes
12 Sanjay Has a Cool Hairstyle

Agreed - Breadwinnersislofe

13 Sanjay and Craig is less overrated

In fact it’s underrated - Breadwinnersislofe

14 Gravity Falls is creepier and more disturbing
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