Reasons Selena Gomez Is No Better Than Miley Cyrus

This list proves why Selenators have no business saying what they do about Miley Cyrus.

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1 Selena posts suggestive Instagram pictures just like Miley Cyrus does

Um, many people before Miley and Selena wrote songs about their ex's. Seriously, are you people stupid? The lyrics weren't the same at all, different keys and notes, different beats, different vocal styles, etc.

Exactly. Selena is a copy cat.

At least Selena doesn't twerk all the time - RockStarr

Miley made wrecking ball, she got nude (that's terrible) and cried for her ex.
Selena made the heart wants what it wants, didn't get nude (good) but cried for her ex too.
I dis like both of them but I think selena always copy Miley. And in some how Miley way better (singer nothing else)

2 Selena smokes

There have been multiple pictures of Selena Gomez smoking =_=.

3 Selena performed "you're boyfriend is a douchebag"

That boyfriend might beat her up!

4 Selena has been in multiple movies about sex and drugs

Spring breakers and behaving badly are great examples,

MovieMikesReview doesn't deserve hate for giving Behaving Badly negative reception.

I hate Nat Wolff. He looks like he beat up Selena Gomez, Vanessa Hudgens, Saailene Woodley, Cara Delevingne and etc.

5 Selena's been in rehab

This one isn't really relevant, but it's something Miley has not done.

6 Selena Can't sing without autotune

Go to Youtube and search "Selena Gomez without auto tune", you will hear for yourself how amazingly BAD she is without it.

She used to auto tune queen. I think now she get know how to control it. Falling down to Come n get it. Much different.

Most singers use it. Even Sabrina Carpenter. SC can't hit the high notes (in her music videos she can) when performing live.

Her new song "Stars Dance" she mixed her voice toomuch.

7 Selena Gomez went naked for the Revival album cover

Yeah like Miley Cyrus. - BeaM456

Imagine if Ariana Grande posed nude for her album cover in front of her 1-year-old sister! >:(

Oh, wait. She only has two brothers named Frankie J. Grande and James Marichone! - The Ultimate Daredevil

8 Selena posed nude for a magazine

Her hair was so curly and her expression was so dumb.

Wow six items. That proves nothing. - Thatgirl

I don't belive it.

I am feeling bad for Selena. Selenators does not know anything àbout her. She got nude and they actually don't know. Lol

9 Selena Gomez wears skimpy clothes

When Miley wear the same she get call names

She doesn't wear skimpy clothes. Do your research.

10 Her love affair with Charlie Puth, Nat Wolff and Justin Bieber

Selena Gomez is better off having a love affair with me, Kieran Glen Harris Stark aka The Ultimate Daredevil.

Selena Gomez could also date James Rolfe, Sofia Vergara, David Henrie and Emily Deschanel (come on, Selly's best friend and lover is Zooey Deschanel).

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11 She had to voice Mavis Dracula and make her sound like an annoying teenager, which Miley Cyrus was originally going to do
12 Selena and Miley endorse Ariana Grande
13 They sound like one-dimensional teenage girls
14 Selena is friends with Taylor Swift
15 They didn't respect bigger stars
16 She is just ugly without makeup
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