Top 10 Reasons Serena Haters are Better Than Serena Fans


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1 Serena Haters are More Mature

Honestly though it was your fault along with Serena's hate squad for turning Serena's fanbase terrible

Not like Amourshippers and Serena supporters who are very immature and perverted. Urgh! - ClassicGaminer

Ya sure even I m too...serena's fans are small babies!...

Funny. I see little to no maturity from either if them. The fans are bad for the exact same reasons that this lists describes.

Then there are the haters. They thumb down comments defending her. Even ones that include support. Half the time they don't even reply to explain why. They twist every important scene with Serena to make her look manipulative. They act like she doesn't care for her pokemon. They call her a slut. They say they have a right to hate her when the fans say that they have a right to love her, even though on this parti ular website, the fans are the ones who are being attacked.

Both sides of the coin suck. Both heads and tails. The amourshipping debate needs to end immediately. Neither side is pure. Both sides are unbearable. And it plagues this site. - HeavyDonkeyKong

2 Serena Fans are Abusive to Serena Haters for Hating Serena

Like a certain user known as LunaDude1996... - Sinon-AsadaShinoSucks

3 Serena Haters Do Not Act Stupid
4 Serena Haters Actually Respect Opinions

I really disagree with this one. - egnomac

5 Serena Fans are Annoying

Serena haters are just as annoying if not more. - egnomac

6 Serena Fans Act Like Serena Haters Deserve to Die
7 Serena Fans are Rabid V 1 Comment
8 Serena Haters Do Not Complain About Pokemon for Dumb Reasons

Except for, you know, saying the xy/xyz series sucks solely because of Serena. - HeavyDonkeyKong

9 Serena Fans are Rude

You gotta hate those "death threats" that they send you. Terrible Amourshippers. Terrible! - ClassicGaminer

10 Serena Haters Use Logic

I mean, you have to throw good reasoning out the window in order to like her...because there isn't anything to like about her! Except Amourshipping, which is a braindead ship. All I ever hear from Serena fans saying what they like about her is "she's pretty and crushes on Ash." That is such a shallow reason. And what main anime girl isn't perfectly pretty? Not to mention her design is generic. And "crushes on Ash"? That does not count as a personality, people. And if that's her main "character trait" (it is), she is a lazily written, crap character who's purpose was to provide fan service and lure gullible shippers into watching the show. - eventer51314

There is plenty of reasons to like her. I admit she sucked in the beginning, but you can easily like her and still be logical about it, amourshipping or not. - HeavyDonkeyKong

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11 Serena Haters Do Not Spam the Sun and Moon Anime About Amourshipping

As much as I fall for it and get pissed off about it, I hate whenever they think that it is a good idea that Serena must go to Alola with Ash, AURGH! Especially after Season 1 of the SM anime! It is stupid. - ClassicGaminer

12 They hate her for being a girly, dainty, whiny jerk
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1. Serena Haters Use Logic
2. Serena Fans are Rude
3. Serena Haters are More Mature
1. Serena Fans are Annoying
2. Serena Haters Do Not Act Stupid
3. Serena Fans are Abusive to Serena Haters for Hating Serena
1. Serena Haters Actually Respect Opinions
2. Serena Fans are Abusive to Serena Haters for Hating Serena
3. Serena Haters are More Mature



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