Top Ten Reasons Shell's Plan to Drill In the Arctic Is Bad

This summer shell is planning to drill for oil in the Arctic. This will be disastrous, trust me, I have signed's petition, and you should too.
Share this list with all your friends and maybe greenpeace will reach the 10 million signitures goal. The polar bears will thank you!

The Top Ten

1 The arctic is already in trouble

Global warming is melting the arctic's ice glaciers, sea levels have risen. We need to fix this, not wreck havoc on the arctic for dumb oil. Can't we just use solar energy? Shell could start drilling in 7 days... - ToptenPizza

If you had to rely on solar energy, you'd be unable to parrot your simplistic alarmism on the Internet.

2 It's dangerous

If an oil spill happens, the arctic is so remote and there are no cities within thousands of miles, it'll be almost impossible to get rescue equipment, and there is a 75% chance of oil spilling - ToptenPizza

3 Destroying wildlife

There is a lot of oil in the Arctic, but there is also a lot of polar bears, penguins - ToptenPizza

There are no penguins in the arctic.
Facts don't mean much to you, do they?

4 Using oil for energy will damage the environment even more

The making of oil products cause co2, co, so2, nox, voc, and more harmful things. Plastic bags are killing the enviorment because they are going into the river, then the ocean, and then marine wildlife end up eating it or being suffocated in it because they are not reusable and that's what happens to it when they are thrown out. - ToptenPizza

5 We don't need oil

The transition from non-renewable to renewable source of energy is not up to the pace where we can stop the use of oil altogether, but seeing oil is going to get finished regardless in near future, the pace should speed up a little. - Kiteretsunu

There are plenty of renuable sources of energy, such as windmills, biomass, water, and solar energy, that have no pollution after they are started up, yet we continue to use oil. Why? - ToptenPizza

6 We shouldn't rely on oil

Oil is nonrenuable. Eventually (40 years, to be exact) will run out. Oil isn't going to work forever, so we shouldn't rely on it, and destroy the enviorment in the process. - ToptenPizza

If you can't bother learning to spell them, you shouldn't attempt to speak intelligently about them.

7 The oil won't make an impact

In the near future, we will have more electric cars. Plus, digging into an area that is already MELTING would make global warming look possible. - Pony

It will only bring the price down 50ยข a barrel, that is nothing. It will save us money, but a miniscule amount that it's not even worth it. - ToptenPizza

8 The arctic can't be destroyed; it's too important

The arctic reflects sunlight, influences ocean currents, it insulates air, keeps methane at bay, supports native people, limits severe weather, and supports native wildlife. The arctic is now thinner and smaller, and will become worse if shell follows through with this. She doesn't care about the future of this planet, they care about the future of their bank accounts. - ToptenPizza

How does the arctic "insulate" air?
Inquiring minds want to know.

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1. The arctic is already in trouble
2. Destroying wildlife
3. It's dangerous
1. It's dangerous
2. The arctic is already in trouble
3. Using oil for energy will damage the environment even more


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