Top Ten Reasons to Shop at has a lot of online competition. What are your reasons you shop there?

The Top Ten

1 Exclusive Discounts and Rebates You Won't Find Elsewhere

I Couldn't find products anywhere that were a reasonable price, even on auction sites. The manufacturers' websites were even sold out of most of it's own products. This was a life saver to see that they had the products I was looking for at an amazing deal! Definitely buying again.

I saved over 30% the last time I shopped at SkinCareRx. They have amazing deals!

2 Fast, Free Shipping Over $49

Every order I have made with SkinCareRx has been an excellent experience. Fast, free shipping is definitely a big plus since I have already ordered a few times this year.

3 Selection of Hundreds of Brands

I enjoy the vast selection of products - they carry everything that I could ever hope to use!

4 Free Skin Care Consultations

I kept on breaking out after using one of my moisturizers. So glad that I called in and found out the reason behind that! Now I am happy to say that because of their advice, I haven't broken out since. "

5 Hassle-free Returns

I ordered a couple extra products because they were a great deal and I didn't think I would see the price that low again. After realizing that SkinCareRx always has deals, I returned the extra products with no problem. "

6 Dermatologist Founded, Dermatologist Recommended

My doctor told me to find the product here. So glad I checked, because I looked at other stores online and this site had much more selection at better prices

7 Certified Estheticians With An Average of 20 Years Experience

Whenever I order, I do it with one of the Estheticians. They know their stuff and remember what my routine is so that they can help me reorder or suggest some new products. I don't like ordering online, so this is the best option.

8 Free Samples With Every Order

Love the samples that I get in every box!

9 Excellent Customer Service

I forgot to use a coupon code on my order and was disappointed in myself for not applying it before I checked out. So I called the customer service line and explained it and they refunded the difference to me. Other sites I have shopped at have made me cancel my order and then reorder on my own with a coupon.

10 Free Gifts With Qualifying Purchase

Not only did my package come with free samples, but it also came with a cute cosmetic bag and a travel-sized product. Now I don't have to worry about taking this on a plane with me since I have the smaller one.

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