Top Ten Reasons Shrek is Better Than Anime

Since admin wouldn't let make the list called "Top ten reasons Shrek is the best anime ever"(which it is), I will instead make a list explains why Shrek is a better anime than almost every other anime(besides Corey in the house, bee movie, and toy story of course).

The Top Ten

1 Shrek has better animation

Shrek IS an anime you uncultured swine. - ThatIntrovertedEmo

Shrek is an anime it's the best anime I've ever seen.

Random, I would like to take a minute for acknowledging that Cory In The House is a better anime than Shrek. - ProPanda

But Shrek is the best anime. - MrCoolC

2 Shrek is funny, anime isn't

Um, EXCUSE ME? Have you even seen PROPER anime? Watch Lazytown! Lazytown isn't just funny, but it makes you feel a rainbow of emotions! - Dovewing303

Anime is funny too! Have you never seen Boku no Hero, Cory in the House or Bee Movie? - AlphaQ

Ogres are like onions. Ogres have layers, onions have layers! Shrek is funnier than most anime. Most amines suck even the Pokemon anime is garbage (and look at my username) - Lunala

Shrek is an anime though! Second best after Cory in the House. - IronSabbathPriest

I'm talking about the amines that aren't shrek, Corey, toy story, and bed movie. Duh. - Therandom

3 Shrek has influenced the world in a good way, anime has not

If you think about it, Shrek has a beautiful life lesson, telling you to treasure the life you have. It's better than that stupid Fairy Tail message! I can't believe people think Fairy Tail is an anime! I mean, it's not even North Korean! - Dovewing303

Hitler invented anime

Exactly. Shrek started millions of memes, while anime is just going on some poop journey.

Some anime have shreks yak content while Shrek is pure talent. - Lunala

4 Shrek has long green ears. Anime characters don't.

That's why Shrek is 100% both husbando and waifu material. Why have a husbando and waifu when you can have both? - Dovewing303

When I was little at a McDonald's party I won shrek ears as a prize I am honoured - Lunala


5 Shrek has swag, anime doesn't

Red pyrocynical! - B1ueNew

6 Shrek is love, Shrek is life, anime isn't

I spent most of my childhood watching this masterpiece of an anime, and let me tell you I basically grew up with the characters - Dovewing303

Oh my God. I love that joke. - Elina

Actually anime and cartoons are love and life if you spend your whole life watching it - speed

Lol that video though... - Hey1tsme

7 Unlike anime, Shrek doesn't make people weaboos

One of Shrek's life lessons is to not be a weeaboo because it won't get you anywhere in life - Dovewing303

If you don't like Shrek, then you have autism.

Which is why it's such a great anime. - Therandom

Then why do you say "unlike anime" if you consider Shrek an anime? - Oliveleaf

This is a stupid reason. - egnomac

8 Shrek is cool, anime characters are lame

Shrek can easily beat up a lot of so-called 'anime' characters like Goku and Saitama! - Dovewing303

Its actually the other way around. - egnomac

True - Lunala

9 Shrek has a decent story, anime always has the same story about a journey

Shrek has an anime story that'll leave you in love, anger, tears and happiness. I won't spoil you the story, but the story is amazing. I know Bee Movie was a cliche anime about a journey, but its story is a little better than Shrek. Don't bash me, it's just an opinion. - Dovewing303

Every anime ever: We need to defeat out enemies! To do so, we need to train the power of THIS magic and go on a long journey.

All Shrek films have more variety in plot.

False I've watched anime and cartoons

And cartoons make good story line movies while there shows lak storyline

Anime has good story line in shows besides fighting but has bad story line in movies - speed

10 Shrek has layers, anime characters don't

What about Robbie Rotten, one of the best anime villains ever created? He has such personality and backstory that some people almost wished that he was real. Shrek was a great character that faced many hardships, but you would only agree if you haven't watched Lazytown. - Dovewing303

Shrek has several layers that make him God

Attack on Titan proves you wrong because it is next-level anime. Only ignorant people deny its complications...

"Ogres are like onions, onions have layers, ogres have layers."

Do anime characters have layers?

NO - MegaSceptile

The Contenders

11 Shrek has good voice acting, anime has terrible voice acting

The seiyuus were actually paid a trillion dollars just for voice acting in Shrek. Even if they only voiced the side characters! Best voice acting in the history of anime - Dovewing303

Some female anime voices are SO high pitched and annoying. And all the male voices sound like horny alpha males going on and on while inhaling helium. - Lunala

Anime has some of the most unbelievable voice acting ever. - Therandom

Only because there not really American cartoons so most have jappenese accent you may not like - speed

12 Shrek has cool characters like Donkey, Gingerbread Man, etc.

Okay, I'd admit it, Shrek was a character with lots of depth, but I'll list some better written characters...
Robbie Rotten from Lazytown
Drake and Josh
The four name teletubbies (they have such a sad backstory! )
The chipmunks from Alvin and the Chipmunks
Barry Bee Benson from the Bee movie

They're kinda better than Shrek - Dovewing303

There is tons of anime and your saying that anime has no good character just because the anime you watched has sucky character doesn't mean all them suck; my first cartoon was mad it was awful but I didn't judge cartoons I saw more until I found a good one. - speed

To be honest a lot of them are incredibly annoying. - egnomac

Anime just has warriors. Only warriors.

Shrek has lots of ogres, humans, animals and other species that are all different.

13 Shrek has more originality than anime


14 Shrek has a better soundtrack than anime

All Star was one of the best anime openings of all time. - Dovewing303

My Soul, Your Beats! and Guren No Yumiya are okay but All Star blew them out of the water. - RoseWeasley

Shrek songs are the best


15 Shrek is American

Shrek is voiced by a Scotland actor.
The first film had Shillings old British money. They tried to sell Donkey for 10 Shillings.

16 Shrek is hot

He's number 1 for my hottest anime guys list - Dovewing303

But I thought you said Shrek doesn't make people weaboos

17 Shrek is our ogrelord


18 Shrek has better video games

I can't wait for the Shrek Visual Novel - Dovewing303

19 Shrek is better looking than any anime character
20 Shrek isn't anime
21 Shrek isn't boring
22 Unlike anime, Shrek doesn't use cliches
23 Shrek doesn't have big eyes, unlike anime characters

That's what I love about Shrek's artstyle - Dovewing303

24 Shrek doesn't move at 2 frames per second.
25 Shrek doesn't have hentai scenes

Too much fanservice though. Watch Teletubbies, it's 0% fanservice - Dovewing303

26 Shrek Makes Fun of Fairy Tales.
27 Anime is too confusing
28 Anime is too inappropriate

Shrek isn't PC

29 Shrek is an ogre
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